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Peter and Kelley Go IG Official

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Last Played: October 06, 2020
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heat for being outside. Well, we're quarantining for Peter moving on so quickly after both of his failed relationships with Hannah and and Madison. So first of all, just tell me what you were thinking when you saw that Peter and Kelly were hanging out again because I haven't talked to you about this. Well, I love that he posted quote, You caught me. Let the adventure began. I feel like he was talking to us weekly, like we caught because because literally just a few days before our sources said they're officially dating. It's official because, you know, beforehand he was going on podcast Nick Vile, saying he wanted to take things slow. Obviously he loves hanging out, Kelly, But not too long after they decided to go Instagram official. And yeah, I was I was surprised at how out there they were, especially with his whole family posting, which I know will talk about, but it is what it is. I mean, they've been quarantined together for a while, and they've been posting all over social media all over Ticktock. So it was only a matter of time. I agree. And I mean, listen to bachelor does two things very interesting. One. It speeds along relationships so they have, even though they, like, barely dated their relationship was already weird and moving forward without even really even being relationship and to the quarantine. Right now, everyone is everyone's emotions are heightened. And if you're with someone, you're obviously like thinking about it nonstop and it's almost like his season continued. So they have, like, two circumstances. The bachelor being weird, the dating and quarantine dating, being weird, moving them along. I know it's such an odd relationships, especially since they met, like in a in a weird circumstance before the show. Then they go on the show, and now they're quarantining together like they've gone through three different stages of a relationship that no normal couple would go through. So if they can come out of it on top through all this, then more power to them. E no. So I did a poll on my instagram, which I love doing shady bachelor polls because shady bachelor, thank you, and it lets other people say things that maybe I want to say without getting in trouble. But I did a poll if they were gonna make it through this and 70% said no and 30% said yes. And while I think that's the fun answer, I low key think they have a shot because of what? You're just saying that they have been through Peter them meeting and having a connection. But then watching Peter meet all these other women on the show and go through that him sending her home were claiming the producers, like didn't really have, like, wasn't we're giving her a fair shot. So it's clearly whatever happened behind the scenes of the show was tumultuous for Kelly. She didn't enjoy the show. I'm sending her home, him getting engaged and breaking off the engagement because he likes someone else. And then it wasn't Kelly who was Madison then breaking up so to breakup. Although Matt Kelly was kind of watching this go down, then to be seen together and get a lot of backlash from the world for not social distancing properly for quarantining together for Madison to come on podcast and accused Peter of not being honest about their timeline and him still reaching out and for her to still be by his side all in, I mean, I know I'm shocked. I'm shocked. And I actually talked to Kelly right after, you know, after the final Rose aired and it was that Pat Chris Harrison event, this was like the last event that was in Hollywood. I've been before quarantine, and I spoke to Kelly and she could not have been sweeter. And, you know, this was right after Barb, you know, introduce yourself and was so excited to meet Kelly and swooped in and made it happen. But, um, I asked Kelly, like, obviously, Barb wants you to date her son. Things aren't working out with the other with the other girls. Like, what would you say? And she she wasn't super gung ho. When I spoke to her about it, she was like, Honestly, I think Peter needs to take time for himself, figure his stuff out, be single for a while, and that was that. And then to see that they end up quarantining together in Chicago was definitely, definitely a shock. But I think I think she's seeing the site of Peter that she initially knew when they met randomly at that hotel before they started filming Bachelor, which is insane. But oh, my God. I totally forgot that that was you who was at after the final Rose, which obviously, um, Kelly was at for no actual reason. But thank God she waas because that all worked out in such an odd way. She was the only because they didn't include her in women tell all. And then they bring her on after the final rose. And then Barb makes her move, and the rest is history.
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