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New York Yankees, Baseball, and Beer

From Audio: Episode 380: Go Time
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Podcasts about baseball don't have to be boring and talk play by play coverage. Listen to Section 10 for excitement, ballpark drinks, and who's hot at the moment throughout the league.
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21 now, erin Judges all over the place. I I get that if if Aaron Judge were healthy, he's like a top three player in the league. It's just never, it's never happened except for his first year in the big leagues. Which again, 2017 Like could you like Who on the Red Sox came up in 2017? Devers right? Devers like imagine if devils had a monster 2017 and then just like never performed ever again and like everyone is just like rushing to buy his jersey in 2021. The kids love Judge, we know this kids love because he's tall. If Aaron Judge was huge, 1990 hits big homers and obviously he's heard a lot of Aaron Judge was six ft tall, more number 17. No one would give a fuck about Aaron his number, his height and the length of some of his homers is really why kids love him. That's it. Is this really it they don't they don't care that he hasn't done and I don't see anyone buying 100 renfro's jersey. No one they should be. I mean some of those big, yeah no I Aaron judge I think the kids love him just because of the whole the whole package take the injuries out of it. But he's also just he's the face of the Yankees regardless of how much he's on the injured list. He's the face of the New York Yankees which is normally that guy is always going to be on this top 10. I don't think he's the face of the Yankees. Well yeah cole yeah but he's not like his hair call either. What? Who D. J. D. J. This is not the face of the Yankees. I feel like he's their favorite player. He's the best, I think he's the best player. I don't think that's true. DJ LeMay who is every yankee fans favorite position player? I think DJ is I think he's, I mean I know that like the hubs has an or like I think it's completely contrived about gary cole, like, like gerrit cole literally strikes someone out. It looked completely normal and then you look at them huffing and puffing off them. I love this energy. It's like, dude, he just, there's a regular strike out and he just kind of casually walked off the mound. Like DJ LeMay, who I get it, I get it. Um I think, I think DJ would be my favorite player if I were a Yankee fan. For sure, hubs in the short porch account needs like lessons on how to tweet. Like Labor Tour has hit a home run that almost got, they call it a bomb and like scraped the wall on the other side of town literally almost got caught. Kleber just hit an absolute blast of, like, literally went off the guy's glove. Like what I'm talking about here, it's just that the Russian the need to have the reaction of like, oh my God, my players so amazing. Yeah. Just save it for when they actually do something good. There's a thing that, like, most of them suck. Most of them are trash and it's so it's it maybe we just solved the case. Like, is it because most of players sucks? So when they do anything near good, they have to be like, yeah, I guess. I mean like, I don't know, you've got to hype up your guys, you know, you got to hype up the players that you can get the fucking the eighth, The 8th guy in the rotation to come on the podcast. What's the uh what's the DJ shirt they got? Like? He hits doubles with what guys are with crispy? Yeah, it's like D J Lo risp, if we literally shoot me in the head, if we ever make a shirt about a guy's performance with runners and scores, we can all agree here. The picture that was promised is the worst nickname and t shirt to go along with it in the history of barstool sports. Yeah, he's like, five ft three and he sucks like, it's insane the picture that was probably the exact same shirt, but like, not even for someone, you know, I was gonna say not even for someone who, like, could actually be something, but like, 2021, like, Henry Owens picture that was promised like you promised to suck, he was promised to be traded 7.5. Er the picture that was promised and just Henry Owens goofball looking face on, there might be the goofiest guy that we've ever seen him. Trey balls picture from draft night. Does anyone know what tree ball looks like? I know I kind of do, cause I google him every once in a while, like trey ball could walk out to me right now and be like, hey, what's up man? Trade ball, nice to meet you and I'll be like, I don't, I don't know that. Can I see some identification if you google tray ball? He's kind of, he's got a funky head, It's coming from you. Well, I have a big a big head, he has like a funky head. At least my dimensions are lying. He kind of like a light bulb, doesn't it? A little bit hilarious description, but it's pretty true. He looks like he's got a light bulb bed. Oh, okay. Yeah, he kind of looks like I can't make this joke anymore. What as he looks like clay Buchholz. If he didn't take meth, he looks like a right. More importantly, do you ever feel like you're always on? Yeah, I do. What do you do when you need a moment to chill? Always smoking a doughnut. How do you like to hit the reset button to get ready for? What's next? There's only one beer out there that's literally made to chill and that's koor's light the mountains on the bottles and cans. Even turn blue when your beer is cold. That way. You always know when it's time to chill when you need to hit reset. Just open it cause light it's mountain cold refreshment cores, latest cold lager, cold filtered and cold packaged. It's literally made to chill. It says crisp and refreshing as the colorado rockies. Yeah, but like the baseball team kind of sucks right now. Yeah, it's pretty damn close to the coldness of the rockies, but not the crispness or the refreshing. This perfect for a moment to unwind calls, like the one Where is light at Fenway. Oh absolutely. I'm gonna be sucking those down. I've been the amount of cl smoothies I've headed. Coors Light is the one I choose. Also known as we choose when we need to unwind so when you want to hit reset, reach for the beer that's made the chill, get Coors light on the new look delivered straight to your door with drizzly or insta cart, celebrate responsibly Coors brewing company, Golden Colorado. And let's get into some predictions. Also Suck one. Also Suck one. Uh, we sent out a poll to the listeners, the followers on the twitter machine on instagram and I love, I'm just gonna say we've done a decent amount of these polls and uh, you know, predictions and award shows and this might be my favorite batch of responses that we've gotten in a long time. You guys crushed it. We've got 1000 responses, which is awesome. And uh, we got 1000 and uh, you want to start with the over under for wins? Great. We got 1000. Yeah, 1000. Yeah. How long was out there for steve? Uh, this was up there for four hours. For a 1004 hours. I know, dude, again, that's buzz. There is buzz. A lot of buzz. People are buzzing about this. People are buzzing about this poll. They're buzzing about this team. I don't want to hear it Tony mess. This team sucks. I don't want to hear it Tony. We're going to start red Sox win total over under over 80 82 1/2. Let's go around the circle here, Jared over Coley. What's The Number? What's The? No 89 89.2%?