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Patton Oswalt "Turning 50" joke from "I Love Everything"

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Patton Oswalt's hilarious joke about turning 50 from his Netflix special, "I Love Everything."
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so. And if you were to fly a helicopter low over the earth, you know what you would say. You'd see people in their twenties gobbling drugs, eating delicious food, having sex people in their thirties with actual jobs, making the world run. Yeah, people in their forties trying to fuck the 20 year olds and then us gentle surrendered 50 year olds on our little futility ovals. We've got our earbuds in listening to podcasts what you're done by 20 year olds that nobody wants to fuck thing on the podcasts. 30 year old just selling boner pills with 40 year olds and then way off in the distance. Our 60 year olds vaguely afraid of Muslims. And that's the world we live in. So don't fight that cycle, folks. That's just how it is.