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Morning Prayer With Rabbi Sanders (Audio)

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Wake up to a prayer that is designed to unlock your inner gratitude. In this Snippet of Rabbi Sandra Lawson's podcast, Hineni (Here I Am), Rabbi Lawson sings us her favorite prayer. If you enjoyed the Snippet, make sure to check out her podcasts for more great content.
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Aziz. Many of you know I'm an amateur songwriter and I'm also a morning person. In fact, most of the Jewish music that I've written is about our morning prayers. Every morning when I get up, it is important for me to wake up with gratitude. I wake up every morning and I recited the words to the prayer moda Annie. I talked about this prayer and the song that I wrote for this prayer and Episode 39 If you wanna learn more, please check it out after Madani comes my next favorite prayer. Actually, it might be my favorite prayer. I say that because long before I even knew how to read or speak Hebrew, I found the English words to this prayer. And they are my God. The soul you gave me is pure. You created it, you shaped it and you breathed it into me. And you preserve it deep inside of me. And someday you will take it from me, restoring it to everlasting life. Years later, as I started learning Hebrew, I discovered that the prayer I loved in English was in our liturgy and part of our morning dominating. This prayer is a daily reminder that our life here on Earth is a precious gift a gift that could be taken from us at any moment. This prayer is also a reminder to us that God don't make junk. At times in my life when I have been stressed out, I have used the words from this prayer to carry me through and to reassure me the things we're gonna be. OK, So here's my version of this prayer using just the first few words Lahaina, Shamash, Natasha be toe Hora He video created e and you shaped me On Sunday you will take the 00 All right. Thanks for listening.