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On of the Final Episodes of the Jack Benny Radio Show

Last Played: June 14, 2021
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Snippet of one of the final episodes of The Jack Benny Radio Show, an Old Time Radio Show.
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the Jack Benny program transcribed and presented by Lucky Strike the cigarettes that tastes better. Light up Lucky it's light of time be happy go lucky. It's light of time for the taste that you like. Light up for lucky stride, relax. It's light up. This is Don Wilson friends and I certainly agreed there's no time like right now to light up a Lucky and find out first hand what real deep down smoking enjoyment is. I mean the enjoyment that comes from better taste because the lucky tastes better every time. And the reasons why are world famous. First of all, L. S. M. F. T. Lucky Strike means fine tobacco so fine, so light, so mild. It just naturally tastes better and then something very important happens to Lucky's fine tobacco. It's toasted, it's toasted is the famous Lucky Strike process that brings Lucky's naturally good tasting tobacco to its peak of flavor tones. It up to make it taste even better, cleaner, fresher, smoother. So right now while the show gets underway or whenever it's light up, time for you to be happy go Lucky enjoy Lucky Strike, the best tasting cigarette you ever smoked for the taste that you like. Light up the lucky stride right now light up Lucky the Lucky Strike program starring Jack Benny with mary Livingston Rochester demonstrate, bob Crosby and yours truly don. Wilson. Mhm. Mhm, mm. Okay. And now ladies and gentlemen, we come to the last Jack Benny show of the month. It's also the last program of the current series. And as a matter of fact, it's the last show of the season. So now I bring you a man I thought wouldn't last Jack Benny, thank you. Thank you. Hello again. This is Jack Benny talking and don I know that you're trying to be clever on the final show, but how could you possibly have thought that I wouldn't last after all? A man my age is just in the prime of life, I guess. You're right, jack. They've been priming you for 20 years. Mhm. Don don jorge. Global cinema scopes, tummy. Don control yourself. But, you know, you may be right after all. Nobody can last forever. You're sure. Working on above. Yeah, Well, I see. We have another candidate for the unemployment insurance. You better watch it. Sister Jack's right, mary. He deserves a little more respect from us. After all, he's one of the pioneers in the broadcasting business. You're darn right? Why? When I did my first program, there were hardly any radios in the country. And darn few people. Very few people, don't you? People plenty of people when I started. They may have had feathers in their hair, but they were people mary if I were Jackie Gleason, you know what I'd say. One of these days, one of these days, Powell back to the Make companies. All right, If you were Jackie Gleason, I wouldn't have to go back. Alright, Alright. Oh, Jack. Why are you so touchy? Can't take a joke. Certainly I can take a joke. But here, we're doing our last program of the season and everyone comes in and insults me. I didn't insult you, Mr Benny, Huh? Hello, Dennis. Hello, sir. Well, you see, mary Don Dennis knows how to treat me with respect. Certainly, I feel that when a man keeps you working all these years, he deserves respect. Well, naturally, the man doesn't get to be the star of a radio and television program unless he has ability and talent. Thank you, Dennis. No star can keep a loyal following of fans loving him through all the years. Unless he's an outstanding personality. Well, can I go now, Mr Benny? Why can't keep reading this stuff? It's making me sick. Why did I have to let him go on? Why didn't I stop them when I was ahead? I should have stopped him earlier. Like in 1946. Oh well it's the last show of the season. I won't be seeing him for quite a while. We'll say. That reminds me Dennis. What are you going to do this summer? Well john I'm going to visit my uncle in Las Vegas. I didn't know you had an uncle in Las Vegas, Dennis. Yes, He's married and has a lovely wife and three slot machines. Oh, gee, Dennis, I envy you going to Las Vegas. I'd like to go there. But it's so expensive. What do you mean expensive? Last time I was there I got a room for $2 a day. $2 must have been an awfully small room. Well, yes, it wasn't too large. A matter of fact, I didn't even have a bath. Jack. Do you mean to say that you stayed at a place without a bath? I didn't need one. Don? They cleaned me before I got to my room. Hey, hey, that's, you know, that's a funny joke. May have feathers on it, but it's a joke. All right. Anyway, I'm going back to las Vegas this summer and stay at the flamingo hotel. Say mary. What are you going to do this summer when we're off the air? Well, I think I'll just stay around the house, spent all of my time in the backyard, in my garden. That should be nice here in California and grow some wonderful flowers. I'm going to grow vegetables. I gotta eat. Hey, hey mary, that's smart growing your own vegetables. Where'd you get the idea from? The president? Jack gave me last christmas. What do you give you, mary? £100 of vigoro. Oh, get crap. Yes. Yeah. Wait a minute mary. I think you're going just a little too far. That's right mary, how can you say such things about a man who is so nice, so generous, so nice, so generous, so nice, so generous, so nice to turn the page already right.
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