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NBC Ends Its TV Deal with NHL, and Turner Steps In

From Audio: Farewell, NHL on NBC
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The boys discuss the NHL joining Turner Sports, the end of NBC's run as a rights-holder and the whole "Charles Barkley of Hockey" thing.
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heaven. Um But other than that, would you guys think of the next leg of the, of the NHL tv deal? Really shocked that NBC is just out now? That's you know, even even when the ESPN deal got signed, everybody was like, well surely NBC will get the B package and NBC was like, nope, not interested. Yeah, it's, I don't know this, this is more you guys think it's always funny sean, do they have TNT in Canada everybody cheers, I'll tell you right now. Honestly man, I wonder thing that I have learned about myself this week is I apparently didn't know the TNT and Tbs were different things. I don't know why I didn't know that, but because I mean we don't, we, I'm sure we do get the channels up here and all the shows that are on them would show up on different things. But no, it's always just like there's this vague awareness that there's this turner thing and they have the Atlanta braves and wrestling and that's yeah, so it's just it's funny whenever there's like a in the NHL like I'm sure it was the same thing for you guys on Sportsnet. Got the Canadian deal and it was like, oh my God, this is the biggest news ever and you guys are sitting there like that. Sure, well, I don't know because I mean like as an american hockey fan, you have an understanding of the media dynamics in Canada, you have to know the difference, right? And and and it was a huge change because you know, TSN had the rights for so long and we had come to really know the crew at TSN as the people that give us the hockey and then it went to Sportsnet and it felt it felt weird. It felt, I mean it felt a little bit like you know Letterman going to C. B. I was gonna say Shane McMahon showing up on Nitro. So I think the magnitude of that was palpable for us hockey fans. I completely understand why this doesn't feel the same way to the point where you thought the TBS and TNT were the same network, which is odd for me because as lambert will tell you all of the shows on TBS used to start five minutes after the hour. That was the big difference between TNT and TBS. Um but yeah, sorry, sorry, go ahead sean your thoughts on on this, this like reaction. I mean, it's interesting, it's it's uh we were all kind of wait and see what the money would come in at, see who the partner would be, see if it was something prominent or if it felt like the NHL has taken a back seat again. And I think this landed somewhere in the middle. Uh it's, you know, the fact that just, just from a prestige standpoint, the fact that the NHL can't point to a major broadcast network and say we're partners with them. It may be matters, but probably doesn't, I thought NBC did did find over the years from what I saw of it, but ESPN and TNT and whoever else, so we'll do fine as well once once they get their feet under them. So, yeah, and now also, I'm sure Greg would know better than me, obviously, but I would imagine that if you have a partnership with ESPN, you get some games on abc, well, the entire cup final be on abc, you know, that's, that's, that's what was interesting about the TNT deal to speak to Shawn's point was that it's a straight up cable deal. I mean, you know, steve simmons hilariously and erroneously and still has not corrected his reporting that CBS was gonna get Stanley Cup games, which isn't the case at all. Uh, the Stanley cup is going to be all on TNT and um, and I guess HBO max, but by proxy, so it's uh,
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