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Patton Oswalt on Netflix's Present Company Podcast with Host Krista Smith

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Duration: 08:49
Patton Oswalt guest stars on Netflix's Present Company with host, Krista Smith to discuss New York vs. Los Angeles, Patton's special "I Love Everything", and why live audiences are important.
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Patton Oswalt discusses New York vs. Los Angeles, Patton's special "I Love Everything", and why live audiences are important.
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Today I have the tremendous pleasure of bringing you my interview with comedy genius and King of Twitter. Patton Oswalt. Patton joined the show to talk about his new stand up special. I love everything, which is exactly the dose of big laughs and positivity you need right now. I know I certainly did, and I highly recommend, if you haven't already seen it watching it in tandem with his previous stand up special annihilation. It's an excellent double feature. We also talked about patents, upbringing and the influence of his steady Eddie parents, his early years in comedy and what he considers his first moment of success. He also talks about learning from the setbacks to Plus we'll hear his advice for the over 50 set and how he's spending his time sheltering in place. Enjoy, everybody hears Patton Oswalt. Hi, Patton. I feel like I've been living with you for a little bit in prep for this video. Yes, we've been getting ready. When I first knew that I was going to get a chance to interview, obviously I was got your special. I love everything, which is your new special coming out on Netflix and that sent me into a rabbit hole of watching everything you have done before. There's a couple of things that really stand out to me. The first is the Sadness Bowl with Kentucky Fried Chicken. I remember just thinking that was the most brilliant thing ever. And then the other thing that I thought was so good the role that you had in young adults I was like, This guy is so talented. So those are the two things for May between your stand up acting? Yeah. No, definitely. So I want to talk. Obviously, we're here to talk about your special and everything that's going to come after and came before it. But the first thing that struck me was just the optimism of it and the lighting of it. And maybe because it's were in quarantine here, it just bathed me in hope. Oh, yeah, I mean, for me, it was almost like a rebuke toe all of the deaths and negation that I had been dealing with. So instead of digging deeper into it, I it's like I dug deeper into hope and sunshine, almost as it it was almost like a re surging of the life force. I guess s Oh, I think that was looking back on it. It really does feel like it was an unconscious. I don't want to say strategy, but it was okay that each if each of my specials, it's a snapshot of how I'm doing at the time. Then that is that snapshot of goddamn it. I'm going to be hopeful and powerful and and optimistic, which is now going to be very ironic. Tow watch in a month when we're might be even and even worse straits than we are now. We'll see. But hopefully it'll give people some more hoping up my guess. I don't know. I know it's kind of fortuitous timing. Well, I don't want to spoil all the bits and the special for people, but I will say that you talking about eating the healthy grown up cereal was so good. It was so funny. And you really nail Ella's obsession with driving. My God, Yeah, the having L. A. Is all about having to drive somewhere to walk. Or as New Yorkers or just you leave your apartment, you walk around like you're exercising all day, So yeah, that kinda it's such a culturally different thing to describe the people of Where you going? Going hiking. Well, why don't you just walk around? Well, I gotta get my car and go toe like hiking. Why Like that? It's amazing. Well, also, you really touch upon the condition of being middle aged in Los Angeles. To which e I love where you just have thio mean again? L A. I think New York is a better place to be middle age because people are just what they are there. And and it's all about just we just need you to be the best whatever you are, because you we just need you for this work or whatever. We need you to function. But in l. A. There's such a premium on youth. They're just There's a lot of people here that, um, would be great if they embrace their fifties. They would look amazing, but Nope, they're 23. I'm gonna be 23 forever. And it's very sad when you see someone in their fifties who's decided? No, I'm 23. It's like you're not You're not. Stop it. Stop it. You're not 23. Uh, well, after I watched, I love everything. I went back and watched annihilation, and they feel like almost companion pieces. Well, yeah. I mean, I love everything. Feels like the swimming out of the, you know, annihilation was on rising out of the gloom. But then this is that guy that we saw now gets to walk around in the sunshine a little bit. E love that. How long did it take to hone the special? I'm always curious with writers and comedians. How long that process takes. Yeah. I mean, different comedians have different paces. There's some that could do especially year with me. It's usually like a year and a half. I do. I recorded that special in September. It's gonna come out. This may probably have another special ready a two. Beginning of next year, I guess, although or maybe I won't. If I can't go out to clubs that all that feels like a moot point. But my pace tends to be every year and a half. I have something new. And how important is the club rhythm in order to getting it right? Is it almost impossible to be a comedian without an audience? Yeah, to me, it is I just It feels weird you want. Part of comedy is not just hearing an audience for react, but it's seeing the surprise in a comedian watching what an audience will and won't react to. There are certain things that you write that you don't even think are all that funny. You don't even think of the punchline, and then as you're doing the bit, it ends up getting a way bigger laugh. And the thing that you thought was the joke and those moments of surprise are so captivating toe watch and experience. I just don't think comedy can survive without live audiences. I just don't think it a bit of work or it won't work in the form that we I mean. That's also, by the way, I I'm talking about a form that I'm familiar and comfortable with. There could be new forms of this coming that we can't even imagine right now that somebody will find a way to masters. So, you know, we'll see, right? We're in this odd period of ingenuity, potentially. We never thought we'd be zoom calling and the working from homes and all of that. What has been the most surprising thing you've learned about this time and quarantine, I think one of them, I mean, the one of things that isn't surprising is, you know, when you're given 19 hours to do something, you'll take 19 hours to do it. Um, you know, I can fill all day with, like, emptying the garbage, because what the hell, you know? But also, I think, ah, lot of people have those stacks of books, lists of movies, uh, to do, um, lists, charts, the things they're gonna get around two of Oh, but my job and all this other stuff I got to dio. And now that they don't have this, it's almost like I feel like there's a culling of the to do list that are going on where half of everything everyone felt was they were going to get to some bigger like that wasn't one with that. I don't need to do that. So maybe that will be a good thing to People will actually figure out. Now they're having time to figure out what exactly they want to do with themselves. I'm sure they'll be negative effects of that as well. I think you know, we saw the way the divorce rate went up in China. E think that might happen in America to unfortunately so I don't know. I mean, right now we're talking, um, you know, a little more than a month into this for America. Uh, and here's one thing I've learned is to I aggressively do not try to predict anything anymore because of look at what has happened day today with its thing day to day with, um you know how the public is reacting, Thio. I never thought there'd be people out pro testing in the street two and risking getting a virus so they could go back to helping millionaires stay millionaires like that's how broken our system is. And, you know, and the fact that multibillion dollar corporations in the first get bailouts is nuts, I don't know. So right now I am aggressively. I aggressively don't know anything at this point. I don't just that I'm not going to till I see it happen.
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