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What a world. What a world. A 44-year-old quadriplegic man becomes first to die by assisted suicide. Governor Hochul says she can’t live without her Bible and she speaks to ghosts.
Wretched Radio | Air Date: June 23, 2022
Segment 1
The second most obvious thing in the world is that there are two genders.
The reason our world isn’t able to accept that is because they have rejected the first most obvious thing: God exists.
From the NY Post – De-transitioned Teens Reject Making Permanent Changes
Kids are hurting and not getting attention at home, and they are getting it in the trans culture.
Segment 2
How’s your posture? Your Christian posture? What does the world see when they look at you?
Kevin DeYoung recently wrote a very helpful article.
If you’re struggling at work today, remember people are watching you and they’re making decisions about Christ as they watch you.
7 Principles for Cultivating a Christian Posture Toward The World
1. Set an example of Godliness for the unbeliever.
2. Be prepared to suffer.
3. Build attractive bridges to welcome the curious in.
4. Build sturdy walls to see false teachers and false teaching out.
5. Do not think one size fits all.
6. Approach cultural and ethical polarities on a case-by-case basis.
7. When people give you a hearing, don’t lead with a hard edge, and don’t leave the hard stuff out.
Segment 3
New initiative will provide MacArthur Study Bibles to believers in the Philippines – beginning July 1.
From Italy – 44-year-old quadriplegic man becomes first to die by assisted suicide.
What makes somebody a somebody?
The patient here wasn’t terminally ill, he was paralyzed. So, assisted suicide now isn’t about terminal illnesses it’s left up to the individual.
From Florida – Ron DeSantis to sign bill classifying all religious services as essential during an emergency.
Segment 4
Have you noticed the verdicts courts are rendering lately are mostly in favor of religious liberty? Not entirely, but mostly.
SCOTUS decides Maine can’t withhold funds from parents sending children to Christians schools.
Prompting The NY Times to write an article calling SCOTUS a “pro-religious court.”
Liberals are speaking with Google asking them to identify pro-life searches and pro-life centers as terrible.
New York Governor Hochul says she can’t live without her Bible and she also speaks to ghosts all the time.
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