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Podcasting From Over 10,000 Meters Under The Sea

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station description Discussion about all things deep-sea science.
The Deep-Sea Podcast
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The Deep-Sea Podcast is the deepest podcast around! Professor Alan interviews sub pilot Tim Macdonald at over 10 km down in the Philippine Trench.
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The Deep-Sea Podcast is the deepest podcast around! Professor Alan interviews sub pilot Tim Macdonald at over 10 km down in the Philippine Trench. This is the first time humans have been to the bottom of this trench and it's where Hadal (deeper than 6 km down) research stated with the Galathea Expedition.
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playing audio log to Today's energy is with Mr Tim Mcdonald. Hello everyone. Hello tim Nice to be here. Yeah, this is not your normal interview. We're not doing this over the phone? Uh We're actually doing this one in person. Yeah, inciting. Sitting inside at 1.8 m diameter sphere. We are we are both inside a massive detainee in bowl. And where are we them? We are currently 10,020 m below sea level. Beyond 10002 Enemies. We are at the very bottom of the Philippine trench. Well just about in the Philippines french looked like. Well it's very flat, it is very silty. It is a bit of trash down there. Quite a lot of trash garbage, european. Like my favorite piece of garbage was a big massive pink plastic. Like I quite like the plastic bag that had a big eco friendly sign on it. Yeah, it was a massive that's not an eco friendly plastic bag. Lots of a CNN is I want the tracks longer. Rosie Levin, steven Levin spear in. Yes. Also live in burrows. My favorite Hormuz in enemies named after after the Galatea. The church, which was so the reason why we're diving this particular site is my doing this is well before we talk about the galaxy, we should talk about the fact that you are now officially the deepest diving the spilling of all time. I am as of today. Thank you Alan that's alright, bringing me along for the ride. I think I thank you for bringing me along on the right. Were you chosen? Yeah. Alright. We're all heroes in this time we are together to heroes. Heroes hanging out in the bottom of the sea in a massive titanium ball. One of the reasons why I picked this particular site to go. This is not necessarily at this point in Philippine trends which is One of the other incentives for coming is about 60 miles north of deepest point. He chose this site because almost 70 years ago to the day the Galatea. The Danish Galatea expedition came by here And they shot a troll at 10,000 m. And the significance of that troll is that they recovered rocks on those rocks. There has more seeing enemies on it which proved categorically once and for all that life did exist at 10,000 m. So that's significance of that. The leader of the expedition Anton Bruun on the way back from the Philippines stopped off in Indonesia in Jakarta and wrote a letter to nature explaining that particular fine. So we thought it was cool to pick that as a dive site and we got to see those enemies, We got to see them alive which was very very cool, almost 70 years to the day. And Anton Bruun later went on about two years later he used the first person to coin the word cable which is where we just were. Yes. Which were we still are. Yeah. And the next twist of that feel is that one of the other expedition members was Corbyn Wolf who unfortunately died a few years ago. He was the last thing I remember the melody and he was the first person to publish a paper on on the table community and so and so on and shortly the last few years of his life being him, used to write letters to one another. Nice to send them papers and stuff like that. And he sent me ice hand copy of something. He published A paper copy of something you published in 1976, which is a book of illustrations from taken from the pro expedition. That's quite probably gave me that because of his own personal copy. So I have that with me right now in the submarine has a kind of tribute to turbines contribution to total science which is going to go anyway. Less about me more about you 10, 10. How many sub times have you done now deeper than 1000 m three Including this one. Does the death matter? No, not really. It just takes a lot longer to get there. You need what? You just need more snacks. A long haul flight. Yeah, it's been more movies. It was drinks serve though the walls drinks. Yeah, courtesy of tight sir. Yes. So we were given a little surprise. So we used the very high technology expensive underwater telephone to to text the surface and a few times and realized that they had left us a little something in the summary And that was. Can you do it in your best Austrian accent? No no snaps. What was it Snapple Snapple dime. So our Austrian chef has uh given us some schnapps or in some way on the way back up and we've just had a little one now to get in the mood for interview. A little celebratory bottom of the ocean. Deepest diving Australian keeper. Second deepest diving bridge. The first british person to get twice. Indeed. So there you go. There you are, wow! Most repetitive deep diving break. Most persistent on other matters what else we've done this? We've got three hours to get back to the circle. So we've got a long time time but there's a lot of chat to be had. There is a lot if we can survive it. Yeah. Discovery last night. Yes we discovered the deepest diving, deepest jellyfish in the world, yep. Previous record holder being Alan Janderson professor to Mcdonald's deed. Yes it was surprisingly, that was his last year personal best. Yes. So anyway, two nights ago we found the fish jellyfish 10,000 metres which is 1000 m deeper than our previous record of 9000 m. You keep this gel. It is in the Philippines and last night we found filipino snail fish. Yes we did. A whole new population of fish species on new species. Cool. Today when we throw this expedition apple first time. Who put manned submersibles in the bottom of the Philippine trash, yep, landed ones quite a week, spent a hell of a week. We're not done yet. We don't get to go home for another two months. Quite a few miles to do. Helen and I are going to get to know each other very well in this tiny little titanium titanium sphere. So, little room, Allen says big titanium ball. I say small titanium too because it gets real small in here. That doesn't there you go tom I told you I'd interview somebody at 10,000 m, making us officially the deepest podcast I think. Anyway. Very cool. Great stuff. That dive was also known as the adventures of veggie making haggis. One amazing experience. Very, very cool. I loved it. So yeah, that's just wrapping up really on the deep dive in the Philippine plans were going to move on and go, super can find the USs, johnson. I shall be in touch by end of message
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