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Meredith Salenger talks about her 1 date with Doug Benson

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Last Played: March 12, 2021
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Meredith Salenger is Getting Doug with High - describes being bossy & that she interrupts a lot. But because she is excited and thinks she might forget what she is about to say. In a funny way. not a mean way.
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every day. And then I came on and I was like, It's legal now. I should probably try it. Okay. Well, I'm glad way hooked you up on, um because I watched her segments. I'm like, Oh, good for the world. So you and your husband are fine with your, you know, his daughter, your new daughter. Seeing this, you're doing this or you're just not gonna just gonna hope she doesn't find out about it. Well, it's a legal substance. Like, if you were gonna have a glass of wine, maybe I would try this. So I don't really drink. So I think if you're if you go to school and you do your job and you do all the work you need to do and you relax the way you want to relax and it's all fine, then it's all fine. E love it. Yeah, that's exactly the answer I was looking for. Well, I feel bad about my language. I didn't know that you were gonna let that little kid watch the show. I've been e think she's gonna watch the fucking turn it off. E, You're nine years old. You have 15 minutes on the iPad twice a week. That's it. Don't waste it. Yeah, well, you can't even get through a whole one of these in a week. I felt that way, right? And if you broke one of those things, that's 2.5 weeks. That's a whole month. I don't know if I could when I was a kid. Like I know ipads weren't a thing, but I like 15 minutes. That seems like it would go by so fast. Does. And that's on your 15 minutes. No, no, this is what it is. It's like giving somebody just a little. No, listen. The rule is she gets smoked 15 minutes, twice a weekend, an hour on the weekends. But this is what I do to be the cool mom. I say, Hey, you've been on it for 15 minutes. I'll let you do it a little bit longer, but come on, wrap it up, okay? And then she does. And then I'm like, you can have an extra hour, but then, if I'm, like, need to get her off from like, Hey, it's been 15 minutes. Come on, E section pot. Have three hours e stop myself a bedtime for the same reason I skip it every day, but I at least know about it, right? I started like there's the idea of being up too late. Once you have a bedtime, when is your bedtime? It's 11 15. Okay, that's reasonable. I mean, 9. 30. It's 9 30. Alicia with the hard hitting questions. Yeah, that's not being a journalist. What is it called again? A topics e o eso You need one of those little button for me? Oh, Oh, my God, I don't know if e just say it and hope somebody else does it. What's the next one? So we were just talking about how October 17th recreational marijuana will be fully legalized in Canada. And, yeah, with that happening, it's looking like you might be able to purchase legal weed at major grocery stores in Calgary. Uh, um, stores and retailers are starting to get approved to sell, and seven of the addresses who have been approved already are Real Canadian superstores. And there's 11 Calgary Coop locations, including a gas station. Wow, super convenient. Everyone's gonna move to can fill her up with weed. Man, it's not the worst idea. I love that. I mean it's, you know, it's super cool that it's flipping there in Canada, and, uh, on that they're going to sell it in interesting places immediately or convenient places they should say. Yeah, and that people aren't worried about. Oh, the weed's gonna smell like weed, you know, that's gonna upset people, because that zilly to me, I smoke weed everywhere. Nobody ever says anything. Yeah, because look at you, Right. It's What? Are they going to start shit with you? I'm pretty high usually. Yeah, but I mean, you know, you look like you're on vacation. Yeah, that's what you know, you were away from home. Yeah. They won't have to see you again. Like this guy is just here enjoying our beautiful town. That's what it was. They say that they, uh I thought it was another one, or he might be in town to help us with our shark problem. E gotta You gotta hook for a hand. You'd really be that guy. All right. So I'm sorry, Alicia, that we ran out of time. There's a lot of, uh, stone rambling going on there, but we'll put her Twitter name on the screen and find her on Twitter is the rest Their topics We want to hear and read. We live Everyone loves the pot topics. But we also love We love getting dab So we're gonna make room for the job King Thank you, Liza. We'll be right back. Guys, let's talk about sex. Good sex has been a while since you are, you know, always ready to go get that feeling back with blue Chew with blue chew You could increase your performance and get the extra confidence in bed that you need and want. Blue chew dot com brings you the first chewable with the same FDA approved active ingredients as Viagra and Cialis. So you know they work. Since they're chewable, they work up to twice as fast as a pill so you could be ready anytime, day or night. Blue Chew is prescribed online and ship straight to your door in a discreet package. No more in person. Doctor visits. No more waiting in the pharmacy. Best of all, no more awkwardness. Blue Chew is made in the USA and shipped direct so they're cheaper than a pharmacy. Right now we've got a special deal for our listeners. Visit blue chew dot com to get your first shipment free when you use the promo code. D O u G. That's just $5 shipping again, that's B L U E chew dot com promo code. Doug to try it. Free Blue Chew the better, Cheaper, Faster Choice E Everyone knows about the risk of driving drunk. You could get in a crash. People could get hurt or killed. But let's take a moment to look at some surprising statistics. Almost 29 people the United States die every day in alcohol impaired vehicle crashes. That's one person every 50 minutes. Even though drunk driving fatalities have fallen by a third in the last three decades, drunk driving crashes still claimed more than 10,000 lives each year. Drunk driving can have a big impact on your wallet to you could get arrested and Kerr huge legal expenses. You could even lose your job. So what can you do to prevent drunk driving? Plan a safe ride home before you start drinking. Designate a sober driver. Call a taxi If someone you know has been drinking, take their keys and arrange for them to get a sober ride home. We all know the consequences of driving drunk. But one thing's for sure. You're wrong if you think it's no big deal, drive sober or get pulled over a. Ah, we figured it out. We're back with MEREDITH algebra. She and I had sushi together one time. She just said, I talk a lot. I interrupt a lot and I was like, Okay, now I know why that was that one date and I said that You said it. Did I say it? You just said You said I said, I talk a lot. Interrupt a lot I e o this communicating I said, I'm I'm very bossy and I interrupt a lot because I know what I do to I heard I heard what? And then I said, Oh, maybe that could you tell me I said, Oh, maybe that's why I don't interrupt somebody that's interrupting E. What she's saying is, what she's saying is, she's she's not taking responsibility for that sushi dinner. Not going well by admitting e, she was probably like Are you gonna eat it? Don't eat it like that either. Like this it was use a fork or whatever. I'll tell you it was a dream. Come true for me, so I e you know, maybe I felt like you didn't like me, but it was a dream. A little dream come true. Maryland Salinger could be. So I'm gonna do the plugs now, because at the end of the show, we run out of time, and I really want to get this stuff in. Uh, she could be seen on the next season of Daredevil on Netflix E. That might have been endia until it comes for e love when guests e Oh, it's so minor. Well, hang on. Can we talk about my little pony, or should I tread lightly? You just did an episode of that with Patent and Alice and all of you. We play a little family is really cute. Little family opponents out a little family opponents. God, actually, I'm a unicorn. Alice is a Pegasus and patterns of Land pony. He's Earth pony land ponies. And I love that expression. I mean, like, so mean to ponies, but it's very just a land pony. A
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