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Needing some deep, deep, rest? Do you worry and then reflect upon these worries just before you go to sleep? Do you then worry because you can’t sleep? Vicious circle isn’t it?If you are a ‘worrier’ you are at greater risk of not sleeping and not resting well. So it is important to focus on being more relaxed and drowsy before going to bed and whispering to yourself, everything will be OK and know that where your intention goes, energy flows.By the way, using alcohol for relaxation may lead to worse sleep. It is a popular myth that alcohol improves sleep. It may send you to sleep but then it will cause disruption during the night. Gentle relaxation techniques are a much better antidote.Some can function on little sleep and not be concerned about it knowing that this will not necessarily happen all the time. When we accept, and let go of what we believe ‘should’ happen, then more often than not, we relax a little more and are able to rest a little better. Again the energy will flow.Guided mindfulness and meditation practises can help considerably in giving the mind something to do other than worry about what has happened, what is happening and what ‘could’ happen.In the yoga tradition, lying down on your back with your arms nestled beside you, your palms open, your legs long and loose, your face soft and your breathing settling into a slow, calm rhythm is known as ‘Savasana’. Translated from Sanskrit, it means the ‘corpse’ pose. Symbolically it simply implies letting go of behaviours, habits, beliefs, thoughts and worries that are no-longer useful to you. Letting them die away.Often the reason why we cannot settle, rest or sleep, is because we are constantly in our head, creating stories and a lot of nonsensical worries and plights, and our poor body suffers as it does not get the rest it needs.It's the worry that usurps you.... Not the lack of sleep. Less worrying......better sleep.Quote:A candy-coloured clown they call the sandmanTiptoes to my room every nightJust to sprinkle star dust and to whisperGo to sleep, everything is all right!Roy Orbison