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Bob Proctor is widely regarded as one of the living masters and teachers of The Law of Attraction and has worked in the area of mind potential for close to 50 years. He is the best-selling author of "You Were Born Rich," and has transformed the lives of millions through his books, seminars, courses
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Bob Proctor is widely regarded as one of the living masters and teachers of The Law of Attraction and has worked in the area of mind potential for close to 50 years. He is the best-selling author of "You Were Born Rich," and has transformed the lives of millions through his books, seminars, courses and personal coaching. He is known as a direct link to the modern science of success, stretching back to Andrew Carnegie, the great financier and philanthropist. Carnegies's secrets inspired and enthused Napoleon Hill, whose book "Think and Grow Rich," in turn inspired a whole genre of success philosophy books. Napoleon Hill, in turn, passed the baton on to Early Nightingale who has since placed it in Bob Proctor's capable hands." Bob also appeared as one of the lead interviews in the blockbuster hit, "The Secret" and he is here to share his wisdom with us and help us celebrate our 100th interview.
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communicate with the whole world from here. I love it. I love it. So I'm doing what I love every day. So you talk about having a goal that will both scare and excite you at the same time. You call it your C type goals. Would you tell us what is a C goal? And I don't mean CSE A. It sounded like a C goal. No, I mean, they see the letter C. Well, first of all, I call the A B CS of Goal's. A goal is to do something you've already done, and a lot of people are doing that instead of going to get a new car. Well, they had a half a dozen new cars in their life, so that's not a goal. That doesn't mean they shouldn't get a car. But that's not a goal. And then they said, if they graduate from the way they go to the B and the B great goal is the one they think they can do, You know, if Dr Tucker helps me with this and if she gives me that money and he does this, then I could do that so they see how it's done well. That's a B type goal. That's what you think you can do. There's no inspiration in doing thinking. Your goal. The C type goal is something that comes from way down deep. I think it comes from the essence of who you are. I think once come to our consciousness from the essence of who we are. I want to do this, but we have absolutely no idea how we're going to do it. And so most people reject that. Like I had the pleasure of working with that Hillary on two or three occasions. He's gone now, sure, But he was a beekeeper from Auckland. He had no idea how he was going to get to the top of the world. But he did. He failed in 51. He failed in 52. But in 1953 he intends in Norgay stood on top of the world. Well, the C type goal is something that you really want. You think Wow, you have no idea where the money is going to come from, where the help is going to come from or where anything for it's gonna come from. But if you can see it That's a seat. You can do it and anyone that's done anything. The Wright Brothers. They were bicycle mechanics, for God's sake. They weren't scientists or aeronautical engineers. They introduced us to a new kingdom. You take a look at all the people back through history of me. Great breakthroughs. They were oddballs. I mean, they just did not conform. They were. They lived their way. They're going after something. They have no idea how they're going to get now. It excites you because it's so phenomenal. It scares you because it is definitely not in harmony with your paradigm. It's on a frequency that's way up.
I'm operating the premise that you spend a lot of time in this. So that's why I asked the questions. I think the thing that doesn't get dealt with enough is the paradigm. I don't think people understand it, and I don't think there's enough time spent on it. So if you can give us the top 123 ways, we can change our paradigm. What would they be? Well, there's only one way to change that. There's probably a million ways of approaching it. You've got to get the idea firmly planted in the subject of mine, the subconscious mind. You can do that through the repetition of writing. Every morning I write out 10 things I'm grateful for. Every morning I read it, and it may be different everything, and I may write the same ones over and over. Sometimes a feeling of gratitude is such a good thing to do. Wallace Wattles said the entire process of mental adjustment people need a mental adjustment if they're upset. If they're feeling bad, if things are bothering them, they need a mental adjustment, he said. The entire process of mental adjustment and atonement can be summed up in one word gratitude. So I started to form the habit of doing that a long time ago. Works pretty good. Hooks you under your sources supply. If you write out what you want, what you want to be like in the present tense. I am, I'm not. I'm going to be or not. I will be. Or but I am so happy and grateful now that and in present tense and you're ready to 100 times a day for maybe six months and let yourself feel it. Even you could be writing it and thinking there's a hell of a waste of time. Keep writing it anyway. Keep writing it anyway. And, as you're writing it, attempt to feel it. I encourage everybody. I got a book right in front of me because I was using it on a podcast here. Stella Address book. The Art of Acting. Are you familiar with it? It's a phenomenal, but she was a great actress or actor teaching actress. She studied, understands, Lost, the Russian actor teacher who originated method acting. Marlon Brando writes her forward in the book, and he was the first actor to hit superstardom through method active Kissel put the book together. Howard Kissel put it together from her lessons. And when you read the book, it's not like a book you're reading. You're going to her acting classes now. I often mentioned If you watch television today, there's some great acting on television. Didn't used to be. But there is now, and the actual make you cry. You see a big man sit with big tears rolling down his cheeks. They'll make you cry. They'll make you laugh. They'll make you happy. They'll make you sad. And that's because they're so effective at communicating. But they move into that vibration. They take a script and they write it and they rewrite it and they memorize it and then they internalize it. I like watching Lawrence of Arabia watching Peter O'Toole or Pattern with George C. Scott. The acting was phenomenal. Well, if we write our own script and our objective is to act it and keep acting and give me only last for a couple of seconds, it might last for half hour. But if we keep doing it day after day, over a long period of time, we will become that. That's who I've become. I've become what I wrote out I wanted to become. I'm a nice person. I didn't used to be a nice person. You know, I've been a nice person for quite a long time, but before I started to do this, I wasn't a nice person. I was just out for me and, you know, if you could help me find if you couldn't get out of the way, that's the way I lived and it. But I found that that's where a lot of people live. I won't mention any recent names in our country. Got a big name? Yes, we do. But that's true. Very, very narcissistic. And you know it's all about me. And don't don't disturb you don't say a bad thing to me because I really get upset and I'll really give you a hell. But if we realize that real night goes very well one time, he said, we should love a little more and a little less. We should quit judging. We should understand that every one of us is exactly the same. We look different, we act differently, sound different. We have different practices and habits and natures, but we're all the same it's the same mind there's only one mind were all the manifestation or an expression of the same thing. Now I happen to believe we're spiritual beings living in a physical body. I think your spiritual DNA is perfect. The essence of you is perfect. And the trip for Dr Linda Tucker's to get that perfection, to come to the surface, to express that perfection. And I think the only way you're going to be able to do that is reaching for something way beyond where you are. Most people think that's how you get. That's not forgetting you, do you get yeah, you get. But the getting is a sort of a side benefit. The real thing is the growth that you experience and the more you see and the more you bring yourself to their first more, you'll see the beauty and everything in the other person. I think
I want to do now is help people understand this. But the breakthrough for me came a man had a little drawing through Man Fleet actually come up with It was a character actor in San Antonio, 1934 where he drew a circle with a little circle underneath it, and he had a straight line join in the two and he said, the little circles, the body of the big circles, the mine, and then he had a horizontal line right through the big circle, he said. On the top half is the conscious, and the bottom half is a subconscious. And then he pointed out that conscious has the ability to accept and reject the subconscious. Only can he accept. It is absolutely no ability to reject this totally deductive. It's like the earth. It's immoral. It doesn't care what you plant, but they will return it. And then he showed how if you don't use the conscious mind because it reasons inductive and deductive Liefer the benefit of people like yourself who used those terminologies when a person's inductive reasoning factor is resting and that's where most of them have it. Most of the time, the subconscious mind is wide open and it's open sesame for whatever is going on, and that's how the paradigm is built. And it's how it's fed and it's usually fed during the person's whole life. Earl Nightingale used to put it very well, he said. The average person does not think I laughed when I first heard that, and then I started thinking about it. He was right. Most people believe everybody thinks hardly anybody thinks sleepwalkers is what I call them. Well, that's a good way to put it. Most people believe that mental activity is thinking it's not. Your brain has images impregnated into the cells. Like if I say, think of your front door, you think of your picture of your front door comes to the screen of your mind Since they think of the desk in your office, The picture your desk comes to your mind, I say. Think of what's inside your fridge. Your mind will go inside your bridge and you'll see what's in there. That is because all these images have been impregnated in the cells in our brain, So when our century factors are affected and they're being affected all the time, by the environment. There's a sound of movement. Somebody says something. There's this going on they're going to that's activating cells in our brain. And so there's an enormous amount of unrelated pictures that are flying around in our brain. And because there's mental activity, people constitute. That is thinking, and it's not. It's mental activity. Thinking is when we activate our higher faculties and we take this power that's flowing to and through us, and it never stops. It's a completely unadulterated creative power, and we build global pictures out of it of our choice, and we join them together and each thought joint to thoughts, and we start to think in an orderly manner. We build ideas, and we know if we can see it in our mind, we can hold it in our hand because we're creative. Being We just have to get emotionally involved, will attract whatever we have to attract. If it's money, you attract the money. If it's another person, you attract the other person. You'll attract whatever is required for the manifestation of the image. Carnegie Andrew Carnegie put that very well, he said. Any idea there is held in the main that's emphasized that's either feared or revered. So the good and bad works the same way, and that's how they fear career will begin at once too close.
you see, that's your paradigm. See, I have found there's two parts. To our mind, there's a part that gathers information. The people that are doing into your podcast are gathering information. They hear it, they read it and they gather information. And school has taught us to do that. We do it through our senses, and it's done in our conscious mind, and we store it in There Now were raised with the premise on the premise that if we can repeat questions that indicates we remember some of that information and they say we're educated, which is an education at all. It's gathering information is all it is. But the part that gathers information part of our mind that gathers information is not the part of our mind that controls our behavior. And so you can have absolutely brilliant people that are doing dumb things in getting bad results, and they continually do them over and over again. And you'll think, How could they be so smart and do such stupid things? Well, very easily. It's their paradigm. It's how they're programmed. So the world is changing very rapidly, and it's a good thing it is for a long time we hired people based on what they knew, because that's how school ranked us. If you remembered what's in the studies, then you get the degree. And so we were hired based on that and had nothing to do with how confident we were. And so all kinds of people where they're sort of the Peter principle come in there. They're promoted beyond their level of confidence. And we I remember. I used to think anyone who wore a suit was smart shows how stupid it depends on the suit. Yeah, isn't that the truth? So I think the problems are fairly obvious, and I think the solutions are rather simple. It's not complicated. If it had been Doctor, I guarantee you I would not have changed. It's the repetition of information that alters the paradigm because the paradigms nothing but information that was programmed in. We've gotta reprogram our mind, and I believe when we learned how to do that, that's what we teach people. We teach people to alter their paradigm, and when they
I think a lot of people that are talking about the law of attraction do not understand it, so hopefully this will clear it up for some of them. Even we live in a very orderly universe. I think I quoted Dr Werner von Braun in the secret. He said the natural laws of the universe are so precise that we don't have any difficulty building spaceships sending people to the moon, and you can time the landing with the precision of a fraction of a second. Well, one of the laws is low vibration and that law decrease that. Nothing rests. Everything moves. We literally live in an ocean of motion. Our body is changing at millions of cells per second. If we stood in front of an infrared television camera, let's say, in a completely dark room we would see ourselves as a glistening, radiating, gleaming form where body is a massive energy in a very high speed of vibration. Your brain is an electronic switching station. The brain will not think, but you think with the brain Now to clarify that I often say Albert Einstein's brain were reported is supposed to be in a jar somewhere in New Jersey, but it's not doing anybody any good because Albert Einstein is not with it. So the brain is sitting there, and when we think we activate brain cells, those brain cells then set up a vibration in our body, and that vibration is expressed in action, and that action sets up her reaction. The reaction is actually the attraction, so you can only attract to you according to the vibration that you're in or the frequency that you operate on because everything vibrates and it operates on frequencies. There's millions of frequencies were on a frequency right now doing this podcast. If I phone you, I have your number in my phone. I would hit sand. Your phone will ring simultaneous with me, me hitting sent because we're both then on the same frequency. Well, you cannot attract good to you if you're in a bad vibration and you cannot attract bad to you. If you're in a good vibration, you attract to you according to the vibration you're in now, I think the problem with most people they see themselves where they are from the outside. In we live through our senses, which is an error and we look at our results and so that tells us where we're at. We think this is where I'm at this could be income. Could be relationships could be anything. And we let the outside world control our thinking and we say This is where I want to go and we'll point to something way beyond where we're at. Well, what we're pointing to is on a much higher frequency. And if we don't flip our brain onto that frequency, we're never going to get there. We're never going to attract what we have to get there. So the law of attraction is the law, and it's a secondary law. The primary law is the law of vibration, and you can only attract to you what you're in harmonious.
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