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It's crazy like Ben Higgins fiance Just Clark is on here for $15. I'm doing, I'm not going. Don't even make one, because the fact that you're making yourself be worth $15 like it's just a slap in the face. Just don't make one at that point. She's very yes, she's a very sweet girl, and I'm sure, Look, I looked on it, and there has been people who have bought them so, like to each their own, and this is not like whatever. But it is weird. Like, what is the point of doing it if you're only $15? But also, if you're charging yourself $200 like Who do you think you are? It's a really weird game. It's a it's a crazy It's a crazy thing. And also Jess, why don't you just tack on 15 on Depends and make yourself like a package deal like I just Ashley. I and Jared are $75 together. I think that that's a little more fair. If you are part of a couple, why not leverage that? I think so, too, because you'd rather see like you don't necessarily want Jared on his own or ashen home like their brand, and that what they've built together is so much better like their bands are like, I just they know, like separately. They just wouldn't do as well like they are who they are like, partially because of like their relationship then and what they've built together before I get off Cameo. Also just important to note that Barb Weber has raised her price again. Barb started out. I have screenshot started out on cameo for $25. Peter, this is Peter's mother, his brothers also on there for $25 which whatever Barbara $25 bar brace yourself to 40 within 24 hours and is now 49 wow dollars Barb would be like would be a funny one. Like I actually know people who did the bar. The barb one like that one would actually be funny. But also why is she raising her price? Can she not keep up with the demand like I just don't well, when you click on her, you click on her page. She has 47 reviews, which means at least 47 people have bought cameras from Barb. It says typically respond within five hours. She's five star reviews and if you like, scroll through and look at some of them. They're all like almost two minutes long, so she's clearly like giving it her time. Oh, yeah, like, what is she talking about for two minutes talking to a person who she doesn't even know? It's a very weird thing. I'll say it again. I have bought a cameo. I bought one cameo for my friend's birthday from Big Head from 90 day Fiance on It was $20. No regrets, and my friend was going through a hard time. Plus it was his birthday, and we had watched anything fancy, like a marathon, like a few weeks before. Like and I knew it would shock our group chat, like would be like shock if you if you know what, If you've seen Big Head, you'll understand this a little more. So I did it and it was $20. And in the thing you do fill out like why you're doing it. So I like, made a joke like my friend is gonna insecure about getting old like, Can you give him advice and big head was like, you know, If you don't get get married, you'll end up like me. Like having to go toe leave the country for fiance like he made, like, ridiculous comments. So because it was $20 and because my friend was going through a hard time, it was worth it. But it's and I would never have spent more money than that. Like, it's insane, right? Like $20 is chipotle with chips and walk in a soda like you can, you know, like knock it fully for a week and it gets a little cameo. It also important to note that Claire did tweet back. Um, I believe it was Olivia Caridi, actually, who was like, Oh, who are we talking about? Like which one? Like getting involved in the drama. And Claire responded, Like, I'm not talking about any one specific babe like homegirl. No one else on your season is like, I guess she was trying to say like she was saying, like in general, like warning to everyone like, Don't you know, be going to do press and doing cameos if you want my heart, but at the same time, like someone literally days before that, 24 hours before that. Waas So don't Don't try to act like you weren't talking about him like that. I hate that. Yeah, you gotta own it at that point. Um and I guess I can see why Matt, like, responded and saying, like, listen this for charity, but also, like, you didn't have to like, That's why I just I don't know. I just not convinced by his motives like it's if someone were to say something like that to me, I know it's hard to like, keep your mouth shut, but also, like, he just kind of like, I don't know, through salt in the wound. But what you gonna? Yeah. I mean, it will be interesting to see if they let him on the show. Who? How Maney. Like the a number game of how many
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