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Non-Indo European Influences in Irish

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Irish Mythology Podcast
Last Played: July 19, 2021
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Continuation of the clip "Irish, the perfect language"
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in this case, we're talking about the influence of the pre indo european and non Celtic languages that were spoken in Ireland. Prior to the Iron Age participate presents as evidence a large number of words in old irish with no indo european ethnology. And while old welsh also has many loan words of, you know, pre indo european Entomology, most of them aren't shared between the two, so they would have been adopted after the Celtics speakers arrived in Ireland and Britain, respectively. Old middle and modern irish also have in many cases a different verb subject object order than other indo european languages. So one that is shared with the Berber language of North Africa and ancient Egyptian in these languages rather than saying Marcus edits the podcast or Marcus does the dishes, it might be something like does Marcus the dishes or edits Marcus the podcast. Perhaps we also have a consonant mutations in irish depending on what kind of word comes before. So in irish, you have an eclipse is um in the irish word for this is in peru. Uh, he was also the word for just like a normal eclipse. My my, my best, my favorite joke that might one of my favorite songs is the total area of the heart, How I always remember what that word is anyway and the mission, which is, is a shavoo in irish. And these change the sound and spelling of the word by either putting a word in front or a letter in front of a word or a letter after the first letter of the word, if that makes sense. So these changes saying the spelling of the word. So for example, a cow in irish is bo uh, and you'll remember that from our episode of bone, but the, but when you have the definite article in front of it there, cow, it's on vote while his cow is mo uh, interestingly, you'll also find this phenomenon in languages native to north West africa, for example, Full B irish is an indo european, insular health took language that shares common elements with old North African and North West African languages that has also got loan words from basque and then later on latin, old north norman french and english. And so what we're seeing is famous for assad's perfect language constructed from the aftermath of Babel in metaphor, of course. And then on the other hand, in the own, we're seeing the formal Celtic language of magma that wasn't for the rustics. So it makes you think that maybe the people who wrote this stuff knew more about the origins of language and things than we give them credit for, or at least the people who are orally passed these stories down for centuries did in conclusion, we can probably say that we approve of Obama's anti work policy, but not so much the elitist approach to learning employed by his followers. I think that is just about all we have time for today. If you've been enjoying the show so far, you might consider becoming a patron br Acma, be our god of poetry and podcasts. The irish mythology podcast will of course always be free to listen to on the usual podcast platforms, but it isn't free to make your financial support can help us keep making it and invest in things like additional court recording equipment, recording at locations associated with the saga, and paying actors and crew to make full cost productions of the saga that you love. Uh, Samuel Jackson for the role of Alma. Uh, there's a range of benefits at different price tiers and for just €3 you can get early access to each episode, longer cuts of each episode, story scripts for every episode, links to art, each tier loads. I'm not reading it that massive list. Look, there's loads of it going Patreon you control, you quit like sure it's a lockdown, there's no one's going out on the set anyway. Our patriot patriot dot com forward slash irish mythology podcast. And you can also find us on twitter at irish mythology p on facebook, just irish mythology podcast on instagram at irish mythology and on the World wide Web, at irish mythology podcast that I and if you're listening on Apple podcasts or another platform that includes ratings and you'd like to show this a favor, go on, gives a five star rating and because it helps us reach a wider audience so slow and live, thanks for listening is being a great audience. And if you find yourself
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