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Musicians: Why You Should Collaborate

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The beauty of collaborations. Find out what the hot seat has to do with this.
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I think the funniest thing about collaborating is that you are not limited to your own ideas. So when I collaborate with somebody, it's it's fun because you can. You can take some palette that someone else laid out and manipulate it. You kind of already have, like something, something to work with. When you're doing something by yourself, you have to start from scratch. You know, it's all it's all you and so like, you're kind of limited to that. When you're working with someone else like it, it sparks off so many more light bulbs, you know, like it makes it makes you kind of more, more. It brings more influence to the table. And like, for instance, when I collaborate with unlimited gravity, we feed off each other. We bounce back and forth. Um, we do what we call the hot seat, and that's when we when we're in the when we're in the mode like one of us is going to be producing the other one will be kind of chilling in the background and when we're the one producing like we call that the hot seat and we just go until like we feel like we did something substantial and then, like, switch it out. And you know, eventually we've come up with, like, this orchestration of sound that we would never be able to accomplish on our own. And that's the beautiful thing with collaboration is that you can you can use both minds to create something bigger.