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Millennial Mins for week of 10/19

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Millennialz Anonymous Podcast
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Millennial Mintunes (11min 12 sec): Colin Powell Dies at 84, The cost of energy above $80 a barrel on Monday for the first time in nearly seven years, Stacey Dash Admits to Being a Drug Addict, Woman attacked on a train in Philadelphia, Golden Globe will not be telecaster in 2022, Scientists detect
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Millennial Mintunes (11min 12 sec): Colin Powell Dies at 84, The cost of energy above $80 a barrel on Monday for the first time in nearly seven years, Stacey Dash Admits to Being a Drug Addict, Woman attacked on a train in Philadelphia, Golden Globe will not be telecaster in 2022, Scientists detect radio waves from space, Leah Remini vs Wendy Williams, Rory & Mal get big paycheck, You came back on Netflix, Channing Tatum on Dave Chappelle.
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starting off with some very somber news and sad news where a person who really made history but has a very complicated legacy did pass away. And who am I talking to her in the new york times Colin Powell died from COVID-19 complications and his family did make it very much known that he was fully vaccinated. He was 84 years old. He passed away on october the 18th. He was the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Secretary of State and National Security Advisor. He actually was the first african american national Security advisor, a joint Chief of Staff and Secretary of State. So he made history that way and it looks like people were already starting. The republicans are pouncing on this already. And a Fox news anchor, he had to delete a tweet suggesting that Colin Powell's death should raise concerns about the vaccine efficacy because he did pass away after being fully vaccinated. But he also had myeloma, which is a type of blood cancer, which would weaken his ability to protect himself against an infection. And I guess once he found that out, he decided that he was going to delete it. And that was Fox news anchor, john roberts, which I don't know what we're gonna do about republicans. But y'all need to maybe y'all need to shut the fuck up for a minute before y'all post something because y'all keep posting stuff and then you gotta delete it like just, I just was watching you okay, maybe you all need to make y'all a little box. Okay, put that box in the mental basement of your mind and before you all jump off the cliff or pick up that ax hammer of a tweet. Put that bitch in a box. Okay, Okay, we're gonna put that bitch in the box and then we're going to think about it before we execute. All right, we're gonna we're gonna think that that bitch in that box before you jump off the cliff. All right, because it's just absolutely it's tasteless because he just passed away and his family is literally burying him as you are putting out this absolute Nonsense. And the per CNN Yes. Business. The cost of energy. And if you've seen gas prices, it reminds you of the early 2009 09 and the 2000. The cost of energy was dirt cheap back in the day, in the spring of 2020 because everybody was everybody was home. Everybody everybody was home during the COVID-19 pandemic. But now the energy demand is back and CNN business is saying that the world economy has reopened, but supply simply hasn't kept up And that's why US oil prices have skyrocketed to $120 since crashing to negative $40 a barrel In April of 2020. So the US oil prices have finished above $80 a barrel on Monday for the first time in nearly seven years. So things are seemingly getting more expensive if you've gone to the gas pump, you probably would like watch out because a lot of y'all was out there buying hummers, you was like, I don't even know where you can get old from, but I find that bitch and you've been getting them hummers and these big ass trucks and just like, y'all did back in the 2000, y'all about to be trading that shit in because gas gonna be high for a minute, okay, guess about to be high. And y'all don't need to be paying $250 to fill up your tank and that's what's about to be happening. You're gonna see a lot of people getting rid of them trucks now, that's why I got me a small little suv, I don't got no Taiho or no suburban. Which side? Virtual cyber actually do quite like the tie hose in the suburban, but they're the new limos now or I feel like when I see them, it's certain cause you don't want people to drive like you wish they didn't make them bitches no more because of me making you think that it's a fucking police officer, like a state trooper, the fucking tie hose, you get rid of them shits or the suburbans, you get rid of them shit and the fucking ford, Explorer, y'all can get rid of that any anything forward related, just just throw them motherfuckers out because they make you feel like it's a fucking police car, they really do, you be about to crash your car to slow down and it would just be somebody grandfather driving around in a fucking Taiho like no I can't I will not I cannot will not in a boat, I will not cannot want a moat. I'm not doing that so we're gonna need y'all to just throw them in the garbage okay throw all of them in the garbage or leave put a sign on it to say I am not a policeman just I am just saying but black enterprises saying that trump Stacy's trump supporter safety dash is now admitting to being on drugs. Yeah she said that when she went on Dr Oz that one of the reasons why she was doing what she was doing is because she was on drugs and you know the old I'm not racist trick because I was on drugs. It's just coming everybody says that you know that's the thing it just it happens and here's what she said when she was on Dr Oz which is kind of weird that he's having these different and I thought it was about medicine but whatever former Fox News commentator tried to rationalize her racist ways per black enterprise and they're saying that she said I'm not racist, I was just angry and it benefited me and it also says that she went to facebook on thursday and she said that she shared I will be sharing my deepest darkest secrets. I thank the lord for being able to say that I have grown more over the last five years than I have my entire life. My guess is she's trying to sell a book I guess the white people have voted her off the island and now she don't have no way to go because the age he was like no you know we don't want her come on man. You know and the husband he was like yeah we're good. And so now she's just out there on the island by herself. And so now she's trying to come back home like they all do like O. J. You know eventually O. J. Came back and Bill Cosby they all come back home eventually. But come on man say that the drugs didn't help her be more racist. But what I will say more so than the drugs Stacey. We're just gonna be real mo. Money mo money mo money mo money. It was about the money you were getting paid the angrier. You got a black issues. The more money Fox News gave you because it made them feel safe. Let's just say it mo money mo money mo money mo you know the movie he was in it? You was in the goddamn movie. You know that's what it was. Stop blaming on the drugs. You knew you knew you knew and some crazy ass news and why the people do what they do. A woman was attacked on a train in philadelphia. She was sexually assaulted and raped and no one helped her, The attack lasted for a whopping eight minutes. The attacker got on the train who was identified as fist in sorry fist in noi who was 35 years old. The attack lasted for eight minutes. He got on the train, he sat down beside her. Then he started to try to pull her clothing off of her while people were on the train and then he began to sexually assault her and attack her. Now no one, there were people there, no one called the police until one of the trains transit authority officers got on the train and then that is when the police were called. But before that no one called the police. Here's the thing I get it that we have this thing in society. Like if it ain't my business, I'm not going to get in and I don't want to be in and I ain't nobody snitch. There's a difference between being a snitch or inserting yourself unnecessarily like the Karens in the world and doing the right thing. Mhm. If you see something like this happening, I know sometimes you might be maybe you're afraid because it's like ok if he's going to do this in the middle of the train, he got to be crazy and you don't want anything to happen to you. But the most disturbing part is that y'all didn't even call the police and according to the I guess the philadelphia Police Department, they're saying that if there are any videos of this attack that people have taken and put it online, they will be charged. So y'all can't do this World Star stuff and expect that that's okay because people will get off their cameras start recording but not do anything to help the person in need and we cannot live in a society like this and expect to succeed or to thrive. That's just not how this should be. And it's unfortunate that this young woman Had to go through this. So and the golden globes apparently must have been listening to my watch because they will not air in 2022 on television. No. So apparently it looks like they will just have this, get the award just like I said, they can do and they won't hear it. Which I think is great. I provide scientists have detected radio waves from space but they're not sure what it is. They don't know if it's like an asteroid or something or something like that. They're not sure what it is. So we don't know if it's full on Men in Black at this point, which I'm hoping that it's it. Well, as long as they nice I guess it's fine. I guess you just can't call them aliens because Demi Lovato apparently has talked to them. I guess she has a direct communication which he says they say that that is offensive. You need to use extraterrestrial but I'm like we've not talked to them to confirm. Maybe extraterrestrial is their version of the N. Word. Like we we don't know Demi so we're going to call them what we're gonna call. We don't really know what we should be calling them. And once the motherfuckers touchdown you can find me first cause I'm gonna be hidden. You can, once you find me from shitting on myself then you can tell me what they want to be called. Okay from but you're going to have to find me because I can guarantee you wherever you at aliens or extraterrestrials or whatever the fuck you want to be called. Come on black people. We we come in peace. We we don't we're not we're not doing nothing, fucked up. Okay. So when you come here just just no we don't have nothing. Okay And Wendy Williams is upset. Yes, Wendy Williams is upset because she will not be back next week on her show because she's still sick. So Wendy Williams will not be returning on her show when it premieres for the new season. That actually raider radar online will be leah Remini and according to radar online this has not been confirmed. This is just per them does not make it effect. This is just what they wrote. So according to them, Wendy Williams is not happy. That leah remedy will be filling in for her on the Wendy Williams show and her they're saying that her hiatus is continuing due to her ongoing health complications. But they don't think that this is something that Wendy Williams is happy about because no one asks Wendy Williams for her approval before they actually hired leah remedy. They actually said they this is parade are, they're saying that this source said they will say they are protecting Wendy and don't want to bother her as she recovers, but it is her name that is above the front door and she should have been consulted on this. Now they have been asking other people like Don Lemon and some other people that are like Michael Yo that have been regulars on the show, which have all turned it down and I think that a lot of people are afraid of this now if you are not aware be doing and this is why I tell people all the time Wendy Williams is a goat despite whether or not you like her or not she is a trend setter. She set the trend whether other people doing what she did. Yes, but not how she was doing it. So when you get on there and you do a talk show, it's hard look. Nick Cannon did the talk show on his talk show canceled in less than a month. That show is not coming back on anymore, which I could have told you that from the beginning, it was just something about that shoulder. This was like, this seems bad, like Nick Cannon is not a bad host, but it just didn't seem authentic. It was very corny, it just seemed like a knockoff version of what Wendy Williams was doing and I could have told you all this when he was hosting for Wendy, when you know he's just doing amazing. I was like, am I missing something because I don't see this, I see cheesy, I see this doesn't fit for him, it doesn't fit the brand. Like he's on brand over here doing something else and and now he's gossiping and glittery shoes. Like this doesn't make sense. This doesn't go hand in hand and you cannot be that close to celebrities and still report on the celebrities, which I think is what's happening now with a lot of the blogs. I think they're starting to have that problem to where they are becoming a part of celebrity culture. And as soon as that happens, it changes the blog. But it seems like Wendy Williams is not happy about this and that they think that, I don't know if they think leah remedy is trying to get a show because that's one of the reasons why she doesn't talk to jerry O'connell anymore because she wasn't consulted about jerry and she knew jerry was trying to get a show and she felt like jerry was trying to replace her take her show, which also was, I thought that was a disaster tude and Don Lemon and then was like you know what I don't first of all don Lemon does news news, not pop culture. Like I don't even know why you would get him. This is where Hollywood listen and I know you're saying like people don't want to see if her radar online like you don't want to see D. List celebrities but maybe they do. Maybe they just don't want to see those D. List celebrities. Maybe this is where you pull some of these bloggers off of the blogs and test them out in front of the television. Like there's some great bloggers out there. I think Armand Wiggins that would be great on a television show like that Of course some of these bloggers are not as polished as Windy because she's been on radio so she knows some of the FCC rules and regulations but that's something that can be taught. The king of reeds is good. I think that there's so many of those bloggers that are out there that could do this. If I put a panel of those bloggers on the Wendy Williams show and watch they have huge like the Tasha case of the world, they have huge followings and they're just taking Wendy Williams formula and putting it on a platform that doesn't have to be filtered. That's all they're doing. So if you polished them because you already got a gym you just don't have a diamond yet. If you polish it you can have a diamond that you could pay a lot less than Miss Wendy. I'm not saying to get rid of Wendy Williams, I'm just saying that you might be able to get you another show out this shit, that's all I'm saying, I just see that's all I'm gonna say. And speaking of another show, getting another show, Rory and Mall have one and I was just talking about this on millennials versus the world saying that, I think joe one from a talent perspective, I think we figured out that joe is joe is the talent, joe was the charisma, I don't, which I think is that it lacks a little bit of that charisma. So eventually, I guess they'll bring in a third man or a third woman that maybe we'll bring in that charisma, but right now they're winning and they got a big payday with $10 million from Sirius XM radio and stitcher, so shout out to them, that's that's a really big step. That's something that they didn't get under joe button now they're getting it together and I hope they've learned between the two of them how to divvy this up and that there won't be any money issues, but congratulations, DeLorean ma'lik and netflix brought back you and it came back with a bang. Yes, it took on a lot of big issues, one of which of course was mental health, mental illness and trauma, but it also talked about this white woman missing white woman syndrome, which is going on right now, where a white woman, if a white woman goes missing, she deserves to be saved whereas everybody else doesn't. And they had a black girl as one of his love interest in this. So it's we really started to see it evolve a little bit. This, I would say this episode or this season. I like this season better than last season. So it was a really interesting season and episode and I will say that they dropped a lot of it might be crazy because this is a serial killer thriller vibe. But if they you go back and listen to, especially with relationships when they were at the therapist, she dropped so many gyms in that go back and watch it. She dropped so many gyms in that so so many. So if you haven't had a chance to go watch you do that, go watch you. And channing Tatum went after Dave, you don't really go after Dave chappelle, but that's what the headline says. So they he addressed Dave chappelle's controversy and he's pretty much stated that he understood where Dave was coming from, but he hated that he hurt so many people, which channing Tatum describes himself as a trans exclusionary radical uh feminist. And he put it on, he also linked A repost from DO hugely of Dave Chappelle 2019 speech at the Kennedy Center when he accepted the Mark Twain Prize, which if you've not had a chance to listen to his accepting expect acceptance speech, I can't talk today. I'm all afflicted do that. I think it will it will explain a lot to you about Dave chappelle and I think that it will also give you a better understanding of who he wants to be as a person, as a human and you will understand him a little bit better. He's very, very poetic. Dave chappelle is and so I think that he meant and this special to really like his premise wasn't to go after the LGBTQ community and feminists and women. I don't think that was his premise. I think that was the joke. That's why it's a joke because it wasn't necessarily what he meant, what the special was meant to do. Do I think it was his funniest special? No, but I don't think it was meant to be. I think he like he said, it's the closer like he had a job to finish so he finished what he needed to complete and and he did. And so I don't think that this is what he wanted to do, but at the same time, I think at some point Dave chappelle is so smart and all of us aren't as smart as Dave and I guess this is a question to the people out there. It's an open ended question if you put out content that is supposed to have a particular message and the majority of people don't understand that message, is it the responsibility of the creator to explain that message further or create content that people can understand? Like it's more accessible to the masses? Or do you just leave it be I guess that's the open ended questions. Whose responsibility is it to understand the message? Is it on the person who is consuming it or is it on the person who is delivering it? Whose responsibility is it? Because it seems like we go back and forth between whose responsibility it is when it is a person that we like or we respect. So I think we do need to figure out that or maybe it's nuanced. Maybe it depends, I don't know. But this has been your millennial minutes. You're 20 some minutes. And let's get into this interview with MS Sarah Wife.
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