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Patton & Meredith's professional Epic Fight

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Did You Get My Text? with Meredith and Patton
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After a huge fight Patton & Meredith force themselves to be professional and muster through recording an episode of Did You Get My Text?
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Once again, welcome to, Did you get my text on Patton Oswalt? I'm MEREDITH salinger, We're your hosts were married couple. Yeah, and the funny part about sitting down right now as we literally just had an epic fight and he's like, let's not recorded right now, and I'm like no, I was ready to walk away, let's just be professional, ugliest fight, Let's just be professional and muster through it. I mean, so enjoy, I don't think I've ever actually giving you the finger before, but I gave you like the double finger and I was like, I saw it in my peripheral vision as I'm literally on the phone trying to do a technical thing. Uh this is gonna be, who's afraid of Virginia Woolf gone through 10 smiles, in other words, we're look, we're over it now, that is the most forced uh upbeat harmony I've ever seen. Okay, um we're recording this, I don't know when this drops, this is our third episode or you know what, maybe, maybe we'll do it the way that they do tv pilots, where will go? You know what the third one is better, Let's have that be the first. So let's not name it, let's not name it. Well, hey man, nobody needs to be categorized into a box man. Yeah, we're not into time and dates to leave that to the Gregorian