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NFL Wisdom, 'Key and Peele' 2.0, Eddie Murphy Stories, and 'Predator' in 2018 with Joe House and Keegan-Michael Key | The Bill Simmons Podca

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Bill Simmons and Keegan-Michael Key talk about Eddie Murphy's time on SNL and how he never received credit for being a trailblazer.
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and the reverence, though. Bill, on the set when there's a couple of days where there's more than 100 background, the reverence, even from young people. Because if you're black and your parents are my age or older than me way certainly know who Eddie Murphy is, and and they know the young kids know if you're young and African American, you still he still looms large. Yeah, I don't think I I wrote about this for granted in like, five years ago. Now he's doing that comeback movie. I don't think he ever got credit for being a Trailblazer. It was like he basically goes on SNL, which is on all White, chokes up for Garrett Morris, who was always relegated to the side to the side, always in in the fifth season. They made Garrett like he was the monkey in the Wizard of Oz sketch. It was like some bad shit. Yeah, and then they have basically no black people the sixth season. But he's kind of on this ninth, and then he kind of takes over the shakes just grabs it by the scruff, but he never gets mentioned with, like the paved the way he should. He's a paved the way guy. If there's a if there's yeah, if there's a Mount Rushmore, he's like the second head. It's like Belushi him A. So far as I'm concerned, I think he's the best. I think he's the only one who's ever been on that show, who is actually overqualified to be on it. E, I think, is the best cast member ever other than him. But I think Eddie is like, How is? It's kind of amazing. He was even on the show. He could sing. He could do impressions. He could like the total pack. He could look. He could look like a fool. He could look intimidating. He could do. Absolutely. I mean, he's the reason. Me, Jordan, any of our writers. I mean, yeah, I adore prior, but that guy was my functional practical idol, and and he was the one that made me go. But when Amendment, if that that I could do it, especially when you hear about him being 18 1920 years old, I could actually fathom that at 12, 13 14, I could fathom that. And who knows? I'm speculating now. Who knows? If Lauren had stayed at that time and Dick Ebersol had not come on. What? What? What would the difference have been? You know what I mean? And and then I never know if that has anything to do with it. That Lauren wasn't there. And then he came back and there was this era with this person who was? I think Lauren resented that the show actually succeeded without him. Without America, it goes under. If it is not on the cast. The show, the show is gone. 100 like you say that for three straight years, single handedly saved the show. He did what you think about Jordan going to the I'm gonna go to the Wizards. Like, but but But he couldn't do it. He couldn't do it. This person literally did it. You could have watched him with with commercials. You're looking at 74 minutes, programming. Ah, Saturday and seven years ago, access and to musical acts. So eso in 74 minutes I would have watched nothing but him for those three years. And I was in love with Julia Louis Dreyfus, and I even thought Gary programs