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Beyond Sports with Paul and Jeremy
Last Played: April 01, 2021
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these two guys, What do they do? They have the highest two verticals the past two years in the NBA draft right there. These young explosive guys. So when they get down to the next level, they're still going to have that explosion. Uh, you're still going to see these crazy dumps, this wild game, right? Hoops left and right. Like that's a fun thing to watch. I pay to see that, you know, I mean, where you may not necessarily get that in the NBA game, because defenders are so much better. Coaches may have a better way of understanding, or you have a lot more coaches that have time to dedicate to stopping players. So, uh, that's it? I think that we could have a whole podcast talking about the G league and how it's going to change around, uh, the n b a, um, but I I am excited to see how some of these players are, and I do think that we're going to see the G League developed a lot more, uh, and use a lot more about NBA teams and, um, a lot more college players coming. A lot more high school players coming directly to the G League. So so for people that are still listening, if you can get in on the G League team, Paul just told you it's gonna be worth a lot. You can get in on the ground floor, even make a new one. If you if you can help even start a New Zealand team, who knows? Yeah, I'm saying getting downright We, um, investing advice. We had our podcast about soccer and about ownership, and we saw how that boomed. Right? And I feel like the G League could be that same thing, right? Just there just needs to be a market, and there needs to be some type of exposure, and they need to figure out how they can market it. They can market it as an explosively that and then they just need to have a certain amount of players that they highlight right, like they need to have. But again, um, as long as if they can treat the n b A like European soccer, then that would be what you do. If the G League is one of several leagues that has several tiers, right, that's one of the many tears. If It's the second level, second highest level of American basketball. The NBA is the highest. You get a lower level than that. You start trading in and out relegation. They're already trying to make it like soccer with this mid season tournament they're trying to do in the NBA. So they're already heading that direction if you just start taking teams. Even the JBL you know, since we're talking about the big ballers, right? Even the JBL. That could be a certain tier. The Big Three can be a tear. Maybe you get it all. Veteran medals from the G League are the big three. Look, if your team got relegated to the big three, how terrible would that be like so now I need 45 year old ex players on my team. Come on, I know it's like you gotta go to Fort Fort Wayne to watch a NBA game or to Sousse falls to watch a game. Yeah, so I think in the bunch of Yeah, they were really one thing about the G League, though, Uh, that probably won't happen just because all the teams are associated with an NBA team, but or most of the part they also shared with the NBA team. But again, Yeah, I do definitely think that it's gonna it's gonna blow up within the next 20 years, like the G league teams are gonna be. They're gonna probably double in. This is going to blow up, right? I'll say that part. Um, so, uh, with that said coming back to the Detroit Pistons just to wrap up that part and it will finish out the top 10. Um, with their roster, we're talking about Caylee and Hayes and Killian Hayes and how he's gonna be really solid. I think that he could actually have a decent amount of playing time right now. They had Derrick Rose alone, right? Uh, and both of those guys, Delon Wright. Both those guys can play the one, uh, they can kind of play the two Derrick Rose has this injury issue. Uh, so you never know. You never really know, right? They have Blake Griffin. Griffin. Uh, it's their team is very young, right? And I don't think that they're going to be as good in the in the east this year. Um, they just don't have as many as many people, and I feel like this is a situation where he could actually play a decent amount, right? He who knows Derrick Rose gets hurt the first game of the season. Hopefully not. But now you have this rookie that's in there. So this is one of those guys that I could consider a possible, uh, having a possible chance to get, like some rookie of the Year, depending on how he's used, right, if they let him, um, be one guard and try to work off that and he should be pretty solid. But we'll just kind of see how that how that goes over all, Oh, the big thing with him. He needs to really work on turnovers. I think that they said that he had to turn over on 1/4 of his possessions right, and we we talked a little bit about that, but that's what I'm going to be. One of the things that he has to work on is that decision making again. He's been playing overseas with adults, so he's used to this so again, just give him a little bit of time. I think he could figure it out. The next player is actually very interesting to me. Uh, have you heard of O B? Yeah. What do you know about Kobe, by the way? Alright. If anything, very much. Except for the fact that he was, uh, wouldn't Player of the year, you know, national player of the year in college. So what I knew just was how people were excited that Dayton had a chance to make some noise in the tournament before everything got shut down. But I didn't get to watch him and see, you know how his game style was and what made him basically the runaway player of the year. So you'll have to enlighten. Yeah. So with him, it's actually a lot different. Um, he is, actually. First of all, uh, he's one of those people that had a, uh, one of those Anthony Davis type growth spurt type things, right? He used to be a point guard. He was a lot shorter. And then he started to grow a ton, um, and that elevated and helped his game out and got him towards where he was, right? So after he started growing, he started learning how to develop his game. And then I think one of the things that he was talking about was that I think it was his junior year. He went from, like, 59265 or something like that. And then he started dunking and he learned how to dunk. And then he just, like, starts like I'm gonna dunk all the time. Right? So he's a really good transition guy. Um, he also has, like, uh, mid range game. Uh, he also can hit three point shots. He also has high energy. Uh, but again, I think that the biggest thing for him is just making sure that he has control tools game at the next level because he's going to the Knicks and the Knicks need a player like him. He's actually from New York. So that's good. He was one of the players when they called his name at the draft. He kind of like tried and tear it up. It was just like, you don't know how much this means. Like I look like Like, I'm just I'm not gonna do you wrong, you know, um, and again, he has a lot of possibility, but he is an older player, right? He's older. He's 22. Uh, So it's kind of like how much more development is he going to have? One of the good things about it is that since he is a late bloomer, maybe there's a chance for that upside to show. Maybe he can actually, uh, still develop his game a little bit more with some of that consistency. But his shot is there, uh, he just needs to continue developing, but we'll see, See where he goes, Um, at the next level, especially when he has to go against top level competition, game in and game out. That could. That could definitely hurt somebody that she used to to driving, uh, drive into the lane and dunking on people. My initial thought being that the Knicks really need a dynamic player and I don't mean just on the floor, right? A personality. I think you know, the biggest personality, just from the whole. What people know him for and all that in this draft was lamelo ball right. So I think that would have been a great fit for the Knicks, and unfortunately, you know, he was taken. So how do you feel that over the top and fits in with the Knicks in terms of, you know, his kind of personality and star power. Um, honestly, I feel like the personality, the star power. I feel like the star power. The good thing about him. He's from New York, so maybe they can try to rally around him, and he he is an energy player. I think he is a person that's easy to like, so I hope that he has a successful time there. He engages with the crowd because I feel like that's going to be a positive thing. Uh, if you think about their team right, it's kind of interesting. They have, uh, Elfrid Payton, right? Kind of like Frank needy. UH, Dennis Smith, Alec Berg, R J. Barrett, Austin Rivers, Jacob Edwards, Kevin Knox, Reggie Bullock. Michael Gilkey's kid like not even mentioned that Northern's no real Julius Randle and Mitchell Robinson like, But they have a lot of guys that just they all seem like just I want to say, like scores, in a sense, uh, and it's just they don't have that consistency, but they are a team that could potentially run, and I think that that's what you're gonna get out of this team you're gonna see a lot of running with this team, right? So if you have Elfrid, you have R. J. Barrett. You have Austin Rivers. You have birth Smith. Uh, Randall, I feel like and Michelle Robinson again. You're gonna be running a lot. You're gonna be doing a lot of alley. Oops. Um and he kind of fits that that type of game, right? They're not really good defensive guys, right? Like Mitchell Robinson is going to be very solid with blocks. Julius Randle has never really been that defensive guy. He gets a lot of rebounds sometimes, right? He's kind of like that double double guy. So that's solid, right? Reggie Bullock? You know Bullock. So allegedly that there R J. Barrett, right. Another shooter. Defensive is kind of like, uh, Elfrid. Payton has some of that defensive part, but he's more of that. That point guard that's going to be facilitating. So again, I feel like they're thing is going to be running. Um, I'm not sure if the Knicks, I'm not sure if it's like a a skyrocket pick for the next where they're just gonna rally around. It's going to turn around their franchise, but it is another good edition. Um, they just have so many pieces that are just have mediocre ceilings, um, or low ceilings. And it just kind of like, I don't know. I'm not sure. Theo Pinson I'm hearing the rocker, and I'm just like, Who's the leader? You know? I mean, what they have a bunch of young people and, like you said, people whose ceilings aren't necessarily high and you wonder why they won't be competitive, right? Exactly. That's just one of those things that I think it's gonna be hard for them like they have a lot of questions. I feel like they're best thing would be to try to package together some guys, train them away and just develop a team that has a centralized thing a little get a little bit more defense oriented into there. O. B is not necessarily that defensive guy, either, So that's another thing to kind of worry about. But I don't know the Knicks. The Knicks are kind of like the Cowboys to me, where they just want to do a good show at this point like they had a history. But now they just want to do a good show and try to get back relevant, but I don't know if they will sell. Um, all right, we have a couple last picks, and then I'll give you a couple of things to look out for. Um, so do you know, I'm, um I'll be Abdi Asia. Right? Um or do any, uh, Alicia. Right. So did you get a chance to check out this guy at all? I didn't see any highlights. I know. He's from Israel. Right? So I've heard a lot of good things about him, but I didn't get to see any of his highlights. I mean, I watch them now. Yeah. And then what? What are some of the good things you heard about them before? And then you can watch the highlights when I'm talking, and you can give me your post analysis of what you really think. All I've heard was that he's probably one of the best players to come out of Israel or out of Europe. Maybe not. You know, Israel. We'll go with that. And so that's what that's what I've heard. So I don't know concrete things about his skill set. So, uh, okay. So while you're looking uh, I think I'll tell you what I wrote about him now, Uh And then I'll tell you what I wrote before. So said that, uh, Dino, uh, he got drafted to Washington. I said he could be the best player in this draft class. Uh, I feel like he led it in the perfect spot. He's at a big city. He's had a team that plays really fast at times. Um, in transition. I guess, uh, it should allow his game to develop naturally, since he's with that, those guys, he sees the floor really well. He can pass the ball in. The transition game is like on another level. So there's a lot of questions about his shooting, um, inconsistency there, the same thing that we're noticing with a lot of these young guys, especially one year in or overseas or whatever, right? But he has all the ability that's there. Um, one of the things that I find a lot with a lot of these European players that are really have a lot of upside coming into NBA is that they typically see the floor really well and that they're fairly solid passes, and I feel like he fits that same old, but he also does it with a bigger body. Uh, and he's able to contort to get to different types of angles, and that's a very rare thing to have. I'm not necessarily a Washington Wizards super fan, I guess, Or anything or fan in general. Right. But if you think about the team that they're putting together, right, you have John Wall, whatever his injury is, you have cash. Is Winston again like point guards that can facilitate get it out, can make certain shots can drive in Some situations you have is Smith, Bradley, Bill, um, Roy Hodgson more uh, and then the bigs. You have a lot. A lot of those guys, right? But if you are able to put him after three and let him, uh, just I guess I kind of kind of I feel like he could be a a joke. It Jokisch at, uh, at the three spot Almost. He could have that type of joke. It's type feel to him. Um, but be more of a natural type of point guard as well. So more drives more kick outs. I think that he has a has a really, really solid game to him. So, um, that's kind of like what I what I believe with, uh uh, Danny, um, advocate dije. Um Oh, yeah. Very athletic needs coaching, because what do you think that you know, John Wall is healthy. You think that that makes a larger impact on the team than anything? Or, you know, will that affect how he how did he fits in or anything? Um, honestly, I think that would help, but it does seem like the guys that are around him are still fast playing guys like it's Smith sees the ball, the court will, right. And I feel like one of the cool things about him is that he can play off of other guys. That passes, right? He's that guy that will come down the lane, pass it to a guy on the side, come around to the three point live, hated their pass it to another guy run around getting in the middle of the court, act like he's going to do a shot behind the back pass to a wide open guy, right? Like there's a lot of different things about his game to like. Um, so I feel like as long as he's with a team that takes advantage of transition, that's going to be really good. And if John Wall can come back and he can be it still have that transition part of his game, then, uh, it'll definitely help out. It can only be more advantageous on what? Like I said, I feel like that team with how they how they are and how they're going to run. You have Thomas Bryant. That is probably going to be your center, right? Um uh, Davis Burton's or whatever. Thomas Bryant, Whatever again, another big guy that can run. So I feel like they're just going to run Troy Brown Jr. You know, he likes to run, so they're just gonna be another transition team that she just be really solid, uh, for him to grow naturally with. Oh, did you get to watch any videos, by the way? Highlight videos? Yeah, Yeah, I'm looking Now. I feel like they're not showing me his passing ability as much as I'd like. Okay, but finishing in transition. I see it's like it's got a good stroke, you know? So, yeah, I think he looks like a good player. I just, you know, want to see him pass. Yeah, and that's the one thing with highlight videos. Is that sometimes? So for me, a lot of times, like, I don't really watch highlight videos, uh, too often, just because they just show you the top parts and, like, you don't really get too much about a player from just knowing their top parts. Like I like to pull up threes from half court. Sometimes it just like hit him. But I'm like, I'm not. If you saw that you were like me in the studio to go to the NBA, but that's not it, right? So I feel like highlight films. They do give you an idea of what the person's potential could be, Um, but they also don't tell you why that person hasn't reached that potential yet. And that's the biggest issue. So, uh, on the place that he doesn't get an assist necessarily, or they don't make the shot. He still does a really good job at controlling the speed. He's definitely off pace. He's one of those guys where it's hard to guard him because you don't necessarily know which pocket he's passing from. he could pass from here, he could pass from there. So again, um, I think that he's going to be a really solid player, So we'll see how that that one goes to school. Uh, and then the last player, uh, surrounded the top 10 is Jalen Smith. The sons, Uh, he's, uh he's a liability on offense. Uh, he's a four with a 6 ft 10 frame. He's good at the three point line. Um, we'll see about his defense. He's not necessarily the quickest guy. Uh, so his defense is going to be one of those things to question. Uh, but Dan Smith, not not too bad of a player. It's just going to be interesting to see what ends up happening with him. Uh, with the sun's right, the sons have a lot of guys, and I think that who did the sun straightaway? Uh, Kelly uber. Right. So I feel like what they're going to try to use him as is like maybe the more powerful type Kelly uber right. You still kind of get that three point shooting, but you get a bigger body that can play that play that four times, So I think that it'll be depict for them. But who do they do? They get another. Thank you. I know that. Chris. Paul. Yeah. Yeah. They can put Chris Paul at the three or four. Uh, yeah. Moving them into post. You can get on there. Yeah, uh, so that that basically rounds out the top. Top 10 picks, Uh, any any thoughts on those? And I'll give you a couple of guys just to kind of, like, look out for some of my favorites, and then we can, uh, can finish up and, uh, yeah, uh, finish up the podcast for today. I guess I've learned some things. I know who to look out for, at least in the top 10. So you're looking forward to, uh, whatever else you got to tell me. Alright. Cool. Uh, so in addition to to those guys, right, there's a lot of people that that I, uh, that I've liked. Right. Um, some of these guys are weird, and some of these guys may not see the league for a while, but I do like their game. Um, the first one that I'll start out with is that is a person that will see the league or well, see a lot of game. Just like we'll be in the league this year and see a lot of a lot of time and this person actually slid. So, uh, Tyreese Halliburton is actually a really interesting player. And if you guys saw the ranking that I had, I had him as my top overall, Um, or basically like my top overall like brain player. Right? And people wonder, uh, that you did your you did your evaluations convenient rankings, and I was very confused. Well, yeah, the valuations were just any type of order. So that's why they don't have numbers to them. So the valuations are just the top guys, right? The guys that we're going to think about in the first round and then at the end, after I like told you what I thought about him, I rank them in that order. So, um, my rankings are just basically who I think has the best chance of who has the best chance of being or who has a chance to being the best player in the N. B. A is basically what it is, right? Um, some might hit it a little bit earlier than later. This doesn't necessarily take that into account. It doesn't necessarily mean who's going to be the rookie of the year. Just who I feel has the potential to be the best player with given that situation. And what I feel is this is the list of the players. I think at the end of the day, who will consider the best from from this draft draft class and with Tyreese Halliburton. I'm not sure if did you get to see some of his game, too, By the way, I'm looking now. All right. So I'll tell you guys what I wrote beforehand. This guy is smooth, right? He's smooth. Uh, he can do a little bit of a little bit of everything, right? Uh, he has really good size for a guard. He has excellent vision. Uh, he can shoot the ball fairly well. Uh, he also has crazy length. You can score in a lot of different ways. Uh, if he's able to develop his defense, he'll be a dangerous player in the league. And I do believe that he will be an All star. This guy is one of those guys that slipped a lot. Uh, there was talk that he could go possibly three, possibly four, and then all the way down, Right? Like no one thought that he would get fall this far. And for the King's, this was an excellent move for them. Um, the king's kind of remind me of the Pistons where I feel like God just get stuck and can't get out of their own way, Uh, in those situations. But I do feel like he is a really solid player. Uh, and I'm excited to see what he does. Like, uh, this guy, he's probably gonna play a little bit more off ball, uh, to start out with an on ball. Uh, sorry. Uh, then, uh, being the point guard. Right. Um, but I do think that he has a lot of ability and a lot of chance to really, really show up, right? So, looking at their roster, right, they have the Aaron Fox Buddy Hill. Harrison Barnes. Um uh, Parker. Um, Lima. What is a village? Um, Hassan Whiteside. Karl Homes. Bagley. Uh, a couple other guys. Right? Cory, Joseph. They just signed here and Fox to a long contract. So he's got to be their point guard, right, like he's going to be the guy that's doing most of the stuff. And this is the one reason why I didn't like this pick is because I don't necessarily like that. I like. I would rather Halliburton be that that that guy that's that's doing the same thing as, UM lamelo ball, right? You know how we talked about Lamelo ball being a playmaker. I feel like Halliburton can do that same thing because of his size because of his length and his passing ability at the N B. A. I feel like he's going to be even a better NBA player, right? And when you talked about college players, what makes them good compared to NBA players? He want a player where the game comes to them naturally. And for him, if you watch his game, it looks a lot natural, like he's not really just thinking over thinking about doing stuff right. He makes a lot of smart passes, a lot of smart shots, Uh, and it just kind of flows with the game. And those type of players, uh, are the ones that stand out to me the most right when you think about players that are point guards like Chris Paul. When you think about Jason Kidd, when you think about these types of guys, they really have a good controlling flow of the game and they just understand it naturally. Uh, when you look at some people like ball like he has really good vision, but that flow of the game, the interacting of all the pieces, I don't think that he sees that at the same level as Halliburton, and I feel like that's why he's going to be the top player out of this draft. So I'm excited to see what happens with him, Uh, in the future. Um, did you get a chance to check out any of the video from that one, by the way? Yeah, Yeah, yeah, I think he looks, uh, pretty smooth. Like you say. That's the key word here. So it'll be interesting to see how it fits. I mean, they like to get up and down. It looks like so, you know, they should have some guys that can get up and down. I mean, especially if you have the and Fox pushing the pace, so you know, they're young team and it's nice. You know what I was seeing, though? And this has nothing to do with Tyreese Halliburton. I was just looking at seeing and there's no upperclassmen. Upperclassmen, like sophomore, is where the oldest people until Haitink Richard looks like at 26. That's crazy. Yeah, you know what I said again, Um, we have O. B. That's a little bit older, but he's again. He's at a late bloomer, you know what I mean? But outside of that yet they were mostly just young guys, and that's the trend. What the NBA is starting to become is especially with the G League, right? I feel like some of the things that we don't know are some of the things that the league is talking about. They probably talked to guys. It's like our teams and coaches and owners and, like we want to develop the G League. We want to make it a place where not only are we just developing guys that couldn't make the league, but younger guys that have potential but still need room to grow. This is going to allow us to make more, uh, money from the G League. But then also developed the guys the way that we want to develop them and not have to worry about taking away or breaking down the coaching that they had before and then doing that right, Like you start to develop a player from a lot earlier age. And it's gonna be interesting to see when you have NBA teams that are managing that a little bit more close, how that's going to affect the growth of these young guys. So, um, yeah, I think that we're just gonna continue seeing a lot of young guys being drafted. But remember when I don't know if you remember this. Do you remember when, uh when they basically said that you could come to the N B A. Or when they had that big thing where people were coming to the NBA without going to high school, like LeBron and before, Like, right before then there was a lot of guys that tried to come to the league, and they just fizzled out, right? And for high school, uh, after they graduated high school. Sorry. Before college, right? So they came out. Um, so a lot of these guys fizzled out and they didn't the NBA didn't know what to do with them because they didn't have any type of like being developed for these types of guys or back and forth. And now they do. And now they're telling teams Hey, like you can take a risk with these younger guys now because we have some way to develop them. You don't have to worry about Oh, I don't have a roster spot for him. I can't sit him on my bench, So I have to let him go, because it's gonna take so much time to develop right? So I like That's going to be one of those changes as well. Um, if you're a junior or later, if you're a senior, chances are you're not going to get drafted in the first round unless you're just ridiculous. You know, um, as a junior, it's even harder than I mean. It's pretty hard than two. So your best chance of being drafted in the first round it's going to be being a freshman or sophomore, and one of the things that I read about that is is basically the mindset of if you don't have what's needed. We haven't shown enough by your sophomore year to make NBA styles go crazy. Then you're probably not going to develop that much in your junior senior year, right? You're probably a good college player, like how Jeremy was talking about, But you're probably not a player that has that NBA type of ability. So that's one of the things that that's one of the reasons why you don't see these juniors and seniors out there and you probably won't see too many of them anymore. Uh, because they're just going to go to the league. So uh huh.
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