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Monoreel Radio Bonus Episode: Walt Disney World Trip Recap (November 2019)

station description Deep dives into Disney movies.
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This week, we bring you a bonus episode as we recap our trip to Walt Disney World. Partially recorded in the parks, we discuss the lands and attractions and how they relate to the films they are based on.
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This week, we bring you a bonus episode as we recap our trip to Walt Disney World. Partially recorded in the parks, we discuss the lands and attractions and how they relate to the films they are based on.
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Characters at EPCOT?
got a little recapping our day here in Epcot Center as we sit outside the rose and crown. We just saw Epcot forever. We're getting rained on, which has been par for the course. It's rained on us basically every day, although I don't mind it because it has cooled the weather down a little bit. Yeah, at least today was relatively warm the past couple of times we've been rained on, it was freezing. Yeah. Let's talk about uh finding nemo, the under the seas of the seas with nemo and friends. That's what it's called because to me it's always been the living sees. Um is it on brand? It's fish in a tank. It's water. I don't know how much more on brand it can be. No, when I first went on it a couple of trips ago, I remember being disappointed because you used to get a lot more viewings of the actual aquarium tanks. So I feel like they took some of those away just for the sake of the ride. Um so that was kind of upsetting, but as far as being um, you know, a fit for the film, I think it's really clever that they retrofitted into an existing ride. Um the clamshell. Okay, obvious. Um but I think it's cool how they have the projections and uh, you know, everything is on the screen within the tanks. It it definitely looks cool. Um and I think it's great that they brought something else in for kids to try then draw them into Epcot Center. We know that that was a big thing with Eisner years ago as he wanted to introduce more characters into the park. So it definitely fits and it makes sense. But without question, the best ride in the park in terms of being geared towards a film is the frozen ride over here in Norway. Yeah, I was hesitant when they opened it. I mean I'm a huge frozen fan that's no secret, so I was happy to see that it was getting a ride and um I appreciate that they put it in Norway as opposed to just throwing another princess film into Magic Kingdom. Um but I wasn't sure exactly what to expect from it because it's the Norway ride and I kind of missed the trolls and I didn't want to see them go, but for as quick a turnaround as they did with it, I don't feel like they just threw it together. I mean, granted they didn't change the track or anything. It totally works on the track that was existing. It works. And the amazing thing is, we had always said that that ride broke down so frequently frequently when it was the original Norway ride with the trolls and we're like just give it a refurb, give it a refurb. And I mean, yeah, it's basically the exact same track, but the way that they've done it is really smart. I love the queue for this ride, you're walking in, you see wandering oaken again, we've been talking for the last few days that we've been doing these recordings about these fully immersive experiences that really put you in the film. This one does it very well. Yeah, I like that Wandering Oaken is also the narrator getting on and off the boats and telling you to watch your Children. I think that was cute. Um the animatronics on this ride are absolutely incredible. Starting with Olaf. I like that. They didn't make him that fiber glassy look and instead they went for like a puffy kind of snowmen. Yeah, the projections, especially in the castle scene are fantastic. I think my question at this point is you have the new frozen coming out um in just a few days, do they have to retrofit anything for frozen to? It's obviously not a question we can answer today, but I wonder if they're going to have to do it and if they do what kind of down time you're looking at to get that retrofitted. I don't think they will because there are a ton of films that have had Sequels that they had like look at the seas. You know, it's finding nemo, they didn't have to add more Door Ages because Dory got a sequel. Um I I think that because you have anna Elsa Olaf etcetera represented. I don't think that they're gonna necessarily
and it's amazing for the longest time. It was hard to believe that Disney was ever going to top Pandora the world of avatar but there's no doubt in my mind that when you enter the planet of Batu, you enter the Star Wars universe. Yeah, they did such an amazing job. I hate to say it. Even going through Pandora, it was kind of lackluster in comparison. Like it's still beautiful. Everything is still glows at night but it's nothing compared to being in about two. Especially my favorite time of day to be here was at dusk. It was so pretty. Usually I like doing indiana jones while the sun is setting like the five o'clock show. It was so pretty being here as the sun was going down, everything glowed. It was gorgeous. The detail in August Cantina is exactly as you hope it is. Whether you saw the original star wars in 1977 or whether you saw it later on in life. But we all wanted to sit in that canteen and we all wanted to hear that music and to be able to do it again. This this is the most immersive park I think that they own right now and it is without question the most on brand and seriously bravo to the cast. I mean the Disney cast is always fantastic, but this Star Wars cast in particular, everything is so on point, Everyone is so into character and you can tell that they are truly happy to be here. Savvis was amazing, you go in and you make your lightsaber again, if you've ever wanted to be a jetty, if you've ever dreamed of that moment, it's sort of like a mind body and spirit thing, you didn't even build one and even you got the field nose pretty cool. I got, I got a couple of goose bumps just watching you put it together and the way that they did, it was like ceremonial almost. They did such an amazing job. You want to talk about getting goose bumps. I may or may not have gotten choked up when I finally sat in the pilot's seat of the Millennium Falcon when we did smuggler's run and we were able to do all three roles over the course of a couple of days that we were here pilot of course is the best. I got to actually be on solo the first time in my life, but again, immersive and it is an imagineering achievement. I personally cannot wait to see what they do with rise of the resistance because apparently that's supposed to be better and I don't know how it's possible. Yeah, What whatever you're expecting for Millennium Falcon, I think it's gonna blow everyone's expectations away. It is like Star Tours on crack, just having that additional screen in the dome above your head. So you really get that feeling of lifting up as the falcon rises, it's just incredible. Um and they really do, I don't think a lot of people realize that how you react to what is going on actually does determine what's going on on the screen and how well you perform. Um, so you really do have to work as a team with the people in your, in your group, whether you know them or not, and being able to walk around and see Stormtroopers and Kylo Ren and Rey and Chewbacca and they're just walking around. It's not a meet and great opportunity, that's not what they're going to do here, but it's not nobody really chasing them with a camera. But it is, I'm not going to say it's the first time because a lot of the lands here really are immersive. We talked about to be our guest restaurant, but really I felt like I was in the Star Wars universe the minute I set foot.
yes, speaking about Toy Story Land at Disney's Hollywood studios having seen it twice now, I will say that it's a land that, for me personally, before we get to it being on brand or not, I prefer this land at night. And I think for a lot of people that might be the way to do it because if you look at it during the day, it kind of comes off as being something that looks like something you'd see at a value resort, which isn't a bad thing, but you can see it in a value resort. Right? It's a lot of the big fiberglass figurines because here's the thing, it's supposed it's, it's supposed to be a land built with toys you're in Andy's backyard, the theme ng is great. But part of the problem with them leaning on the toy motif so much is that it looks cheaper than it really is. But at night, the way that it's lit up, I actually think that it's far more photogenic and far more appealing as far as the aesthetics go in the evening. Here's the thing, I don't think there's too much more you can do with it as far as, you know, making it look like one of the value resorts because that is what it is. If you're going with the fiberglass figures and if there were talking about in terms of keeping with the theme, we hit on it a little bit when we were at Magic Kingdom, that on Buzz Lightyear, they put you down to the size of a toy, that's what Toy Story does in the films and they give you the toy's perspective and now they're bringing that to the parks, which is great. You know, it certainly satisfies my, uh, my jones in for honey, I shrunk the kids because I missed that section of the park. Um, so it's cool being put on that level, but in order to achieve that, I don't think there's anything else that could have done, right? So with that being said, it is totally on brand, in fact, it's one of the more on brand areas that you'll see, not just in Hollywood studios, but in walt Disney world in totality because as you just said, it does bring you down to the size of a toy and if you're a kid having grown up watching the movies and if you're a child now it's got to be mind blowing. Yeah, and I'm glad that Toy Story really got to do. I mean, I would love to see a whole Pixar land eventually, but I love Midway mania. I think that that was such a clever way to represent the ride and it's so much fun, like who doesn't love going on there and scoring points and you know, it gets competitive. So that's great, but I like that, you know, we have a Toy Story's exponential now, right? And uh, Slinky Dog Dash was a lot of fun. Um I'm glad to see that Slinky got his own attraction because Slinky I think doesn't get his respect that he should because I feel like he's a more integral part of the toy story universe than most people recognize him for. Absolutely. I mean, prior to bullseye, that's Woody's right hand man, especially if you think to the first one when they're in the moving van and Slinky jumps out of the truck to grab RC um he's definitely a big part of the universe and I think what they did here was really clever because it does kind of give you that feel like when he stretched out of the truck and you get to ride him and I definitely by the fact that this was something that Andy created in his mind that it is something that you would find in Andy's backyard. He gave his toys a place to go play and hang out, right? I also um, I really like the alien ride. Um Alien swirling saucer. Yes. Um we got to go to Disneyland last year, so Mater's junkyard jamboree was one of our favorites. Uh it is the exact same track. It's the same concept. Uh you know where it's kind of like a, like a sizzler kind of ride. Almost like a filter world. Exactly, but it passes you back and forth between the tracks and I think that's really cool. The only thing I will say matter has a leg up because I think it's a bigger ride. So you get more of a spin. This didn't spend you quite as much. No, this definitely felt it felt more condensed than Mater's junkyard jamboree. But one way or the other in terms of it being a part of the toy Story universe and making you feel like you're a part of the film, I think it's a spot on as they make it Absolutely. Like if they were going to recreate that ride for florida and just take the same concept from California aliens was the way to go because you have the claw, they're putting you in that machine. Had they picked another character? Like if they had done like a Jessie's critter round up or something like that, I don't think it would be quite the same.
let's talk about haunted mansion for a minute because we haven't discussed haunted mansion enough in the last couple of weeks. It really is if we didn't beat it to death in our review already. Well let me tell you something. It's such a shame we said it when we reviewed the movie, that attraction, the story that it tells the characters that they do introducing the ride tailor made for a film they swung and they missed and it really does need a remake. It needs a reboot badly. Yes. And now after having just been on it and seeing all of those practical effects and the way the ghosts come to life, it just makes the movie even more egregious for me talking about things that are getting rebooted, whether we think they need them or not. Pirates of the Caribbean. We're sitting in the tortuga tavern right now and they've done a lot of work here in the last few years. They've really beautified it here. But what I found interesting is they're still adding subtle touches in spite of the fact that the rumor is Captain Jack Sparrow is out. Like for example, you notice that Jack Sparrow compass with a treasure map in front of the tavern that we've never seen before. Yeah, I I mean maybe it was just something that I missed, but this was the first time I noticed it and that's the thing, the compass is so specific to Jack. Um so it might be something, maybe they changed it up for the Pirates League a little bit and they added it. Um, but it definitely looks like it's part of like a scavenger hunt or something, I'm not exactly sure what they do with the Pirates League. I know they they do the face paint and things like that. Um but yeah, I'm not sure what it's for, but it, it was cool looking. Yeah, and you want to talk about, we talk about haunted mansion just now, talking about a film that was based off of an iconic ride, but took the characters that were in the ride added to them and now the ride gets retrofitted with Captain Jack Sparrow, but they don't change the ride a ton. So the purists are happy, but the people that come here to see Captain Jack Sparrow because maybe their introduction to the Pirates of the Caribbean was the Curse of the Black Pearl rather than the Ride. I think this does a nice job of toeing the line for both sides. Absolutely. That's one of the things that I like so much we discussed in our Tomorrowland review that they took things that you recognize and built a really great story around it and that's what they did with the pirates movie, which we've not reviewed for the show yet, but uh you know, obviously we're gonna circle around to it soon. Pirates was always my favorite ride. So when they did the film and they cast my favorite actor in it, I was like over the moon and I liked it because it was so popular and because of what johnny Depp did for the character that they did actually listen to the fans. This is I feel like when Disney really did start listening to the fans and you know they did retrofit him into the ride but it still works and they did it in a way that didn't have to change everything that we know and love about the ride. Speaking of changes to the ride, we want the redhead, no we don't, we want the auction back. Yeah, I mean this, I don't want to say it doesn't make sense it's possible. But first of all the people that are at the auction, they look way too new. These pirates are burning the town to the ground and these people are selling their antiques and their hair is perfectly croft and it's white, they should be covered in ash. They should look almost like pilots. Like as as Elizabeth swan in the movie slowly assimilates into the ship. She gets dirtier and then her wardrobe changes. Like you got a rough them up a little bit. They look way too new. Yeah. And if you believe all things you read on the internet and everything you read there is true. It sounds like red is going to be the new lead in the reboot of Pirates of the Caribbean. So technically speaking it's very much on brand, something that I'm interested interested to see whether it stays on brand or not. And in the early trailers, at least it appears that it will be is the Jungle Cruise. We got off of that a little while ago. We know that they're making that film. We've seen the trailer. I'm getting the feeling that Dwayne johnson is setting up like a rigged Jungle Cruise to rob people of their money in a very funny way. But what I love, and again, you want to talk about being on Brandon catering to the purest, He has the backside of water jokes. He's got a lot of the dad jokes and puns from the Jungle Cruise. So I'm really excited to see where this one goes. Yeah, I mean I definitely trust the rock to uphold the Disney standard because he's done it time and time again. He really, really cares about the company. Um, but I'm hoping that that's what they do like that. That's what they did when they swung and missed with haunted mansion. They tried to jam everything that you'd want to see from the ride into that film. If they jam some of these lines from Jungle Cruise in. I don't think it's going to feel forced, right? I think you can do the puns, you can do the, you can bring that hope penis to the film and it's not going to feel like they went too far with it
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