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Ocean's Four

From Audio: Big Gay Nerds: Episode 150 (Blades in the Dark 5.1)

station description Big Gay Nerds is an LGBT RPG podcast where a hand…
Big Gay Nerds
Duration: 05:27
Every good heist begins with a distraction.
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Four people. That's a far cry from eight or eleven, but that's enough people to pull off a good heist, granted that everyone is competent. But when has "competent" and "adventuring party" ever been in the same sentence?
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business, but as it stands, uh five of you now are just kind of waiting are kind of not waiting but are kind of deciding how to proceed. Okay, well first thing that should be laid out is so, I mean, I guess if this is a heist, should we like retroactively uh decide what are like plan is because it sounds like the main things here would either be a cult would either be like assault or still sure. Um so like do we, yeah, what do we want to do? We do a lot of storm this place or do you want to like sneak in? What's, what's our place? And this is like the beginning of war? I think we need to make a strong statement. Yeah, so like I'm looking at irish stat if you needed a distraction, I don't know that. I was like, people might not know that I was part of the gang right now. What I will say is if you are going to pass yourself up as not up to trouble, you specifically would probably need to go for light load. Yes, I was, I was going to say like we need to figure out our loads then because so if this is just full on like war, I am ready to go like heavy for the first time. However um if we do want to be like a slightly more subtle about it Yeah, I guess we need to figure that part out. I believe basically the way it breaks down is that light you appear as basically a normal person for the most part five, you still have your normal or at normal rather you still have your basic capabilities but you definitely look like you're up to no good and six is heavy is that you are so strapped down that like there's some actions that you can't take and also it is very clear that you are up to no good. Let me let me look that up. Don't let me slow you down. I'm just gonna double check that. I think I'm good with being light your Ira Anyways also I just say you know Ira you don't have to pick your gear now you just set your load and then as you find you would need gear, that's when you took it off and then it's like you always have is always something that I just saw that you had marked cane sword and like beside later if you need to come. I also you get to three points of load that don't count. Specifically I am the resurrection ist Yeah, specifically like to other gears. Right. Right. Yeah. Okay. So stuff that wouldn't be in the gray I believe, I think the white, the things that are outside of the gray box would count for that. Um Yeah. Cool. So basically if you're, it sounds like you're still deciding if you're going to go full assault or like trying to start with distractions and what I'll say is whoever, whichever you want to go first to make that decision. I mean here I have an angle, uh, what if Ira sets up of meat to give them information on the resurrection ist as an information broker? Like sets it up? Well, that would be a little tricky if they're like actively rating us. I don't know if they're getting comfortable there. Yeah. Um, but I think you could still maybe do like some kind of introduction thing, like just like walk up to them, like real cocky. Like hey, you guys are obviously like direction is uh, well, I was going to say you guys are obviously like movers and shakers. I've got some information that could be very helpful for you or something like that. I was thinking we could use Ira as the way to be like, have them go in and try to talk to whoever's in charge and um, maybe they keep them distracted while we get in and start dealing with the people on the lower levels. Kind of like a trojan diplomat. Yeah, like a trojan diplomat. I thought you were going to say a trojan dipshit. I, I'm adding that. I'm going to make a tab in my character sheet and bio and info. That's just like nicknames and trojan dipshit is really good. Higher class coach corrosion dipshit. Um, like I guess that still runs into the shit. Like I'm not 100% sure how I can see like distracting the guards, but I don't even, we don't even know if like their leaders are here. I mean, there's one way to know it's to do it. Yeah. All right. Oh, I wasn't saying unless you all have standing objections. Ira can go ahead and give me a role, but you know what like this is our first big deal heist with Ira. I would be disinclined to not use them. Yes. I mean, looking at my other stuff like this is the only chance you got. All right. So this is going to be this is going to be I'd say standard effect, risky situation as usual.
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