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Overcoming Live Performance Fears

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Want to feel natural while on stage? Here are great tips you had be crazy not to hear out.
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Can you talk about your first live performance? Any fears that you experienced and how you overcame that? Yeah. Definitely. Fall in a pretty unique realm. Just having my dad be a musician. He would bring me up on stage, and I was, like, extremely young before I could even play an instrument and just, like, leave it up there, plugged in without So I could just kind of go up there and stay in there with the instrument. Not like making any sound or anything, but I think it definitely made me feel natural on stage and get past that whole thing before I even really got into music. So and once I did, there wasn't a whole lot to to overcome. But I will say that that fear factor thing, definitely in some ways makes you play better, though. And like certain people, just like knowing really amazing musicians are there that you look up to a lot and stuff will definitely make you play better and push you, uh, kind of a funny first. Like besides playing in school concerts and stuff. I'm not gonna count that like my first personal music concert. I remember I was I was playing electric guitar and, you know, it was, like, super excited. It was like, I think it was a talent contest in my school, and I was, like, so excited to play. It was just so pumped. We were playing one song, and then, uh so it was, like, classic thing where the curtain came up, you know? And there was like, I think there was, like, three electric guitars, a bass and like, you know, it was like, probably really shitty, you know, And my amp just didn't work. It just didn't work. And then, honestly, like, seriously, the curtain went down When we finished the song and my aunt like, like and like, turned on. And I remember I was so furious, like I could not even talk to anyone. I was just like like and, um, I just remember my mom being like, It's okay. You'll always remember that your first concert was like the worst. You know, it'll be a good story, and I'm finally going to tell it. I'm glad. Oh, man, I don't know if I have a good first concert story. I think mine was that like a like one of those farmer market kind of things down in my town. So it was. It was just me and this other girl playing music together. Oh God, I guess I get nervous now, like even still. How do I ever come it? Well, tell the Children that, but really, that's one way I do have a drink of stage, but really, that's like, I don't know. I just I guess I try to forget about it. Kind of practicing. We practice before we play. And every time we do that, we are just so much tighter and like feel better because that's something, especially with acoustic instruments. When you plug them in everything, the whole world is different. So it's like if you can play a few songs acoustic and remember that, like that's how it sounds. It sounds great. And then you get up there and sounds all crazy, you know, because you hear something different than the crowds hearing usually and then you just reassure. I know Jesus and you just reassure yourself like it's all good. You know, we can so warming up, for sure, But just that's half the battle is just getting out there and doing it. It's awesome when you do. And when you let loose. Wow, that is awesome. Oh, my God. Yeah. Just said listeners were listening to them sound check right now. They're amazing. Uh, yeah. Yeah. You know, a beer helps. I think, you know, you get a little nervous. That was not It's not for kids. Yeah, they're kids. They're on the internet, and they're going to dark places. So they've they've seen worse. Uh oh, man. But yeah, I don't think my first time on stage, I guess. The first band to play with it, like a kind of a traditional kind of bluegrass string band played mandolin, And I think the first time they met him, it was like a jam at this festival. And, uh, yeah, they pulled me on stage that night, too. And it was just cool because there's a bunch of hippies, you know, a bunch of young hippies just eating drugs, having fun. And and so it was like, Wow, I can play bluegrass, the young drugged up hippies, and they're going to love it. This is great. This is a good, bright future. We have. So I've been staying on that path since then. I guess