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Out of Fuel - Intro

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Short intro part.
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July 23rd 1980 three. Air Canada flight 143, a four month old Boeing 767 is cruising at 41,000 ft, about halfway through a routine flight from Montreal to Edmonton. Over Canada on Board are 61 passengers and eight crew members without warning. An alarm goes off, alerting the crew to low fuel pressure at one of the fuel pumps. Seconds later, another warning goes off indicating low fuel pressure at another pump. 700 miles away From Edmonton. The crew decides to divert to Winnipeg, which is 120 miles away, in order to try and figure out the source of the problem. The warnings continue to spread as fuel pumps and The two engines shut down the instruments all go dark as Air Canada flight 143 loses power and it's out of fuel at 41,000 feet. Welcome to Black Box dale. Alright everyone welcome. This is the first episode of Black Box Down our podcast about aviation incidents. I'm gus and I'm joined with chris. Hello, uh I wanna welcome everyone and uh remind you that you should subscribe to this podcast and make sure you give us a good rating on whatever platform you consume