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On the limitation of the current Podcast pipes

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One of the main reasons we at vurbl see such a massive opportunity in audio - and it does not end with podcasting. We are thinking MUCH bigger here :).
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first time because we have such an intimacy. Ah, slipperiness a connection with podcasting. That's visceral, That's I I mean, personally, I think it's unlike any other medium I've ever seen. I feel like I found my voice on this medium quite honestly. But so I do think that we have an opportunity here because we're so stuck on the legacy. And in fact, this goes back to something we started with, which is what is the definition of a podcast. So I think the thing to revisit here is that the underlying pipes and infrastructure and I know people don't expect this when we're talking about an episode about podcasts. But I think it's really important because it informs this conversation. It is RSS feeds. It is literally an ecosystem of pipes that are connected by feeds, talking to feed, talking to feeds. This is both a structural huge limitation, causing major fragmentation in the industry. Major limitations on what's possible with what creators could do to even connect the dots because the unit of analysis is limit to what you can actually extend in a feed and that has certain trade offs to it. And this actually reminds me of container ships like physical large shipping ships like Merck, etcetera you see in the ocean. And one of the novel things about container ships is about what they did to creating trade across the world and because they're multimodal, they go from airplane to ship tow truck tow yard. They allowed so much collaboration and connection it around the world. That's what feeds air doing for the podcast ecosystem. What's missing, however, is just like a container ship containers or rectangular boxes that are very limited, what you can actually fit into them. And people therefore need toe fit the shape of their goods to fit in those boxes. And the entire ecosystem for physical container ships is architected around, being able to lift things out, and in That is the same thing that's happening in podcasting right now. The containers air connecting all of us and this feed ecosystem, But they're also dictating what information travels where and in what form. And I just want to point this out, no matter how wonky it seems, because that structure about dictates so much of what the current batch of tools can and can't do when it comes to analytics a discovery and more all across the board. And it's where platforms and tool builders have a huge opportunity to cleverly address or even bypass those containers. Once we get past this phase of where the podcasting industry is structurally right now, I just think we are in such early early early innings of what podcasts can be. Because if you think about it again, this is not using the technical definition of a podcast, but using this cultural definition of like, audio recorded content, right? Most of the time, you're consuming that kind of content on an Internet enabled device. It's not like you're downloading it onto your computer and then like using a USB stick to transfer it to your phone, right? And so, therefore, like we are not monetizing this stuff or even creating features on top of it that are Internet native. There's just so much stuff we're not even tapping into. And it's such a shame because we're consuming these things on Internet enabled devices. And yet we're using the same business model as televisions, where you can't even do anything which you, which is not meant to be interactive, and there's like right now very little interaction with the podcast, which I think it's such a shame. So I wanna ask you guys kind of lightning round style on a couple of meat, things that air artifacts of the existing world of content and how we think they're going to play out with podcasting. So let's just you should give your take because you have more expertise on podcast than anyone in this. All right, I forget to do that as the host sometimes. Okay, so I want