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how do YOU get HIGH? --- Polish your car and get high!
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at the at sign off exactly. Sign off the sinus medicines in the bright red box. Ladies and gentlemen today, our man on the street interview comes to you from big City. Usa excuse me sir. What do you get high on the big pardon? You know, what do you turn on with you? Some kind of a cop? Well, it doesn't make any difference anyhow because I don't use anything then. How do you get high? Oh, I can hide a lot of things like seeing my kids start to walk or the first dandelions in the park. Anything else? Yeah, getting tired gives me a high if it's a tired from something I like, like bowling with the guys are taking a long bike ride, but would you believe polishing my car gives me high and it's even legal. In other words, then you get a natural high Yeah, natural. That's it. Which incidentally doesn't mean that you're high all the time. It would be unreasonable to expect to be high all the time. You know it's like getting high on life. Sure. But you got to remember getting high on life could be habit for me. This many interview was brought to a nationwide by the new york state drug abuse. Can.