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Mayweather vs The Paul Brothers: A Masterclass in Marketing

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Last Played: August 21, 2021
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Boxing legend Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to fight Youtuber-turned-fighter Logan Paul in a pay-per-view event on June 6, but both of their statuses aren't the only things marketing this fight. During the face-off, Logan Paul's brother Jake, a controversial Youtube star in his own right, daringly grabbed Mayweather's hat from his head, along with the attention of all of social media.
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Hey, let's transition into uh what has blown up the internet in the past 24 hours. The first sort of press event in Miami to set the stage for sunday, june 6th on Showtime pay per view. And Floyd Mayweather uh has an exhibition bout against Logan paul. It got all kinds of pro wrestling carnival wild down there when jake paul, the brother of Logan paul, the trailer sensation had a face off with Floyd with the media members, they're just an impromptu sort of get in his face and after talking trash after telling Floyd, why don't you fight me next, jake took the hat off of Floyd's head, Floyd bearded and and a full head of hair which we don't normally see, Floyd lost his shit. We're running footage here. Showtime. Uh Social cameras were on on the scene. There's a lot of different angles here because there's so much media present luke, your reaction on, you know, two fold one the is it real? Is it pro wrestling that mixed with how big is this for a fight that may have really needed it luke do. Uh huh. I don't know what this was. You know, was it stage on some level it probably was on some level. In what way and how much there's no way to know. It's impossible to say if you're asking me, you know, did the paul brothers coordinate with me whether? I don't know. But this is the point I always make. You can't tell me their reactions to everything would be exactly the same if there were no cameras there cameras affect human behavior, They're affecting our behavior. Now everyone else's behavior even behind the camera when there's that many cameras on you, it will do something to you. Whether it was planned or not, whether it's exaggerated or not, it will always affected. So to me there's no way to convince me that the cameras didn't play some role beyond that, whether machinations probably. But unless you have evidence, you can't really say one way or the other. Here's what I can say real or fake, stupid or very stupid and I lean towards the very stupid side of things. He's got a call like you see it that this that event yesterday, as dumb as it was and it was dumb is going to make this event do absolute fucking gangbusters at the box office, at the merch, table at concessions and on paper view, it's going to sell like hotcakes because there's a section I figure out who the audience was. There's a section of the pro wrestling, excuse me, A section of the M. A. Fan base or like into pro wrestling, which is basically what this is. You're gonna get that section, you're gonna get some of the boxing crowd which you can explain to me a little bit better and then you're going to get the people who aren't really boxing fans at all. They just overly invested in celebrity and how that interacts with the world and they want to be a part of it. But that's a very lucrative market and jake paul once again, getting a listers to talk about him and do stuff for him. Logan paul is an afterthought in all of this could not have gone better for the paul brothers idea of getting people interested in this and for the fight itself. Like here, I mean, it was, yeah, there's, you know, we're at a belt or event right here luke. Um I got the old, the old thing going on right here. Um look again, whether you love it or not and this screamed the perfection of pro wrestling storytelling because it's so interesting, look that this happened what a day after we did the wheel of Death during Wednesday's Morning Combat episode where one of the categories, I asked you, you know, catch up obstacles about this promotion is going to need something Floyd versus Logan to take away from the idea that, you know, it's not gonna be as competitive even as we thought, maybe Mayweather McGregor was. I mean, it's just like the ideal. That's just the odds and the truth. Unless Floyd that 44 can, you know, walk into something or just not be the same guy. So you need to give everybody reason to care and you're right on the M. M. A. Fans are natural sort of pro wrestling fans in ways that boxing fans aren't. But what boxing fans love because we deal with so much Bs in this game is this Bs in this game and they are going to act like they don't care, but they're going to be like, you know, I kind of want to see what happens next. So the perfection of how this was handled, I mean, I don't think it could be overstated, Floyd has an opportunity to make the paul brothers the full on villain here for, you know, for being in a space, maybe they don't belong for not having the, you know, the history has real fighters and they came in and were the trolls, which is their skill set in their game. So even if this, there was no orchestration here, it's elite level trolling and they're going to get America to want to see these guys get knocked out even faster and you know, if you're Floyd and you can lean into the baby face side of this like, oh, you disrespected me, I'm the real fighter here. You're the fake fighter like he seemed to be doing and some of their interviews then it's this is marketing 101 this is how you sell this and this is already kind of pro wrestling to begin with because it's just this odd matchup between separate weights and ability levels and yes, it's sort of, it's going on showtime pay per view. So it's kind of quasi real and there's, you know, real fights under it and all that and you know, when they touch gloves and throw, it's probably gonna be real like Floyd Asakawa was pretty damn violent, right? Look well for one guy. Anyway, so, you know, it's gonna be something at the end of the day. This was exactly what they needed to prime that motor good. I mean, it couldn't have gone any better. Even Logan's, I'm sorry not Logan who seems to have taken a step back in this, jake paul's twitter game in reaction to this afterwards. I didn't see what he said. We after tweet was just like knock out elite level trolling, you know what I mean? It's even caused like McGregor is trying to self send Floyd to hell on. Let's talk about a couple of things, there's a lot going on off of this. So one, did you see jake paul? I did see this, You see his tattoo? No, you got a tattoo of a hat and then below it says got your hat and there's a video of him getting tattooed on the small, it's small, but it's on a ship, like for everybody to hear his name, this is perfect, this is trolling, that's what I mean, like he's such a perfect troll because he knows he's an absolutely detestable asshole and he leans into it like he had, he was laying back in the chair getting tattooed in some like leo luxurious place wherever he was staying, and he's eating some gross sandwich and he's loudly chewing it, like, like you eat like a fucking, like a cow that's not accurate and, and uh you know, you just want to fucking smack the sandwich out of his hand, but that's really what he's going for here. I just find it amazing. Do you think by the way people asking, like, why didn't Mayweather react the way he did? Well, a couple of reasons one, so, you know, it's stupid, but when a guy puts like grabs your, like your clothing, you kind of like joe it's josie Aldo getting this title stolen once, once they do that, you kind of have to get it back. I sort of get that to a degree. But the other part is, you know, do Floyd had like sweet gear on that matched the Miami dolphins, uh, colours, but he didn't have a haircut, which was weird. Yeah, the beard is a new look and the beer was a little bit disheveled to like as a guy with a disheveled beard. I know my life when I, my kind, when I see them, I was like, he looked a little disheveled so the hat was covering up the lack of the haircut. I think maybe not. Embarrass is a strong word but didn't want that. I think he was embarrassed. I think like that was real anger. He showed again whether he knew or thought there would probably be something that would happen again if they didn't do anything. Look, if they just came out and were completely cordial, nobody would have cared. So you had to guess, you know, there was going to be something that happening. I'm wondering if Floyd who's he doesn't do anything accidental, like everything Floyd does publicly. And and I mean it's calculated is he calculatedly trying to look old because I think the best thing he could do is look, let the grays grow in, look like a 44 year old and completely sell the idea of like, I mean look, E. J. Smith, uh former world champion in boxing, he'd been part of the TMT was promoted by Floyd was a Floyd. You know, a guy for so long. Just look at how painful jake paul is, you know, is she came through with with a line of tweets today that were interesting that basically sort of said like, you know, Floyd can do this, but why is he doing this eventually if he keeps doing this something bad could happen? So why why mess around with the paul brothers and give the opening for something bad to happen? There's a lot of interesting layers that go just beyond how how pro wrestling was it? In other words, it was it was progressing. I mean, it was how how staged was it? Well, that's the thing. It it was so perfect pro wrestling that you're not really sure either in every part of it. Do you agree with my assessment that like whatever happened, there's no way they act the way they did in the way that they did. If there are no cameras, it would have gone exactly the same. There's just yeah. Would you? And I be talking with this level of animation and we'll be talking about very different topics what I did. You have to understand that this is my life, at least this is my passion and that is the, that's the, yeah, okay. It's now or never. Um, luke also.
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