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Mike Tyson's Record Label

From Audio: Wiz Khalifa
Last Played: June 29, 2021
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Mike Tyson tells Wiz Khalifa about the record label he used to own, and how he almost signed Genuine, Missy Elliot, and other famous rappers, but passed up the opportunity because he didn't know that they celebrity potential. According to Tyson, his image of a celebrity ran more along the lines of Mariah Carey than Timbaland. He'd also just gotten out of prison and didn't feel like taking any big risks at the time.
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you know what I mean? Yeah, it's inspiring. Did you know Mike had his own uh record label? How you're back in the day? Yeah, No, God, nine in the 90s. The 90s. Who, who assigned you? I know you have somebody that I got shit. You forget, I forgot to listen. The reason why I didn't know anything about somebody said Mike, listen, the guy from George number to Montana from joe to see. Yeah, So he went like this one day I came home from prison, right? And so I'm in my rolls Royce and I got my caravan behind me. So I'm driving from new york city to Cleveland. So during that process I got to go abroad Chester buffets like talking to randy. So he take them over. I'm in the studio. He got think I always got their famous now genuine Missy Magoo Tamerlan. All these guys, right? Their superstar, multi, multi man, but right there they were, they were just little skid bumps they lived in. So you signed them? No listen, this is what happened, You know, this is what happened. The von tasted mike. These are your artists. I said what? You know, these are your artist. So I'm out of it. I'm saying what you mean. Neither my artists. He said no, I'm giving them to you. These are your artists. I said no, I'm cool man. I'm thinking it's a scam or something. I got this new money for my mind is twisted. No, I don't want to be involved with this. I don't know that they, to me, I start look like Madonna, Dina ross. You know, I didn't think missy would make all these hundreds of millions of dollars. You don't look like a super stuff. My perspective. Yeah, I thought Dina Rothman, Mariah, Carey, that's what a star looks like. I didn't know start looking different. They changed. That makes sense. You know, I had no idea. You know, something like um timberland, you know, he's overweight guy. You had, he could be a sensation. I had no idea. It was like super young. But yeah, I remember her too listen, I didn't know that. And then after that happened, I saw them blow up, I said, whoa, I want to do this. And that's why I bought a record um Uh take the record, I did that Shit, $20 million dollars on my record company. And there was no nothing, nothing, no genuine. No way way. Not even a little bit. How long did you have it for? I don't know for years, but I have such a good, were you going to the studio that would be interested in like you and sometimes sometimes I would go to what's up. Yeah. Get creative fucking you know, living their life bro, Everybody deserves that wiz has hip hop and music always been your passion. Yeah, yep. Since you Were a kid. Yeah. Probably since I was like uh like 3rd grade. I mean You were 17 when you made that video or recorded say yeah right? I was Probably like, I think I was 1919. We were 19. Yes. Your stolen. That's your shit thing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Well I mean I was kind of I was I was always into technology. Like um ever since I was really young I would just like take shit apart and put it back together and like we didn't have cable in my house so I was like fucking still cable. And my mom would be wondering how I was watching like pay per views and wrestling and shit. Yeah. Hell yeah. So like naturally like when the when the internet came out um and you could steal music, I was still in music and I was like downloading instrumentals, and I got really hooked on writing and freestyling, and battle rapping was really popular back then. So that's how I kind of like, got a name like battle rapping and shit. So it was like, definitely something that I pursue, like through my teens and that I always knew, like in the back of my head, like, yo this is what I really wanted to do, like, I played sports as a kid, like, you know what I mean? Did anybody come out of Pittsburgh that succeeded in the rap business that you looked up to? Um Not at the time because everybody was much like anybody from Pittsburgh, nobody ever came. I mean, there was honestly the one person that I could say who had done it, like for my generation, because I was in like middle school high school when he was doing, his name is joe bees, and he had signed with dr dre and he was out here working uh with G unit and like making mix tapes and shit like that when that shit was really popular, so like, being from the berg and knowing about joe beast, that was that was the thing. But there were a lot of cats, there's a lot of producers, there's a lot of underground, you know what I mean, people behind the scenes, but nobody who, you can really put a like a name on and be like, yo that *** from Pittsburgh, can they? Uh I always think it's interesting being the age I am having seen the evolution of technology. Do you feel like that? It's awesome. Yeah, I do feel like like we were in it with fucking tapes, tapes, cds blue raised all the way the internet, the fucking dial up now. It's just like a subscription. It's not even like, you know what I mean? Music don't even exist no more. It's not even fucking real. It is because you make it and it's a vibration in this sound and sound is real.
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