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The Inspirational Jack London Quote That Changed One Man's Life

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"'I would rather be ashes than dust." Listen to an interview with Tony Haile about a beautiful Jack London quote found on a side street that randomly inspired his life's purpose.
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a little bit before about getting on a boat and that having some, you know, a whole range of impacts. Um, and you said, you know about the middle of when we started talking, you know that you this idea that your purpose, you wouldn't be didn't want to do something unless there was purpose in that. Where is that coming from for you? Is that coming from that sailing experience or something that happened elsewhere? Like how have you arrived mentally to think I can do whatever I want. This is why I choose to do something that I think matters actually as I'm speaking to Australia and I think I can be candid and say, I can actually blame it all on Sydney. So, uh, when you walk around, when you walk around darling harbour, uh, there are a bunch of different plaques in the, uh, in the ground, like bronzes, various quotes about Australia or from people who visited Australia and written about it. And I deeply remember the first time I was walking around that and I saw this as a brass plaque of this. Of these words from Jack London, who said I would rather be ashes than dust. A spark burnt out in a brilliant flame rather than left, um altering and dry and dry rod man's chief purpose is to live not to not to exist. I shall not waste my days trying to prolong them. I shall use my time and that were clearly stuck with me, that that black stallion Sydney around Sydney Harbour stuck with me, and from that moment I was like, yes, I would rather be ashes than die.