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Meditation 101

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Meditation can be intimidating. It can be hard to sit still and quiet for a period of time. Just think of meditation as a practice of checking in with yourself.
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Hello, I'm Rhonda. Welcome to this meditation 101 Many people tell me they can sit still and quiet enough to meditate. It's intimidating, and you think you're doing something special? Actually, you're just checking in with yourself. Let's do this mindfulness meditation focused on your breath together, sitting up nice and tall. If you're seated, gently close your eyes. Take a deep breath in a deep open mouth. X elation once again in your nose and release open mouths insulation and gently close your lips. Following your breath in and your breath out. Begin to count your next X elation. One, 234 and your next exhalation to the same account. You might breathe in three and breathe out. Three. If you can breathe in five, breathe out. Five. Starting balance out you're inhalation. An ex elation. How often are you aware of the pace of your own breath? Take that time now, just counting the legs of your breaths when you come to your next breath in, take a deeper, more conscious breath in and breath out. Gently blink your eyes open. Thanks for taking the time to chill