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How Pamela Anderson's Sex Tape Was Leaked

Last Played: August 09, 2021
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Hear the controversy surrounding Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee's sex tape and its comedic influence in the TV series called Pam and Tommy.
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we'll see, we'll the first images from the highly anticipated new miniseries, pam and Tommy have finally been released and they show british actress lily James as Baywatch star, Pamela, Anderson and Sebastian stan as motley Crue drummer, Tommy lee. So the new series, which is coming to you and probably an Australian streaming service later this year, is going to be a comedic take on the infamous release of the couple's sex tape, which I'm not sure if that should really be a funny story, but this is where we are in the world and Seth Rogan is producing it. So I feel like he's going to make at a comedy. So if you don't across the sex tape, Pamela and Tommy Lee have always been kind of one of pop culture's most infamous couples. So they eloped in February 1995 to Mexico after knowing each other for 96 hours, where they got tattoos of each other's names on their ring fingers in place of rings. There was also a lot of face looking and penis tattooing, you know, the good old days of rock couples? They now share two adult sons, which is hill star, Brandon thomas lee. Remember when Pamela Anderson guests on the Hills? That was a wild time and Dylan Jagger lee. So the story of the sex tape, if anyone here is too young to remember, I mean we were kids, but I feel like this story has been prominently. So just months after their wedding, things went downhill for the couple Quickly when I disgruntled electrician who was seeking revenge on them after getting fired from a renovation job on their property on their Malibu mansion, stole the sex tape the couple had made on a houseboat. I did not know that really? Yeah, it's a whole, this is why it's a meeting and Seth Rogan's playing him. So, Pamela Anderson has kind of, as she's given interviews over the years saying that what happened at the time, She just said that they filmed everything during those first few weeks of their marriage especially and they were always naked, always having six. So you can imagine what was on the tape. So ran Garcia, who was the electrician, told Rolling Stone in the interview in 2014 that he never would have stolen anything from the couple. But he and another guy returned to the job site to collect their tools and get their payment and he says that Tommy lee pointed a shotgun at them and said, get the fuck off my property, wow. So in retaliation, months later ran stole a safe from the house that was full of jewelry, but also the sex tape was inside. Now, here's where it gets interesting. The story goes that rand himself had a background in porn, good on you like a man of many talents and he had appeared in multiple videos that he was very familiar with the porn business. So he hooked up with another guy and they made a bunch of copies of the tape. They destroyed the original cassette because it was on a cassette. This is how old school it was. And then they set up a few websites called Pamela's hardcore sex movie and you could have the movie shipped to you for 59 95. Oh my God, that's how old school was. And Tommy lee and Pamela Anderson didn't even know the safe had been stolen so that their sex tape was out in the world until friends told them that they were buying it online, their friends told them that they were buying and their lawyers and everyone all of a sudden it just was everywhere and because it was all sort of Pamela Anderson because she was seen as this kind of sex symbol, it was like the super high selling sex tape and there's a big legal battle and all this sort of stuff. They didn't end up getting a lot of money back for it, so it's still floating around in the world somewhere. So that's going to be the kind of story behind this new miniseries. But people are really talking about these images because when it was first announced, people thought especially lily James because she's kind of a classic british actress and we know her from playing Cinderella or being in Downton Abbey, that there's no way that she could play this sex symbol character. And now the photos of her and Sebastian stan have come out, they've done that really infamous one where Pamela Anderson is biting Tommy lee's nipple ring and they've got the tattoos and stuff and people just flabbergasted about how much these actors look like this famous couple. Yeah. To be honest, I saw these and I had to do a double take. I did too. I actually side by side tell which was the original and which was the holy version. They've really got the look like identical and even just, I guess the mannerisms and like it's going to be really interesting watching them come to life as these characters but the stills, if that's anything to go by. II
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