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The I'm Always Right Podcast talks NFL!
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some NFL action. We're talking Aaron Rodgers we're talking about the two big upsets on saturday we're talking we're not gonna talk to sunday matchups because at the time recording we don't know the results of those yet but don't worry we've got a quick hitter coming later this week to break down those two matchups as well as preview the NFC and NFC conference championship games. I hope you guys enjoyed our quick hitter last week about the divisional matchups. Um So far I think right now on the predictions I'm one and one because I have the Niners winning and the and I said it very quietly so no one can hear me and you're going to strong going to um I mean we you predicted the one seeds to win. I don't think you're really going out on a limb you know what I mean? So it is what it is but we're gonna be talking about the Packers. 40 niners were talking Tennessee Cincinnati we're gonna be talking to Aaron Rodgers we got royal rumble predictions to talk about and as well as the whole dang card and we're gonna be talking the NBA trade deadline and some michigan basketball gonna do a check in there. Lots of stuff to go over this week mike let's just jump right in here. Um let's talk let's talk I guess. Let's just talk what do you what do you want to start with because we're going to lead into more green. Alright so Tennessee Cincinnati. Cincinnati gets the win 1916 right 1916 walk off field goal for Cincinnati. They go from not winning any playoff games in 30 years to two and two weeks. Big ups for them. Happy for them, excited to see them. I think they said the first road playoff game and since then has everyone that doesn't shock me. Um There's our first sec conference championship game they've been in since 1988. Um That year they went to the Super Bowl and lost to san Francisco 40 niners foreshadowing maybe who knows? Um Maybe. Right. Um They get the win over the number one seed Tennessee titans. Um I don't know if this is just revisionist history now but it feels like looking back and it's like man this number one seed was the Tennessee titans is probably like the most unflavored one seed in a long time like you know what I mean? So I I looked at this game as a they're playing for second place in general because I look at the Bill she's game as more than likely they're Super Bowl A. F. C. Representative. So that's why I was so into site like this was the one game I I felt I felt really good about the Packers so I'm not gonna lie but and then I feel I feel good about the sunday games about my choices. Um But this one I was like this could go either way because I think Tennessee's the first one in a really long time where I go, you were the one seed? Are you really the one seed like you were you were the most question mark, One seed that we've had in a really long time. And Cincinnati just finds a way they just find a gosh dang way when they need it. Yeah, I think, I think, I think the Cincinnati offense is like underrated but it shouldn't be underrated, but the way that tee Higgins and like Tyler Boyd and CJ CJ or whatever his name is, the tight end, the way that they play where we're going to um are chasing their because Tamar chase just Jamaar chase. But the other three guys like the way that they play, I'm just like, man, if you had decent offensive, a good offensive line, I don't think you're ever gonna get stopped because of the way that this joe Mixon like United in there too. The way that this sensation offenses, I'm like I anticipated Tennessee to hold the ball longer because you did have Derrick Henry back and like short possessions down and be able to win this game 1916, like that's the way I thought it was gonna go but Tennessee coming out on top but since then he just sticks in it and pulls away at the end, good for joe burrow. I'll say it right now, it's good for society in general, but I'll say it right now if joe burrow somehow pulls out this NFC championship game. I'm buying a joe burrow. Super Bowl jersey, we're getting hard right now. I love joe burrow, but we're gonna hit hard hard. I love it. Um No, I mean it's fair, right? I mean they just keep finding plays, they keep I mean this game started out in the worst possible way for Tennessee, I mean literally first played the game pick and I go, well that's the worst possible start, you know? Um we'll talk about the Packers game where it's complete. Obviously Packers come out right away right right down the field and score and you're like, oh boy, this is not good. Um But you look at this, you know, you look at this game, you break it down and I think it really is it it was it was a sloppy game. I don't think either game on saturday I would qualify as good football. Quite frankly. I didn't think that there was a ton to be like, wow, that was super impressive by either team. You know, I thought Cincinnati once again had a hard time scoring sacked nine times. You know, burrow was can't do that, you can't do it right, you're just asking for him to get rolled up on and break something. It's just you gotta figure that out, especially against if the Bills somehow pull out, pull out the win on sunday against that front four, that's gonna be a rough time. Um But Tennessee it just for me, it just felt like they they never gotten rhythm, right? You had the pick six go your way, which was a question. I don't really know if that was an interception or not. That was a tough I was so and this also happened in the the Pecker's game, I believe it was or maybe it was later in the Tennessee game. But so last week or two weeks ago, I talked about how I'm always okay with the play, like continuing on and then like hitting it later. But I think the problem I have with that idea now and after watching it happen two or three times just on saturday is if you let it just keep going. It's hard to overturn the call on the field. So if it's always a fumble, always interception, it's so hard to then overturn it. Like I think, I think whatever that call was on that interception was gonna stand, you know, because I don't think you could overturn it either which way it just happened that they were like, we don't want to rule it incomplete because he ran it back or he ran it back like 10 yards. So we don't want to rule it one way and then have to overturn it to an interception and then him lose those like 10 yards up because he kept going. But that that was the thing where I was like, but I also not 100% sure it didn't hit or hit the ground, didn't help him catch it in which case, but then you can't overturn it because it's so close. So I think that's contradictory to my point where I'm like, I usually like to watch the play run out. But then I'm like to support your point though because I think that's good that you're looking at it from both sides. But to support your point though, I think similar to how you mentioned on the, on the whistle call last week where you go at the end of the day, right? We would, I would rather air on then letting it happen and then having the ability immediately without having to, you will use the coaches challenge to go back and look at it rather than blowing it dead and then it was an interception or you know what I mean? And just not giving anybody a chance to go back. Like, okay, you, you just said, nope, it's not incomplete pass and then you go back and look at it. Now you have to waste a code. Even if you overturn it now they've had to use a coach's challenge. There's just other things that go into it where other than I, I feel like if you're the NFL and officiating, you need to insulate yourself the best you can to allow yourself to let's get it right. So they pick six it and it's a touchdown. Okay, now it's already, we called it a turnover. So it's going to be automatic review and it's a touchdown. So we're definitely going to review it then get the, get the call. I just think, I just think, I guess one slight change I would make is maybe it's like you have the call on the field, but that's not like the definitive call if you go to, if you go to review because it says like call on the field interception. So it's like now you need disputable evidence to overturn it instead of that idea. I would maybe like it more if it was just, what is this play and like determine, it's not based off the call based off of like what you see on the play itself. I think that language is really hard and concrete and for a league that doesn't do anything hard and fast ever for any call ever. It's it's very hard to be like, well they called it and that's what we talked about. We watch games together all the time where you go. Well, they called it on the field to fumble. So is it a fumble? Where how are you going? Where am I seeing it? Not a fun. Yeah. And I actually remember. So there was a 40 niners I think Brandon I had had to catch it didn't have to take third step or didn't make the football move and they call it an incomplete, but a lot of people were like, you could argue it the other way, but because it was called on the fields incomplete or they called it fumble, they overturned it. But it was one of those things where it was like such a weird thing and I was like, I don't know if he didn't make the move or whatever. So it's like one of those things where I think like the call on the field to me makes it, so it's like you're more than likely going to keep it and so I wish you would is there? I wish there was a way that you could be like, all right, let's look at this objectively and maybe that's like a third judge that's not really watching the game. That's just like, okay, we're gonna send this to a review to you without knowing any, like, what do you think it is? I also think too, I think college does it a little bit better here where college buzzes down like, like I hate targeting, okay, I think it's the stupidest rule ever. However, when they need to look at something, they need to overview, They need to review it. The booth just buzzes them down and it's, and it's an unofficial generated stoppage of play rather than having the, because I think that's important unless you're gonna give coaches a little bit more freedom on the three and maybe give them an actual chance. Something. I feel like the upstairs in the booth in new york or wherever the hell they are at now, they need to, we need to have more of them step in and go, wait, wait, hold on. You know, let's make sure before we. And my thing about that too is they they get to pick and choose which ones they review and and coaches can't challenge. I actually, I would like to make a switch where and this would probably suck as NFL fans because the game will stop every five seconds. But give Coaches three challenges and let them challenge anything they want, like throw the challenge and then explain what you want to challenge. What are you challenging? But there's but there's some like very specific instances where you can't challenge this because it's the example of the in the in the Packers Niners game where they said, um it was, what was it? It was, there was a call that was made and they said they can't challenge it because uh that play is not challengeable. It's those instances, right? Or you can look back at that lions Texans where
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