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Poor Ingrid

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Over 65 and Talking
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I’m positive that flight home with her husband was enjoyable..
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because what is Humphrey thinking he's sending her off on this plane with a man who knows exactly what is going on and he's gonna walk off with this guy and they're going to be the greatest of friends, well what happened to sam the guy on the piano and what happened to Ingrid, like you can't send her off on that plane with this guy he that husband knows and he's gonna make her pay, he is gonna make her pay for this. He's not stupid. I don't know where that plan is going, but she is going to pay for it. He didn't miss a beat. I looked at that guy, he was smart, Smartest Guy in the French resistance and you're gonna pull this one over him over his eyes, pull the wool over his eyes. He knows she went out that night, he's not buying any of this. So what the hell? I was so upset about that movie, but everybody loved it. And so I just kind of talked myself into it, but You know you get to 65 and all of a sudden the blinders come off and I'm like no Humphrey Bogart shouldn't have put her on that plane. He he wasn't, I mean I think maybe he was thinking what does it amount the problems of three people? But he's gonna walk off with a guy that doesn't have a problem with them and she's on a plane with a man who knows, she loves another man that is not a good life, it's not a good ending and you you know like really when you look in her eyes, when he says oh you know the problems of a few people, I'm looking at her eyes and I'm like she is going what the what what the what what are you doing? What are you doing buddy? I mean you can see it on her face and what's noble about this? She is a dead duck. So.