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Prayers to Those Who Want Peace In Their Hearts (audio)

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In times of great distress, prayers are always a good answer. Just know that anywhere, anytime, someone will be praying for you. In this episode of Live Life in God's Terms, The Host speaks of the Book of John Chapter 14, where she gives a great example of Jesus speaking to his disciples about inner peace.
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is always I hope you're encouraged, Inspired, motivated and challenged today I just wanna pray I don't have anything to discuss I just wanna say a prayer for peace, peace in our hearts and peace in our minds with so much going on, especially on this holiday, um, season for most of us, um, especially on holidays in general, it could be challenging when you think about loved ones, But it's even more challenging when you know, um, tragedy strikes. And so for those who don't know about the SRI like the bombing of the issue, you know, the situations that they have gone through, I just want to say a prayer, like in a general setting, in a general sense, excuse me for every one of us, because we're in those times, we feel like we're in the trenches of what is happening, and a lot of people, if they're looking at this and they're reading the information, some people are bothered and some people are really truly concerned. And so as I was meditating this morning, I was like, You know what? I just wanna pray, pray, right? And I want to share Scripture with that prayer today So today the scripture comes from John 14 verse, Chapter 14. Excuse me. Verse 27. No, we could go to 26. So But the advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the father will send in my name will teach you all things and will remind you off everything I've told you. Peace. I leave with you. My peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. But do not let your hearts be troubled. Do not be afraid. Okay, So this is Jesus talking, um, two's disciples before he is being crucified. So But he's reassuring his disciples that you know what? Don't be afraid. The Holy Spirit will return and give you this piece. And he said I give you peace not as the world gives peace, but this this e, uh, internal peace, you know? So when things happen in this world, you really can't have peace. I think that may be weird for some people. Um, you still are concerned and I feel like, you know, aware of the environment and aware of the times. But the Holy Spirit, God's holy spirit, gives us peace. And so that's simply what I want to pray for today. Yeah. Okay. So I only Father, we just thank you. God, we thank you for today. We thank you, God, for waking us up. We thank you, Lord, Um because this is the day that you've made This is the day you've made and given us God to live in it. So what? I'm praying for each and every listener. God, that is under the sound of my voice. I'm praying for their hearts. I'm praying for their minds. I'm praying for peace. God, the Book of Colossians also says that may the peace of God, the peace of God protect our hearts and our minds. So we want that type of peace. God, I'm praying for that type of peace. The piece that Jesus said that, um, he will leave with us. And so, Lord, I'm praying from my brothers and sisters whose hearts are troubled, whose hearts are bogged down whose hearts and minds, um, are just all over the place with so many things they have to do, whether it's timelines and due dates, whether it's just getting the day to day things done, sometimes I could just be challenging, but what I'm praying for their hearts on praying God, that whatever the task is in front of them, whatever the information, they've heard whatever news feeds, they read, whatever newspapers they read, whoever they talk to God, I'm praying. Whatever news they receive even today, even today, God Lord, you will protect their hearts and their minds with your piece. Lord, people's hearts are troubled. They really are. And so I'm so glad that Jesus have such compassion on us. On his disciples, he said, Let your heart not be troubled because God, that shows that you are really God, that you're in tuned with us, that you are, that you connect with us, that you know us, that you love us. And even in those moments, the frail moments that we each have got your love, your soothing words, your words of affirmation, your words of healing, restoration your words. God, your words. Your very words can do the most amazing things for our hearts and our lives. And Lord, I thank you for that boldness. I thank you for the humbleness. I thank you for the peace, the peace of God that passes all understanding. We want that type of peace and so that I'm praying that for my brothers and sisters today God like I don't have anything else to say. But, Lord, I speak peace to their hearts the peace of God to their minds the peace of God to their families and their lives. God where there was paying Lord, let there be peace where there's confusion, let it be peace where there is hurt. Let it be peace Where there's you know I can't figure it out. Let it be peace, God, whatever that is for them, Lord, I'm asking for the peace of God be prominent and permeating their lives like they've never seen it and experienced before. So, God, I just want to say I thank you for this opportunity. I thank you for this wonderful time, this precious time to just come, come, and to sit down and just simply pray. Pray to you got to hear from you too to release to you. God, Lord, I'm just grateful and humbled that you're such an amazing, awesome, wonderful God that you really do love each of us. You're not that that horrible things. God is ready. Toe pounces every time. No you give us chance after chance after chance after chance. And you even give us the strength God, to get things right if they're not right, Lord, I'm just grateful for that. I'm grateful for the that you are my God. You are my God. It's humbling to know that you love us this much. It's humbling enough that Zumba Wing to know that, Lord, even through our moments in life, because we all go through it That's your love. Your love endures your love Your love covers us all Your love raises Raises up, Lord, your love allows us to rest. Your love allows us to just be at peace. Your love surrounds us when all hell is breaking loose when all the things around us maybe chaotic or busy. Um you know, does the trying to get things done. But it's your peace. God, that just allows us to settle and do it step by step and still accomplished Great things in your name for your kingdom toe live out our purpose. God, I just thank you. I thank you that you hear us. I'm crazy enough to believe that you hear our prayers. You hear my prayers? that's what God. Today I pray that you get from my brothers and sisters who having a time or a moment even today. God give them peace. This is not a judgment on This is not toe. Oh, you having a bad day? No, Lord, Give them peace. Your piece so they can sleep and not your piece so they could move about their day. Got your piece?
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