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Nikki Castle joins Jennifer Biondo and Delia Ivette for Essential Chakras - the fourth Chakra

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A snippet from Modern Witch MOvement's series Essential Chakra. Witch of the Word, Nikki Castle dives into the heart chakra. Nikki speaks on how she's heart forward.
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gosh, this is such a treat, Such a treat. Castle, I'm so excited to see you and share you with the community that doesn't already know you and everybody who already knows you must be like beaming right now because you just set our hearts wide open with your vulnerability and your honesty and your willingness to be growing and evolving and I just appreciate you so much. I'm so happy to be here and I love that you were talking about jesus, He and mary Magdalene are two of my um like closest and longest time guides and oh man, listening to you all talk about the oils and things like that. Earlier, I loved hearing about the rose and frankincense and it reminded me jenny of when I first met you and you were asking me what kinds of essential oils? I like the best and I said I love rose and frankincense and you're like you've got expensive taste, I'm sorry, I believe I said that. Yeah, but I don't know, I am so excited to be here for the heart check. Er That's like absolutely my home um case and essential oils to prove it. Uh It's great to be here. Yeah. It's good to have a thing. It is to have you here strawberries on here. I like it represent with the strawberry heart. Uh Do you have a favorite heart song? A song has heart. The heart song music in it. Hard to I don't know. I mean I probably like one of this one first on the pops in your head. I don't know man, I'm trying to blank there also. Right, I put you on the spot. I'm sorry. I just got the one that came to mind for me was listen to you. Huh? Listen to your heart. Uh There's nothing else you can do. You know what should I got to? Don't break my heart. My achy breaky heart, That's all I know. It's like total opposites of the spectrum. But yeah, we could Yeah. All day long. For sure. I mean, he's singing about heartbreak, but the song, Is that a good beat? You know, I want to dance to it. That's the thing about music is good. I feel like he understands that even if you get your heart broken, it's really not the end of the world. Because feeling uh like depth of emotion on either side of the spectrum. It's just such a heart opening experience. And that's really where the growth is. Um And I think I think that it was supervised just trying to be jazzy about it. Yeah. Green ph on sister. That's right. Um Anything talking about Nikki, is there anything that we were talking about that you felt like, oh, I need help in this direction. God. So, I just was thinking about how, when you were talking about how imbalances in the heart chakra show up in the body, and um for me personally, I just have very intense heart chakra experiences on the, like, to open and then not open enough and the balance side rolling all three constantly, um super hard forward. Um but like, life is complex, so it's always kind of something different. Um and I also have, like, my back and my shoulders are just like, super tense all the time. It's been something that I've dealt with my whole life um sitting with emotional boundaries, and I was just thinking while y'all were talking that my I just envisioned the muscles in my back um tensing up in an effort to kind of rein me in heart wise, because I'm still like to have it all have all my feelings. I want all of your feelings and I want all your feelings and yours and yours and yours. Uh I think there's like a little little thing in my back that's just like what? Yes, helping out for sure with the shoulders. Anything that's happening with the shoulders. So, in my hypnotherapy school, I took a course called body syndromes and I'm really into the body mind emotional connection. It's one of my favorite jams and the shoulders is about carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. So, the thing is, is when you're opening yourself up to all of these people without the boundaries, there is that part of you that's the nurturer, the giver, the empath that wants to try and fix it and wants to try and help them and wants to try and troubleshoot and problem solve and things like that. But what's really most important is that you've got to check in with your own vessel first before you can be of service to other vessels. It's just like the whole using the mask before you go on the air, on the airplane before you give it to the kids because you're, you can't breathe. And so the fact that your shoulders are going to be a great indication. So that would be one thing that I would love to work on for you is like really releasing the shoulders and feeling where and who is coming in the shoulders and like you can visualize those people as rocks and like chucking them into the ocean. Like it's not, it's not in a lot of things. And obviously I love your such a great community leader and I appreciate what you do so much in the community. But I also get concerned for people that I see in my community to overextend themselves because you're gonna be no good to us if you're hurt, you know what I mean? It's like, we need to make sure that you are also in alignment and um it's like I'm preparing for the zombie public, so I'm sorry, that's all right, we are preparing for a zombie apocalypse, it will happen at one. Yeah. You got to go back and we got our seatbelts on whenever. Yeah, take it all. Um Yeah, all of that really resonates very deeply with me and I also appreciated how we're talking about unconscious programing because I just have a deep unconscious programing around just like a very self sacrificing brand of nurturing energy and I think that I've done some pretty good work in this realm, but it's just not something that disappears overnight. I've noticed that like a good baby step for me along the way to learning how to like genuinely care for myself for for myself as the primary beneficiary is uh through vulnerability practice, because even if I personally still struggle with taking care of me uh if I can take that step around the way of asking for what I need from others instead of only prioritizing their needs, that's really been amazing for me. I think one of the most beautiful feelings that I've been exploring over the past couple of years is what it feels like to be truly seen and held. And I remember also you were talking about how there's no growth in the blame and shame. There's also a lot of joy and kind of digging into it, taking the risk of sharing something with someone you trust, that you feel shame around. Uh and usually, you know, if that person really loves you and your choosing wisely, um that shame dissolves the moment that you are willing to take the risk and open your heart and be vulnerable with that person. And it's been such a beautiful practice for me that I really love sharing other people too. Yes, I love that. Spoken from the heart, like you see it, Oh, it's so beautiful.