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Paulstradamus Makes His Debut!

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Beyond Sports with Paul and Jeremy
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Prediction expert Paulstradamus graces us with his presence
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in the West as far as playoff seats. All right, But before we do that, I want all the listeners to. I want to introduce all of you all to a new guest on our podcast, and we haven't seen him. He's making his debut. He's the prediction extraordinaire. Gets everything right. He's never missed a prediction. The man knows everything. The great posture, Domus. Everybody Great posture. Diamonds. All right, new guy on our podcast. He gets all these predictions, I'm telling you. Man knows everything, man gets everything right. He sees also. Welcome to the podcast, Paul ST. Thomas. I thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for having me to the podcast. You know, not a lot of people try to listen to me every now and then, but I got a lot to say. And if you just listen to me, you come out better on the end. I just got to let you know that. So let's get into some of these predictions, and we're gonna take it stride by stride. All right? So this is a Morgan free maker. I don't know, man. I got I got characters for days. Like