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Past Daily: October 7th, 1947 - “This Is Radio Moscow Coming And Here Is The News”

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Past Daily shares on this day the news was about the Big Four Conference in Moscow and the question of Germany and reparations for the way were discussed.
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Past Daily shares on this day the news was about the Big Four Conference in Moscow and the question of Germany and reparations for the way were discussed.
The Soviet point of view was that Germany owed Russia a lot; more than the other Allies because, in their view, Russia suffered the worst from German invasion - and so it was only fair Russia receive the lions share of whatever reparations could be gotten from Germany. The idea of reunifying Germany was out of the question - any chance, of Germany going back to the way they were in 1939 was a non-starter in any aspect of the Conference talks.
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the ministers also discussed matters relating to elections in Germany. The soviet delegation proposed that the system of proportional representation to be used as ensuring democratic convictions and fair distribution of roots. This proposal met with objections from the british and american delegations. The french delegates supported the idea of proportionate representation in principle, but proposal it should be practiced within the confines of the individual state. There after the Minister's instructing the special committee to make another detailed study of the question of the industrial demilitarization of Germany. This news bulletin is coming to you from radio master collective farmers and workers in factories and machine and tractor stations of Kemerovo region in Siberia has sent a letter to changing seven saying that they are entering the country wide competition in honor of the 30th anniversary of the october revolution. The camera of all collective farmers and the tape to increase the area so into spring wheat by 30%. In comparison last year, Soviet coal miners also participating in the competition have new production successes to report only list in the Italian region of the Donbass completed their program for the first quarter before time and brought up 16,000 tons of coal over plan miners of the prisoners code field in Siberia cast their match plan. The state publishing house for Children's books in Moscow is celebrating the 5/100 anniversary of the birth and the great respect, poet and thinker Alistair McRoy by putting out a collection of his works to The Ministry for Higher Education of the USSR has announced that this year, 20,000 students will enter 32 universities in the Soviet union to the most film studio has begun work on a new picture, the Battle of Stalingrad. An today Nicole idea to the author of the scenario, gave a reading of it in the Moscow records plan. The first people matching the scene was held today in baku, the capital of idea by Jan soviet republic. The baku team met one from t the Ukrainian capital, baku men run by a score of three. No, yesterday evening, the Lord Mayor of London David, given in honor of the Supreme soviet delegation now in England. Among with this for mr actually, Mr jarrett, the Lord Chancellor and the chairman of the London County Council speeches were made by the Lord Mayor and by Putin saw the head of the soviet delegation, underlining the importance of cooperation between media peoples of great Britain and the soviet Union Business off said, we must not commit any attempts to split our friendship. We must resolutely exposed during centuries in advance, confidently to the solution of problems facing us in the interest of all people. The Security Council Commission to investigating the situation along the northern greek frontiers has completed its work. The new discoveries as the belgrade report examination of witnesses called by the US army Representatives showed that yugoslav collaborationist and criminals when they want to greek territories where they were then recruited into armed bands of greek monarchists. These three scenarios were paid big sons in pounds and black men in the U. S. Representative George says that the greek government had really spent 15 million drachma for this purpose. The commission also examined greek centric who said that the ferocious terror of the greek government had compelled them to leave their country and free to Yugoslavia. These witnesses stated that a member of villages have been burned to the ground by the greek government troops. The Baghdad paper flowers, all of Cali condemning treatment plans in Greece and Turkey, right that the United States policy in the Middle East is dictated by the monopolies, which are striving to seeing the tremendous wealth in that part of the world. The paper says that treatment should not try to camouflage himself with finders about defending freedom if he wants to sweep the place the paper, he should say that the american companies are wanting to see the oil of the Middle East. The Egyptian paper on balance sharply criticizes the government organized celebration of the british evacuation of the Cairo barracks on March 31st, pointing out that what is really happening is no media evacuation, but a strengthening of british occupation. The paper says that the people should not be deceived and reminded them remind them that it will be turning us to rejoice over evacuation when the last british soldier leave Egypt. A London report says that according to dispatches received this morning, 95% of the winner miners who joined the strike in the design district. The workers and heavy industry and transport has come out with the miners taking down the whole industry. The start from correspondent of the Finnish Telegraph agency reports that Captain Coram Oh a defending in the secret arms case who fled the country has reported that the police station, the Swedish Commission for Foreign Citizens is looking into the question. The United Secretariat has announced that the soviet union France china and the United States have approved the proposal to call a special session of the General Assembly to examine the Palestine situation. The british government has officially applied to the Secretary general of you know, with the requested to call such a session. All member countries is you know, will be informed of this request. The state for the session will be announced soon as all member countries agreed to it being summoned a meeting yesterday. The Security Council approved the United States application for transportation over islands formally under japanese mandate. Members of progressive organizations in the United States at present subject to persecution by the american authorities. Have announced that they intend to place before the Supreme Court question the right to defend cooperation between the United States and the soviet Union and the Foundation for World Need. Mr Lemann, formerly chairman of the National Council of American soviet friendship stated that the so called health committee for investigating an american activities came in its attempt to bring a charge against him. He emphasised such efforts were based on slender launched against him as a man sincerely striving for american soviet cooperation in the new york post reports that the Congressional commission still refuses to permit the publication of the template Fascism in action. The democrat equipment. A member of the House of Representatives in his preface to the trampling other is a warning about the presence of a fascist danger in the United States camouflaged under various names. You've been listening to the news from radio Moscow. We continue with a survey of the day's Cliff. Today's newspaper's front page letter from farmers in the Andijon region of the Czech Republic to generation Australian. The farmers of the Altai the coupon and the world region are already taking part in the country wide production drive to mark the 30th anniversary of the october revolution. Now the cotton growers Andijon followed two in their letters of thomas to extend the area under cotton by 25,000 acres to considerably increase crop yields and facility state 100,000 tons more this year than that privately. Izvestiya include and the other papers in their editorials emphasize how important is the undertaking of the Andijon farmers to call on all cotton growers in Uzbekistan Tajikistan and Azerbaijan to follow their example for the whole country is profoundly interested in the development of cotton growing place to state Health like the product category in our country has become one of the leading branches of agriculture in the great War year of 1940. The USSR produced 3.5 times more cotton than old Russia did in 1913 points out that inspired the first world difficulty in the cotton growing farms received great help from the state in the way of tractors, trucks, agricultural machinery and fertiliser, concrete facts about government health rendered to the farms are given in an article in today's, probably by Minister of Working of the USSR of Chemical Industry. The minister writes that this year the chemical industry will supply agriculture with 85% more fertilizer than in 1946. The Republics in Central Asia come in for a considerable share of the total for the fertilizer. One of the bears are given 10 minutes of column space. In today's papers, people who are political and state structure of Germany is discussed by dr Long and Coffee in the Red Star and by Leonid off in the in and imagine the various schemes for dismembering Germany. The author of the Red Star article arrived at the conclusion that the realization of these reactionary projects would make the separate german states easy prey before in monopolies whose arms they would be helpless to visit. It is clearly a need to write that the motives behind the plans for federalizing Germany have nothing in common with genuine concern for the consolidation of peace and for the democratisation of Germany, a spirit Germany constitute a potential danger to peace it is at the same time and ideally, you know, for the intrigues and machinations of these international surface which released of all interested in the preservation of peace. The christian reparations is examined by Hoffman in today's, the author points out that the reparations problem is at present being made use of by the international monopolies in the interests of so called dollar diplomacy and means are being used is Aeon presses. There are other countries a correspondent of the trial of Guido Schmidt, former Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, wasting his dispatches from the very beginning of the trial. They definitely felt on the organizers to plate washing policy a functioning and to exonerate the fascist catholic is empowering Australian correspondent writes that all objective observers at the trial of surprise that the other Austrian reactionaries who betrayed the country to Hitler and then hell'd military adventures are not in the Senate. The correspondent goes on to say that Austria has lately been witnessing a revival of 10 journalism. This is accompanied by increased activities on the part of fascist elements, the occupation authorities and the western powers and first and foremost, the british and american authorities are not taking the necessary steps that could be reactionary. The place to various reports on the work of the Foreign Ministers Council. The papers report the level of the US delegation in Moscow and the reception of its leaders german image by soviet foreign minister knowledge is the people's also give considerable attention to the female constantly in a new place. The Russian question. The most comfortable theater right? Described the serious activities of the reactionaries abroad who are trying to establish a policy of beautiful force in international relations. These people regard the soviet union as they may not go in there past. They're doing everything in their power to mobile and sent to the US restoring to feel the proof that soviet democracy from the people they may not play is the story of harry smith, an american journalist who tried to write truthfully about the soviet union in a country of bourgeois democracy, this is impossible. The Magnitsky right from the start. The only characters in this place are pretty life and with the play itself is written a warm feeling of sympathy for all honest people in America people pay high tribute to the new production of the monster comes from all theater and that we will be the day of soviet press. Can usually comes to you. Until then there's some short vertical interviewed featuring
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