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The Numerology Podcast host and professional Numerologist, Novalee WilderWhat answers the question "What is Numerology?" Numerology is a powerful and ancient Witch tool.
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Welcome to the numerology podcast. I am your host, Novalee Wilder. I'm a professional numerologist and writer. And in this podcast, we're just going to nerd out. That means we're gonna talk names. We're gonna talk numbers, numerology, astrology, the connections between the different esoteric fields. We'll do case studies will deep dive into repeating numbers. If you have numbers that are following you around, showing up everywhere, we'll talk about those. But as this is our very first episode, this is numerology 101 But we're gonna talk about what is numerology. What do you mean? Is this thing the origins of the different schools of thought within numerology, different types, off calculations and ideas and some important questions to ask yourself when exploring this field. So numerology is the spiritual and practical study of the numbers in your birthday, the letters in your name and the vibration and power of which they are the expression of in the world. So, as a numerologist, I see the numbers in your birthday as an expression of what your soul wants toe explore. In this lifetime, there are ways to take out the spiritually element of numerology and simply do the calculations and predict the future and look into the past. But I feel like a spiritual element, as with so many other tools, is the most important one, the one that makes the most sense. So when we look at the origins of numerology, it has been called different things in different cultures, in different languages. When we look at religion and the mystical and like mystery schools, people who have explored numerology and other esoteric fields without calling it religion without organizing it, they all have some kind of part of the school are part of the thought system that has to do with numerology, numbers, names and letters in the Capitola, the there's a study called Jamaan Tria, and that is the practice of assigning numbers to the Hebrew letters, the alphabet letters, and they use it to decipher the Bible. So deep in many religions, are this study off the numbers and letters? I am a child numerologist, and that means that I take the system and use the system that we can trace back to the Chaldeans now. The Chaldeans. They briefly ruled Babylon, and they can be traced back to Ah 1000 BC and that would be 3000 and 19 years ago. Today, if you like me are look confused about B, C and B C. That's before Christ. The Chaldeans are the creators or the inventors of the numerology I use, and the most complex version of neurology that we have and can trace back today. I'm pretty sure the Chaldeans were not the first ones to come up with this. I'm pretty sure that all we know today are based on even older texts and Orel traditions of passing on the knowledge. But yes, the Chaldean system or the original system or the classic system ancient system, it's also called are the oldest one. But the systems and the kind of numerology than most people in the West know about is Pythagorean. So you probably know Pythagoras from your math book. In high school, he, uh he knew a lot about triangles, or he has been attributed to know a lot about triangles. But in his mystery school, he also studied what he liked to call the math of the soul. So he created his own system for which letters belonged to which numbers or which numbers in your birthday were the important ones. Which calculations told you something about what you were supposed to do with your life and so on and so forth. But the big difference between the child Deion system and the system attributed to Pythagoras is how we look at the numbers. So Pythagoras or someone around him said, Well, A is the first letter in the alphabet, so that must mean that it also should be attributed and connected to the first number in a row of numbers. So a must equal one. The Chaldean system looks very differently at how numbers and letters are connected. For one, we don't have vowels in the Chaldean alphabet. Of course, vowels are something we need to speak and came up with later when we needed to deal with language in a more sophisticated way. So one thing that the path a Korean system does is divide letters into vowels and continent and also attribute different qualities to the vowels in your name and the continents. But this is going like really into nerd territory. So let's just go back a few steps and look at different forms of numerology. Because numerology is also found in the East Of course, Children, numerology and Vedic or Indian numerology are very, very similar. While the Chaldeans connected the numbers and letters to the gods and goddesses off their known spiritually world Indian philosophy and the Vidas off course connect their form of numerology to the gods and goddesses and spiritually entities off their spiritual world. But when you start combining and looking at the systems, you see that they are almost identical. Now when we look at Chinese numerology, then it becomes a bit more tricky because in China a numerology has become almost a form of superstition. You will see that there will be no 13th floor because the word for four how four sounds in the Chinese language also sounds like the word for death. And that has some really interesting nerd out qualities to that we could go into because four is the number of revolution in Children, neurology and change transformation. But in China they are very specific about loving their eight's. The number eight is something they celebrate. If you have a phone number with a lot of eights, you can sell it for a lot of money to a Chinese person. If they're interested Yeah, they celebrate different kinds of numbers and are afraid and superstitious of others. So the form of numerology we find in China is so ingrained in the culture that it no longer has a complete system. Ah, lot of the stuff that we find in China and, like the ways of thinking of numbers and names, are not applicable to the spiritually tool that I use it as Now that you know a little bit about the basis off numerology and the schools of thought within it, I will move on to some of the questions that I think you need to ask yourself or any numerologist that you want to engage with. Because when we work with the spiritual fields, when we are interested in learning more about ourselves, the people around us, what numbers to look out for, what complements us? What kind of apartment number to look for? What kind of house number to look for? What kind of combat compatibility with other people like what kind of numbers to look for? I know that people love figuring out with their son sign, or so Deac sign eso who am I compatible with, or why are all my friends Gemini's or something like that. It's the same with numerology. These two fields really complement each other so well, eso it could be really helpful to know your numbers. And that's what we're going to talk about in the next episode. But a few questions to ask yourself before moving forward with me or anyone else is Do I feel safe? Because numerology is any spiritually field and any kind of practitioner you should trust this person. You should feel safe around them. You should wanna listen to them. It's okay if they trigger you and you go like I I don't know like this seems too good to be true or like, can this really be so life changing? That's a good kind of trigger because it means that you're questioning not just this person, but the world in general, which is a great place to be. If you want to transform anything in your life. If we're not asking questions, then we won't get answers. S Oh, yes, for sure. Like the know like and trust factor with anyone you wanna work with or buy anything from or follow needs to be high. And that also means that whatever material they put out should not be fear inducing. That is a sales technique. It's sleazy. I don't like it. I don't think you like it, either. Um, if you get a lot of fear surrounding the materially consumed from anyone, stay clear of them. You don't need that in your life. No one does. There's better stuff out there. And also a big question is to ask how well you know yourself. And I don't mean just your ego, your preferences. If you like spicy food or don't like olives or like to sleep with your socks on, I mean, really know yourself know something about what your truth drinks are. What's the thing that makes you awesome? Not just in other people's eyes. But what are you, the expression of in the world? What are you here to do? And that can take different forms, but it most definitely have a very significant and specific look and feel might even have a smell, a sense of touch. How does it feel to be in the stone for you? What are you here for? Because numerology is like any other spiritually map. Whether you find a Palm reader, a medium and astrologer numerologist or any kind of personality assessment tool. We should all basically be saying the same thing because we are reading for the same blueprint. I might use different terms than Palm Reader or, you know, strength assessment coach or something. But I should be looking at my version off the same map of you. We will all be pointing out the same strength and underlining the same weaknesses. And you really should feel confirmation that we can see you on DSI everything that you hold. So these are the questions you should ask yourself and your numerologist, in case you wanna work with them or consume their material.