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Listen to the Us editors discuss the possibility of Megan Markle running for president of the United States.
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from commander of Kate Middleton's breakdown to commander in chief. Meghan Markle, a royal biographer, is saying that Meghan Markle is likely going to be running for president. And this is Tom Bauer, who reportedly signed a six figure deal to write about Prince Harry's wife, told Closer magazine In the UK I really believe she sees herself going all the way the presidency. I think she has a good chance of getting into the White House and noting that the role could finally see her returning to the royal family as she would one day have tea with the queen. As president of the United States, he goes on to say Politicians are probably the public figures who faced the most backlash, and I think she would struggle. But he thinks she's going for presidency of the United States. Gwen Flansburgh. Does she have your vote? She most certainly does not have my vote for president of the United States. I think that we have learned that when somebody who just wants a lot of attention runs for president, it doesn't work out well for anybody. Now here's the thing. I do not put it past her. I do think that she probably would like to run for president, but she needs to pipe down. She's not qualified for that. And if she wants to have tea with the queen, she knows what she should do. She should, like, be nice to her husband's grandmother. I think it's really wild, and I do think that Megan does believe she has a path to the presidency through all of her humanitarian work and advocacy and all of that. Sarah, do you think she, you know, is a contender, a candidate for this position? I mean, no. I think that the world is pretty sick of celebrities, whether they're Royals or suits, alums or whatever, trying to get involved in politics. And I don't think anyone would have much success at this point. Um, and I think Megan has a lot of other things to do. I mean, I feel like coronary, get a new job every day, and I just don't think this is the right move for her. I don't either. We have Matthew McConaughey thinking of running for the governor of Texas. There is more, hopefully win, which says everything you need to know. Matthew McConaughey could absolutely win as the governor of Texas, which is all right. All right. I actually think that he would be a good choice to be the governor of Texas. Maybe the lieutenant governor, too. Beto O'Rourke. I would like to see that. Can he just make 1/10? I mean, they had a guy in 10 days equal instead. Like, I just don't need this to be nice. That would be nice. That would be amazing.