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Pat Napoli on Minimum Wage/Rage

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Boston Comedian Pat Napoli rants on such issues as work ethic, minimum wage, livable salary, food, and the world situation.
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and you mentioned just a couple of times, it's everything I wish I went to, I mean I went to college? It's a business management. I wish I took early childhood development because I feel like a babysit. I mean it's a grown man. I had a guy working, right? I mean I'm 57 years old. These people are 25, okay, when I was 25, I was a black belt in Karate, working out, smashing boards. I was an animal. These kids, they come up to me, I work faster than them. And like I gotta go home. I got a stomachache. I understand myself. I can't imagine, you know like my my father's generation 22 years old. They're they're they're in the Philippines shooting the japanese. I mean getting shot, you know the government, my my my my uncle got malaria because he, he went through the jungle and rescued three other of his buddies that was shot and took them to safety. You know what I mean? He's like 22 years old, you'll see that many magical him, you know? I got a bellyache. I haven't seen the stuff. I got a cousin, be with the Vietnam Vietnam vet. He's to jump out of airplanes. He was driving a jeep, he runs over a landline. He's survived still stays on these kids. I gotta go home. I'm dizzy, dizzy. They go up to me all of the the guy, the guy behind me, he's following me like impending doom. He's going up to me, he's going, he goes, he's like, he keeps going, what are we getting done? What are we getting done? What are we getting done? Where's the truck? Where's the truck? I go looking for the trailer truck? Where's the truck? I go I don't know I'm not driving it. I don't know where the truck is. It's in Connecticut, it's coming here and we'll be done. Someone's getting pissed, follow what the other guys, He was laughing and I'm not supposed to load trucks loaded truck because someone had a bellyache, you know And then I'm gonna do my own just follow me around. Where are we getting out of here? What were you going airline pilot on the side? You gotta you gotta flight the uh you know Albuquerque after this? What are you going? How are you, how are you going? Then you mentioned something about something about not like they feel that you don't like them? Oh yeah. Yeah well they just sometimes they feel like you know it's like I'm picking on them and stuff like that when the guy because he goes, you know it's funny because like when we're here you know you you like me and then I hear when I'm not here, you don't like me. I go that's right. It's not personal. It's like when you're here, I like you when you don't show up for work, I don't like you it's not you it's everybody, I treat everybody the same. He's like okay I understand that like how you think I'm supposed to like you you're not here, I'm doing your work. Why are we doing you at work? I don't feel good today. I never feel good at 57. I haven't felt good. You don't feel good. You don't wake up at 57 feeling good. You just don't get up, you're you're tightened up your bowls. Tell him I went to a car show the other day, right? This guy had this old jaguar. E. Type what a beautiful car looks like a James bond. So the car is like, you know, two ft off the ground a little, you know, small car. Well guys a little taller than me, I'm I'm 5 11. He's like 61 He goes this car is so hard to get a lot of. I go rarely goes try it. Do you want me to send your tags? So I opened the door and let's get this high still. So I put my pushing it, I got my leg in the left leg, right, I I had to get it in the car. I was half and half all they had to commit, I had to get the car. So he goes once you're in the car you find I lifted my leg, you just made it and it's it's a beautiful car, gas, like a big feet and I get that, I get my foot in there and then once I was in there it was nice like you know stan well and I go you're right, this is comfortable. We had a big tunnel to put your legs in and then I had to go and get out of the car and I had to swing my leg and I'm looking at my leg, my knee wasn't moving I think oh my god I hate to break it to you but I might have to take your car, I can't get out of it, you Know I go I you know I got out of the car, I tell these kids and it is 25, I don't feel good, I don't feel good. Get up and uh I feel like getting up in the morning, I imagine what those one day he goes, you know you know when you when you do the early morning shift you know try to try to motivate these guys a little bit, try to get them going. I said I've been a professional comedian, I played it for every crowd everywhere. I played in clubs all over the country, I played, I played country clubs, I've played every, I played airport outside, I played everything name it I've been there okay. You can't motivate people in two in the morning. I mean if I could get people to laugh at two in the morning, I wouldn't be working here and the game show, right? You know you're a professional comedian, you fairly people at half away god knows what chemicals there on you know and I tell them look I know you're on drugs but don't take your monthly supply drugs at once, you know couple get your drugs. You're like the old people, they got monday Tuesday Wednesday, you don't need to split your pills up, put your put your put your uh you know, you put your pick them up, you know and take take a couple of day, you'll be praying, they'll take them all at once, they do that, I take them all at once and then you can go to work. Uh It's good good, I'm so glad I captured this felt so bad about today that we didn't um it always full again it's it's just and um now we're on, when I wrote up the description of this um you know I got with the minimum wage and I somehow to get a couple and I put in our then I got up what this country needs right now, minimum page. Well this is this is the minimum wage. I started the president, he was talking about, you know, people, they should be able to make a minimum wage and lays the family like that's not what Mcdonald's was about. Mcdonald's was about, you know, you have a kid, you're 16, you need some money to buy beer, you know uh you 48 you you know you gotta pay for detox, you know this is a supplemental thing, it's not something that was a career, it wasn't designed to go in there, You leave you go home as your wife honey. How was your day at work? I made three big Macs, fantastic. You know, pay for your kid to go to Yale, you know, that's what it was about. You know what to make some extra money, You know? I don't I don't want to pay $80 for a big mac. You don't wanna pay outrageous. It's not the food, it does not gonna be like, it's not gonna make it as a beast. We know. Mcdonald's Mcdonald's is you got no money and and you gotta eat something and that's where you're going, you know? Right, right. Like I don't I don't go in there and run into uh Mark Walberg, you know, you don't have the famous people at Mcdonald's, you just let the broadcast person like yourself and they're going, yeah, I don't know. I made poor choices in life and that's where I am. You know, I'm here. It's the prices will be the same as the capital now they will be because you gotta pay these people and they don't even, you think you'll take your big mask could be any bigger if you pay this guy 15 bucks an hour, 20 bucks. Of course not, he doesn't want to be there. They can't even handle your change, right? I went there the other day, right, I went there, I I'm sick of accumulating changing my truck, you know? So so I had, I think it was 4 4 28, right? And whatever I wanted to give him like 603 or whatever, I wanted to give him 25 cents over sort of get you know, No 75 cents over so I get 25 cents back. I get into the money goes well you have enough with the bills I goes I want like let's change, I don't want much change, he goes I gotta get the manager of the driver put though he had to get the manager the manager to walk over and explain to her right? And then she didn't know what I was talking about, she just gave me the change. I want two double cheeseburgers. I drive away this one double cheeseburger in the bag. I give it to you. So I stopped what up to the drive up with the guy was getting handed his food. Excuse me. Hey you forgot to give me a burger. Remember me? You talk to me? eight seconds ago two double cheese oh no fries, no no milkshake. That's a complicated cafe. Just two burgers. And they put one in the back Like 2122 Burgers. It's done right? We're gonna pay this guy $15 an hour. Really? Yeah. So come on. Are you kidding joe button? Wake up, come on and and and and when we talk about minimum rage rage down in this country, you know the black lives matter and and I and I feel I really do, I feel like what happened to black americans you know with the atrocious it really is you know. But but then they start getting you know, I think we should stop today making say look this is what happened in the past just like you gotta fight with your wife, you know, do something stupid and the next day you know what I screwed up. Let me make it better then and you make it better, you try, I can never forgive you for showing a place and this is tom and it goes on and they they didn't want to go back and they want to tear down statues then they get this reparation thing. Oh my god, I want to scratch it, scratch you see that word reparation, it's like scratching the blackboard Because I get like they want each family to get $80,000. Like did they go to me? I'm of italian sensible size. I guarantee there was never an italian plantation ever never wasn't a plan? You know we we came here, it was, you know, it was slavery was over, there was all those plantations, nothing you know and they want us to pay, why do I gotta pay, what's it got to do with me? I didn't do it, I didn't I never plantation most of the people that had a plantation and then you go okay you're fair but even if that is why is it their fault right? My father got some screwed up shit. I don't have to pay for it. You know what I mean? My father, whatever kid, I don't go take it up with him. He said do you want me to do about it? Right fucking generations before and then I'm like, oh okay, well where do I send the check? Because they went out they went everywhere. They didn't just there wasn't one place right? You think that ancestry, what's that thing that online ancestry thank you can you can all kinds of italian I might have german in me, but you never know right. So the same thing would happen with black americans. I'm sure they're not from one area. The the traffic is a big, it's a confident for christ sakes, it's not even a country, it's a continent. So how do we know what happened? Where and who do we get the check? Why don't we give the check to that guy, but maybe not this guy, Maybe that guy get more money and not that guy. And then what happened, what about the, what about the uh the native americans? They they got a good deal, why they live in here? They living here and all of a sudden people come, it's like bob you're living, you know, you're living in uh like you you got a house in the uh new or whatever, you whatever the fuck that guy shows up and get out. Do you like my boss this get out right? People get kicked off their win, you know. And they go we'll give you we'll give you another place to live. They they send them to like uh you know brockton. I mean living at the Cape now, living in Broad they kicked him out of the air. Bye. So we're gonna pay black americans then we gotta pay the native americans. I'm sure we shit on the chinese one way or the other must have best for them. What? I don't know. I don't have enough money from I don't have enough. I can't pay everybody for forgiveness. I I can't I can't do it. Then the women get past and they're like with slave. Tell you not really if you really do the history of you know, black americans that was slavery. That was they went their living and they they they shackled them and made them work for free. It's like really free and beat them. That's slavery. But I'm stuck in the house and I have to make dinner. That's not slavery. That's different. You know. I I don't know. Uh I want everybody from, I want everybody to stop breathe and go. Let's move on. Let's let's let's let's make the country better number because we're a country rejected from everywhere, right, loses from loses from everywhere came to America. That's okay. Nobody was successful in Germany and came here. So they're like why England that we we're living in a state. We I'm a I'm a duke. I'm a lord. I'm not going to America. It's not running water, It's indian arrow, They're dangerous. I'm staying here right? So we got the people that would screw up somewhere else. And they came over here and they go come to America and there's nothing running water, there's nothing and they made it work right? And that generations got that ass. Alright Uh my grandparents, they they came from this country, they came to 14 years old. They come over here angry all their life. My grandfather enlisted in World War One right? You know why? He was pissed off? He didn't give a shit, he was pissed. He said you gonna give me a gun, I'm gonna shoot people like let me go. He wasn't even born in this country because my mother goes, he's patriotic. No he was angry man, he wanted to shoot people. He wanted excuse to shoot german. It gives you just let me go shoot people. I'm going over there and shot people. Well I used to read it to my uncles and stuff. I used to sit with my uncle Tony for example, nicest guy, sweetest man you've ever met, I'm like 10 years old. I I I used to watch documentaries I wasn't I didn't watch Body and stuff. I used to watch World War Two documentary people being killed and stuff blown up, that's what I watch, that's why I look at my uncle, my uncle be talking and go hey you watch the meatballs and I'm going to mother fucking killed people. That guy smart this guy killed. I wouldn't tell me because he thought it was weird. I'd be like how many people did you kill in Germany? He just don't want to talk about the war. Why would I be talking about all the people I be graphic. Keep this guy Tommy killed people like this serial killers, he beat them, you know what I mean? I understand what he killed 10, 12 people like Mike goes out there for four years. He's about to kill how many people? 5060s early hand hand combat properly. Right. Alright bye. Exactly right. I didn't mess with my uncle from I did not mess with them. They said get in the house the lights on. I fucking went in you shit me has a moderate, I could kill people. I'm not fucking with him. You know what? This is the last week? Yeah, we talk about, I can't wait for him. I hope the show because by the way I heard that we're big in Vietnam which is very exciting we are I mean and I think a couple of points Michael if I could get the 100 and Vietnam. I think I'll retire. I think I, you know, I think I've made it, you know what I mean? So I um I think if we could ever get really popular, like get into the country speaks English, that would be really cool. You know what I mean? I think that would be making an impact. Uh Well uh listen to a few podcasts, nobody just wanted to thank you. So it's always a pleasure to be on your show. Oh my god. And uh have a great day and uh talk later. Alright bro, thank you so much. Bye bye. Okay, remember minimum minimum wage? I'm gonna make a t shirt, this minimum wage, I'm also make another t shirt that says it's my fault. That's the story. Just walk around my fault. Don't worry about it. Hey I did it, it takes all the pressure way for myself and the level of of of greatness expected to me, you're gonna have to try it. It's my fault. I'll take it, take it ahead for everybody right now. Okay man, thank you. All right, let's go. I'll talk to you later. Alright alright bye bye bye bye. Well folks thank you so much for joining us. That was absolute last. Uh I'm exhausted. I hope we did this fun. Yeah.
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