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Part One of An ASMR Story About a Prince

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ASMR Bedtime Stories for Falling Asleep Can't quite fall asleep? Listen to this collection of audio ASMR bedtime stories to get you feeling drowsy in no time.

It's not just children that can enjoy a good bedtime story. Hear this collection of audio stories read by narrators with gentle and soothing voices, in all the high quality ASMR audio one might expect. Lose yourself in these fantasy tales as you slowly drift to sleep.
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Lay down and listen to the fascinating story, Adventure of A Prince. Dan Jones reads you this story in ASMR style, and like any ASMR content, this is designed to bring calm a relaxation. If you enjoyed the snippet, makes sure to listen to the full audio, and subscribe to the podcast for more content. Spoiler alert, the Prince encounters conflict!
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you can really begin. Thio feel the relax ation flooding into your body. Begin to fill the relax ation around your eyes around your head and how it spreads through the body. I don't know whether it spreads from the head down or from the center of the body outwards, or perhaps from the fingertips or from the feet that relax ation conspire ed in its own way, comfortably, easily and effortlessly. As you listen to this, that old bedtime story Mansour. And after a while you can begin Thio. Forget about focusing on the breathing as you focus more on the story and then as you drift off, comfortably asleep. So the story is a story about a prince. He's got a wonderful father, the king. He's a kind person who everyone throughout the land loves. So the prince wonders whether, when he's king, he'll be Aziz good as his father, and at the moment the prince doesn't feel that he's got a sense of purpose. He lives in a beautiful palace. The palace has high wolves, grand gardens, beautiful colors everywhere, echoing corridors, exquisite decoration. And yet he doesn't fear Lee has a purpose. Justus, the prince, he knows his father. The king has a purpose, and he hopes one day he'll be as good as his father. But is the prince. He's unsure of what his purposes. Ondas, the king's son. He's always had a privileged position. He's always been able Thio, get whatever he wants and lead a life of extravagance and never wanted for anything. And every day that prince goes to a window in the palace, he gazes out through the window. Across the land, he looks over in the direction of the mountains beyond the forest. Many wonders. He wonders what life beyond the palace grounds is like. He can see all of the people in the land going about their day to day life. Every day, when gays over beautiful sunrises and beautiful sunsets admiring the changing color of the sky, he looks over the tops of the trees of the forest. It looks over the distant mountains. He finds it a beautiful view on when he gazes out over the forest over the mountains, he lets his mind wonder. His mind often wanders to what it must be like out beyond the grounds of the palace. He wonders what it must be lying. He wonders what adventures could lie beyond the walls of the palace. He wonders what other people are getting up to because he's aware that every single human being throughout the land has a story of their own. And he wonders, What are the differences between those people out across the land on those people within the palace? Because the people across the land appear so poor they feel like they have nothing. And yet they always appear so happy, and it surprises him how happy many of them seem when they have so little. So one day, when gazing out of the window, the prince decides to set out, he decides to go on an adventure, decides to go on an adventure into the unknown. The prince decides that he doesn't want to be stuck within the palace grounds anymore. He's not gonna find a sense of purpose. While he's stuck here to find a sense of purpose. He needs to leave the palace, going to journey gone adventure of self discovery and curiosity. He needs to set out and find himself. The prince decides that it's best if he sneaks out of the palace that way, no one or no no one who knows he's gone on because nobody is known he's gone. Nobody will realize he's the prince because you won't have guards around him. So he decides to put on some clothing. That helps him to blend him with others around him outside the palace. And he decides that when he leaves, he's going to leave his problems behind in the palace because they'll always be there waiting for him when he comes back. And he wants to be able to solve this problem of what is his purpose. And to do that, he needs to go and find the answer from his journey. So he leaves the problem behind. He waits until it's really late. At night, a sunrise is approaching. He decides that that's the ideal time toe set off. So it's dark and he's got the cover of darkness to help him get away from the palace. Clear of the land. And yet the morning sun will rise as he gets comfortable into his journey. He decides that with the uncertainty ahead, he just needs to flow with that uncertainty because he doesn't know what's gonna lie ahead. So the prince sneaks out of the palace. He walks through the land. He heads pasts. Um, early rise is starting to set up market stools. He sees a few people walking with dogs and a few people walking for enjoyment, and he feels the warm early morning breeze on his face. There was something about being out of the palace at this time in the morning. That helped him to feel comfort, feeling the fresh morning air in his face, breathing in the fresh morning air, feeling it, enter his nostrils. And as he continued his journey and the sun began to rise, he could notice the light glistening off of cobwebs, off of the do. In the cobwebs, a za cobwebs blew lightly on the grass, if you could feel the fresh air. And while he walked, he was aware of the sound of each step that he took as he strode confidently and calmly into this unknown adventure on the prince gazed around him, and while he was gazing around, he became or aware of movement where the breeze was moving the grass on the leaves, in the trees, on the rustling sound on the site of some clouds, moving in the sky on the prince chose to walk along the side of a stream, and he could notice the stream just some distance away. So walked towards the stream. He felt that that stream probably started in the mountains, so he walked towards the stream, decided to follow the stream away to the mountains. The prince continued his journey. He felt something he'd never felt before. It was a strange sensation in his stomach. He felt a kind of excitement in his stomach that spread round into his chest and tingled down into his arms and his leg. He had an excitement about this adventure into the unknown, and as the prince walked comfortably along the side of the stream, he was aware of the way the light was shimmering on the water. He could notice some small fish swimming under the shimmering surface. Some would remain stationary and then suddenly dart around. Others were just lazily be swimming under the water in shoals, and you could hear the trickling sound of the water, and he found the sound of the trickling water so relaxing, so comforting, so calming. The prince decided to hold onto a sense of that calm, relaxing feeling while he paid attention to the journey at Ham and continued walking along the side of the stream towards the mountains in the distance, and he followed the stream into the forest. Ondas! He followed the stream into the forest. He noticed how the wind began to die down. The rustling sound of the leaves could be heard overhead. The light in the forest began to become dimmer and darker, and he began to notice more forest sounds unless of the sounds from outside the forest. As he walked deeper and deeper into the forest, he noticed how in the forest leaves on the ground for much drier. And so each step Peter, he could hear the crunching, crackling sound of the leaves beneath his feet. Something about being in the forest seem to make the sounds appear more muffled than they appeared out in the open, and he found this curious experience and off in the distance the prince could hear a whistling. So as he continued walking along the path, he wondered who would be out there who would be out in this forest whistling. He's curious to discover and find that out. He felt the whistling sounded a little jolly, so he decided it was safe to go and investigate. The prince decided that he should trust the decisions that he makes because he was sure that any of those decisions could be the decisions that help him to find the answer. So the reason he left the palace. So the prince continued walking and walking deeper and deeper into the forest. And as he walked, he continued to have this sense of being followed. He didn't know what was following him, but he had this sense that something was following him, that someone was there, that they were close behind.