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Patton Oswalt on The Last Laugh Podcast

Last Played: February 15, 2021
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Patton Oswalt guest stars on The Last Laugh with host Matt Wilstein from the Daily Beast and discusses the comedy tour film Comedians of Comedy Brian Posehn, Maria Bamford, and Zach Galifianakis and the Largo special for mental health.
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eso It is kind of kind of odd to have you arrived at this place for us fans. Eyes that, you know, I was thinking about I had Maria Bamford on this show a few months ago, and we talked a lot about the comedians of comedy, which is just one of my all time favorite things. Thanks, Andi, really impacted. You know, my appreciation of stand up on glove for for comedy. Um, she said you were really the driving force behind that tour on that film. Um, So what do you when you think about that time in your in your life, What do you How do you think about that? Because it really was just like a She described it as kind of like just a week that became, You know, this thing that has lasted on so much? Yeah, it was very much like a, uh It came out of a lot of frustration. I was getting a lot of attention because of being on King of Queens, and I suddenly was getting headlining gigs because of it. But the people that were coming out to see me were like, Well, we like we enjoy this eight PM Family show, and it was a great show to be on. But I'm like if I don't take control over who How I present myself in finding my audience, I can't just be lazy and and just coast on being on a TV show because my comedy is different than what you know is on this show those that they're two different things or to totally valid funny things. But I can't just expect to go. Well, I'm on TV. I was gonna get headlining gig, so I started figuring out that the audience that I needed was in smaller clubs, music, clubs. I'll see music scene clubs. I did a gig part of a celebration multi day celebration at the 40 watt in Athens, and it was just It was like this such a revelation of like, Oh, this is the audience I want to pursue. So I really started putting together, you know, smaller music venues with some friends. The first one was just me and Zach went out a za pair, and then I decided to turn it into a bigger tour with added Maria and Brian. It was also it was it was out of frustration from my career. And it was also my frustration as a comedy fan because at the time I didn't think that Brian Hussein and Maria Bamford and Zach were being showcased correctly and in the right venues. So did be able to bring them all together on the tour. Really meant a lot. You know, Thio be ableto kind of go. This is who you guys should be into these people, you know, like, I'm if you like what I'm doing, you should really be into these guys because they're amazing. So, you know, it just felt really good to be able to do that to levels for selfishly for myself and then also as a fan for my friends. Yeah, I found it so fascinating. I re watched the film not too long ago. And to see, um, you know, fans coming upto Brian Post and from, you know, knowing him from just shoot me. And just like ignoring Zack Galifianakis, who was nobody knew who he was yet. And now he's, you know, gone on Thio Insane career. Yeah, it was amazing to to see audiences not really no about Maria Bamford and not really be on her wavelength. And then by the end of the tour, like the word was just out. People totally got what she was doing and how brilliant she was and still is. And it just it was amazing to see that to see people go, Oh, wow. We get to discover this genuinely, genuinely different voice in comedy that is incomparable to anything else out there. So I got to see you perform some of the material that's in the special at that event at Largo for Gary Coleman, his special on that, that was such a such a fascinating Yeah, the special was amazing. And then it was It was so fun to see you and Maria and Judd and him all there at at Largo and kind of have that conversation about mental health and comedy and and all of that. How have How have you kind of been thinking about that? Especially now you know where everyone's kind of struggling and going through this hard time in terms of how comedy you can sort of how you can use your your comedy to work through some of that stuff in terms of you know how you're feeling I mean, you know, one thing you could do, especially on social media, if you have a big following, is you could just be in a very do it in a fun way. But but acknowledged that Yeah, there's some days when the Depression hits really, really hard, because now we don't have those, Mr Arcadium rhythm signals like we used to of sun and light and darkness and time and dates. There's, you know, people like, I don't even know what day it is right now, and that's kind of a you know, people's. I see that people sleep schedules were getting really, really messed with in a, um, erratic sleep schedule is a shortcut toe, you know, mental illness. So that really affect people. So but But what can help them out of it is seeing and hearing other people going. Yeah, let me tell you what I'm going through. Like or Yeah, me too. Same thing. I know exactly what you're talking about. That really, really helps. So, you know, trying to do it in a kind of a winking, funny or most shoulder shrug way of like Oh, God, yeah. I absolutely know what you're talking about and also just I think quickly having a network of people like there's people that I know that have that I know that are struggling with mental illness, that I've helped them and they've helped me. And so we check in on each other like the first thing you dio is actually e didn't do it early on in the shutdown. I didn't know how long the shutdown was gonna take, So I'm like, I'm not gonna call them on Day two and go. Are you okay like that into their heads that they But then after like a week and a half, I started checking and like, hey, thing looks like it might be longer than we all thought. So I wanted to make sure you're doing okay. And you can, you know, And you know, you have, like, I have zoom hangouts with friends. We just schedule like, Oh, I gotta go do this thing. So you know, we'll like we'll all watch the same movie and then we'll get together and talk about that which is is beyond helpful. All my little movie nerd friends like me having them Thio argue about stuff is great, you know,
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