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There's Always Tomorrow

From Audio: Positive Affirmations
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Best Audio Affirmations for Anxiety and Depression It's going to be okay. Take a moment to listen to positive affirmations from soothing voices like ASMRtists Jellybean Green and High Vibrations to remind yourself that this too shall pass. Take a moment to breathe and distract yourself from the thoughts plaguing your mind. Vurbl Wellbeing & Happiness Audio
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Not everything solves itself in a day. Sometimes, the best thing to do can be to sleep and then start anew the next day. Put your anxiety and depression to bed and Whisper Yourself to Sleep (ASMR) with these positive affirmations.
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I but yeah. What of everything I need in? Yeah, I deserve everything I want. I wealthy prosper. I okay. Success. Each day of my life is fear. Mm bye. I grateful for the amount of above I attracting money, wealth into my environment, prosperity flow ST free aspect of the year and have swill provide for me. I attract of wealth and opportunity. Everybody. My life is filled with prosperity. I can do anything I want. I believe in myself, I can oh come anything I put my mind to. I am bold and courageous. I can overcome many obstacles. People are attracted to myself. I embrace challenges as opportunities I can take on any job. I am ready to take on the No, every day I take action and move forward in my Yeah thing will stop me from succeeding. I'm excited to start. Yeah. Today is a beautiful right b full of joy.