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Minute 59 of The Last Jedi: Work It Out

Last Played: May 04, 2021
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Star Wars Minute is one of the most popular Star Wars podcasts out there, and rightfully so! Alex and Pete analyze literally every single minute of the Star Wars franchise, with new episodes daily. This pod definitely gives us all of the in-depth analysis we could ever ask for.
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becomes, not that she's becoming a Jedi Yeah, she's not a Jedi yet but she kind of chooses to opt out of her old way of the staff and pick up the lightsaber and kind of commit to this new lifestyle essentially. And it's you know, it's the you can take the Skywalker that not the Skywalker saga, but you can take the sequel trilogy, the Disney trilogy, the increasingly inaccurately named sequel or do with new trilogy. And you could, you know, you cut it in half. And the first part is you know, Ray is the girl with the staff and then the second part is Ray with Rey's Lightsaber as it is officially known for marketing purposes. Mhm. I'm actually a little bit confused are why do you think luke pay special attention to her now? Is it just because she switches from using her staff to her lightsaber? Like what is it about this sequence, this training part that interests him because isn't using a lightsaber or staff, that's sort of like a swordsmanship thing. Like anyone could do that on their own. Doesn't strike me as a super foresee thing, is it? Well we've seen the non trained, you know, let's say the han solo's and fn 21 87 of the world who are not as in touch with the force as somebody like Ray who we know is nearly bursting with raw force, power, raw force kind of connection. Um there Experiences with like zero for more clumsy. And so look, the last time we saw luke, I forgot I had to flip back to last week's notes and see that, You know, Luke, he had done the lesson one and Ray had, you know, seen the seaweed hole and Lucas, just like, no, I'm not training. You went straight to the dark side. That's ridiculous and walked away. And so here Ray is on her own again. So she was just doing her own training and when she switches from the staff to the late saber and she kind of finds the groove and I think luke ken, even though he's not in touch with the forest, I think he can see that she is in a sense that she is communicating with the force in the exercises in a way that he was perhaps not expecting it kind of re reignites his okay, we should train her, let me let me give her another lesson. Whereas he was scared and backed off the last time. He was like, she is really good and could be a force of good and she could be the, you know, he said like what did you think I'm going to show up, you know, with the laser sword and face down the hole first order. And he was like, oh she's pretty good to the laser sword. Maybe she could be the one who helps. And so I think there's a lot going on here and it's also why I had forgotten. Especially when you watch a minute by minute you forget you know stuff that happened last week for us but when you're watching the movie it only happened you know literally like four minutes ago or something like that. But um luke doesn't just notice he's you know notices and then I was like all right like walks up to the temple which is raise sign two. Um It doesn't really happen until tomorrow so we can talk about it tomorrow some more. But luke is not only kind of noticing here, he's it's swaying him in a sense. Okay that was more about what and not A Y. Yeah I mean I guess well we don't really know why there's just I guess there's different interpretations. I see that. I also wonder if luke sees her practicing and is sort of like okay, whether I help her or not, it's clear she's going to do this so she's clearly into this so fine. Well, I'm also well yeah, well the lesson he's about to give her is not a encouraging one, so maybe he see her do this is like oh I got to stop her from doing this, not so much and she's gonna do it anyways and like she's gonna stop her from doing this because it's next lesson are dumb. Yeah, he feels like he needs to bring her a little bit down from the pedestal. Like from she has so much raw power. So he's like, let me just make sure she knows it's not just about swinging, like they were really good. He probably also just doesn't want her to keep trashing the place because, you know, here we are in the Sacred Island and she's she's uh.
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