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this is a great moment in the show
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You can call them that. Yeah. Carol, is that you? Ricky? Ricky, You there? Over here by the tree. Oh, it's really dark out here tonight, isn't it? I could hardly see if you were here yet. Look, girl, you better have something good to show me. If my mom knew I was out this Thailand like, Oh, she doesn't know, does she? Course not. It's not like you said. Your parents know you're out. Are you kidding this Lee I find out of my tree. Oh, I wish I had a tree I always have to sneak past for the living room. It's not easy, you know. Yeah, Going out on the tree is best. Okay, let's go. Just over this way. Hey, what's this all about, anyway? What are you going to show me? It's something I learned how to dio. Remember that man who always talked to me after baseball? Yeah, well, it showed me how to do something kind of strange, but it's pretty neat. After a while. E didn't like that guy getting the creeps. I don't think I want to know about him. It's OK, Ricky. Really. Just over here. I'll show you what happens. E don't know. What are Some wild animal comes over. Try to get us That's done. Lucky There aren't any wild animals here. We're too close to town. Yeah, well, it better be good. Whatever it is, it is. I promise. Okay. Okay. Now we stopped here. Wait a second. Wait. Wait For what? I thought we were going toe. Wait just a minute. Here he is. Hi, Tom. Yeah. Who are you talking? Thio. Here he is. I brought him like the Oh, okay. I've got it here. Hey, that one's really different than the others. Tom. Alex, I'm glad you could come. The boy's mother is in the waiting room. All right, Joe, do you think maybe a wolf or dog? I don't think so. I treated animals before nothing like this. The boy was mangled. Thorn Empire faster. Almost surgically. Alex, There was nothing we could do. He was gone before. Yeah, I'm sure it was Joke. Do you think what happened to Ricky was the same as with the dogs? E don't know for sure, but from what I heard, it sounds pretty sim are I guess I was hoping to be able to put it down to an animal attack. E way. It was all much too precise and deliberate. Looking to be an animal, I think. What is what, Marcus? It was different. Not like the dogs get off. What? Oh, yeah. It was a lot neater. Better? Somehow and more. A bigger or something. I like it the best so far. Stay, Tom. I was wondering, what do you do with them after I give them to you? Say, that's what my father says he does. But I guess it's different with Oh, you can't. How come you reckon screams like that? Can you hear you say it would be all right? How come you screen? Oh, I see. So they have to scream. Gerald. Gerald, Were you coming down? Yeah. Oh, Dad. Just a minute. Goodness of Wait until morning. Alex. Sarah, we've got to find out who's responsible. But Gerald won't know. I know he won't, but we've got to quiz all the kids. Find out that they've seen anybody. Strange. It is going to be hard on him. Alex. He and Ricky has been best friends for years. It's hard on all of us. But if we don't my mother. Dad? Something wrong? Most He's shy. Gerald. When was the last time you saw Ricky Evans? Ricky, uh, this morning. This afternoon, I guess. Right after school, we walked home together. Now I want you to remember I think really carefully. Did you see anyone strange? Anyone you didn't know in the neighborhood? No. Are you sure? Gal, this is very important. I'm sure. Dad, There was nobody I saw except the other kids. What's the matter? What's going on? Something terrible has happened, son. What? Ricky, your friend Ricky has passed away. Oh, who is? Earlier tonight he had Ricky was hurt very badly and he died. What happened to her? Him way? Don't. No one's sure. Some people think it might be the same. Dad, where do you figure Rykiel go now? Now that he's dead? Well, im I'm sure you he'll go to heaven. Now I know this is upsetting for you, but that's OK, Dad. Hi, Mom. He shouldn't cry, you know. He just died that he's just gone somewhere else. Everybody has to die, right? That just like in the Bible, right, Dad? Yes, That's right. Can I go to my room now? I've got a test tomorrow. I don't wanna be tired for it. Well, you Are you all right? You feel all right? Sure, Mom. See you in the morning. Good night, Alex. I'm worried about him. So he's He's in shock. It's not just that. What do you mean? Gerald been acting, not himself lately. He seems less active than he used to be sent. And so much time alone in his room. That's pretty normal for a boy his age. I know that. But there's something different. Look at how Ricky's death hasn't fazed him at all. That's more than shock and help. Hugh was slightly nothing seems to make him laugh or cry.