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Kolby and Tyler discuss what they think will be at E3 and will this be the time we see Breath of the Wild 2 news?
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the topic on the streets. It's a series of 35th anniversary, you guessed it for a little while to will will it be there at E. Three this year? I was going to put that on my most likely uh category. And then yeah, we'll talk about it breath while you're out of the way right now, because if we're doing obvious stuff, we can just that's that's what most likely is. So we can just start with that category. So most likely stuff. I mean breath allows, he's gotta be here, man, like it's more out of desperation than being likely like be here, think with them not acknowledging Zelda's 35th at all and it's been two full years now. The last that there's a there's some on twitter today, 2014, breath of the Wild was first announced, 2016 was the next time make an appearance at E three. It's been two full years granted there wasn't a pandemic in between the the former's time period, but still two full years to develop and what we saw was a full cinematic trailer and it looked looked like there was some good, good, good amount of stuff done. I mean it was all cut scenes, but they look pretty good. Same engine. I mean, not as let's go around. I mean we saw how, I mean when you see how this pandemic screwed things up, like for uh for Monster Hunter specifically, it's pretty obvious that all these updates, like the title update objects that have been out thus far. If not for this virus, it probably all that stuff probably would have been in base. Like in base rise. Like they wouldn't need to like push them out and updates or anything. So, you know, the virus kind of segmented that game, there have been, you know, dying light was suspended indefinitely, like we had no confirmation when that was coming out and that was supposed to come out last year. It was supposed to be out already. So that pushed it back a pretty pretty substantial amount of time. I don't know man, like it's it's I I hope I hope and pray that that they announced it here. I just hope it's ready stealth, stealth put on twitter and I can't remember if he got the idea from somebody else originally for it was his but he said the next time we would see fucking eg anouma, it's got to be like that's got to be it. Like they have to show it because the last time the last time we saw him in february, everyone thought it was it it wasn't looking back on it, you know, fine. But like the next time we see him, whether it's now or in fall and winter rest awhile too has to be with him. Like that's just kind of the expectation at this point. Like they can't bring him out on the direct any three and working on it, you know, they can't bring him out, he's holding the Skyward Sword joycons that we can't have that at all. We it's true like that to him, it can't be like a I mean, I honestly wouldn't mind if it was like, I I feel like I wouldn't really give a shit, I want I want this game to be the best game of all time. So like take your time. You know, there are other games that I can tied myself over with, but I'd be lying if I said my heart wouldn't sink a little bit if I saw him and he said the exact same message as he did last time. We've been, we've been big on this game needs to take its time. It's it's the biggest follow up to. Its the biggest sequel that God how long? Like the biggest direct sequel? I mean this for this E. Three like this C. Three is already like so many high accident like this. People are undoubtedly going to get their expectations crushed because because he was so high they are so high for the C. Three. Now this C. Three, it was kind of like the same thing to happen in the game awards. Like people got their hopes so fucking high. I'm not sorry not the game was the first the last direct that we had both kind of both really I mean people got their hopes that stupid high for the game awards and we got several and smash brothers and people still were disappointed and then we got platoon three, we got a new Mario golf game and we got pirate met there and smash and people were still disappointed in the, in the latest direct, the first Real Direct we've had in years and literally two years ago again, that was, that was big and this is the first E three we've had in the year, so now it's all coming back. Yeah. Normal expectation. I feel like no matter what they do, unless they really just this is like literally the greatest E three of all time. They're not able to clear the bar set by, by set by norm, ease except let's say I think, but to be honest, this is the best chance they have for those expectations to actually be met. You know, like this is E, like this is E three, it was built for this kind of shit. It is the it is the hype machine for this industry, so if any, if there's going to be any moment for all these exhortations to actually be like justified, this is it. But if it's going to breath walter has to be a part of it. They can't I think clear the bar without breath of the wild too. It's not it's impossible. David, they will not be able to clear that bar with people if it's not breath a while to I would not mind, but I just have a gut feeling that this thing is going to be like a flash point for gaming like this this thing is going to be huge. It's going to be like the mark of the recovering industry from this virus. I think if they do it right, it's going to be like we're finally hell so and going literally right back into it, it looks like we're going to bring the world to Yeah, it doesn't really, we're going the underside of higher Yeah. Really getting out of hell and literally walking back into back into it with the wild too. So I'm going to say that it is the most likely thing that's going like a trailer gameplay. What do you think I title? What do you think? I don't think we get, I don't think we get gameplay. If we do, it's going to be like a snippet. Listen I treehouse afterwards. Three hours long. Yeah, that's true. I would love if they made another trailer on par with the original, the wild reveal trailer, like the most hype shit of all time. So fucking good. I was in contention. My twitter break. What? This drop amazing trailer. Like the crescendo music. Oh my God, I get goose bumps every time I watch it every time I don't know if I can ever be topped. Like it's so, the cinematography is just so good. I'm I'm everything like the Zelda crying moment, literally. That is crushing moment. Yeah, like I'm with you, this game, I want this game to be the best game that's ever graced this earth and it's been almost dude, it's been almost five years. That's just crazy sale. We got existential in the last episode talking about this, do not bring this up. You know, like we were 15 when this game came out. Oh my God, it's really aged so long ago, but I like, I like that you're most likely thing, we're getting the good vibes in right away. I don't think, I don't think even if they do release a trailer on par with that, I don't, it won't be the same vibe because this game is building up, is building a darker bit more serious. So we're not going to have like the epic adventure music that we had in that first trailer held. That music wasn't even in breath, The Wild International. It isn't smash though. That's really good. A lot of people said like the trailer kind of misled us what Breath of the Wild is going to be like, it's a lot more I know it's not, I don't think so, but like that music and that like vibe of just super energetic gameplay all the time or at least that was the point some people got, if any, if anything, believe there was more story than actual, that's true. Like they pretty much all the cut scenes remember where like from the memories which you don't experience in real time story. So but nonetheless, regardless, I think they do travel for this game is going to be like creepy suspenseful maybe at the end, like ominous, even title. I think we get a title. I think this trailer is going to really like set the tone of this game. Like right now we've only seen, we've only seen the Underground of high role and like everything is death and despair and Gannon Dorf do I feel like this trailer maybe show us if like what the other, what the rest of the game has to offer, you know, like what I think it is going to set the, the tone and the mood for what this game is going to give us a more concrete idea of what we're in for. If it if indeed it is a trailer on par with the original. If it isn't, if it isn't the the official like big trailer for this game, that would be, I'm not sure if they can not say anything bigger than that or show anything bigger than that. I even though the tree house is three hours long, I am not confident that rest awhile. Well no, I don't think so either. But I do think a trailer is the most likely thing that we'll see. I Yeah, that's not. Could they actually breathable too? Didn't even grace my category actually. But wow. Really? Yeah. Because in the beginning and we did. I suspect that's true. So I was gonna say we used my slot for that. So yeah. I'm curious that's revealed, smash reveals. My most likely. I think that you actually we'll talk about that later. Yeah. So I smashed reveal. I think we're definitely gonna smash revealing. Mind it almost it almost made my personal lock. But I I've been so confident something else that I had to make it my lock. Yeah, smash reveal at E three is kind of like inevitable at this point there's only two slots left and the fires past would be done by this december of this year. There's no better, there's no better time to bring it back into the limelight. Or last reveal was in february with pyro Mithra. I think it's crash. I think crash is finally going to get in this mash. I think I'm gonna have to that fucking dance that you told me about. Yeah, I'm gonna do that dance once he gets announced for for the ninth Fighter of the DLC, there's no better time to do it. It's kind of like you said, we just got out of this horrible pandemic and this this is the first time. Not really the first time. This is like the biggest event game was this huge ratings. You get my point like that. All eyes are on the three. We're finally getting like new gaming content, like the world's kinda getting back to normal and I feel like we're going to see the smash ball the first dance and pop up. We're gonna be back in the donkey kong jungle with Khairul banjo and didi there, there's there Yemen, some manners and then bam band you. She crashed spinning like a hooligan on the beach and there's like, what is he doing? But then he gets into smash brothers and then we get another g me costume as well. We got the second one just to really shove it in. I think this is really good. This is good because the smash reveal was act in my most superb category. All for who is going to be. Yeah, I was thinking about this at work because I think this has
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