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Ramona Singer on Filming Season 13 of RHONY During COVID-19

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Us Weekly's Getting Real with the Housewives
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Ramona Singer tells Us what it was like to film during COVID-19. She also spills what to expect from Season 13 of RHONY by opening up about her relationship with Sonja Morgan and how COVID-19 affected relationships.
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So, first of all, when they said to me and everyone we're gonna start filming, even though it's Covid, I was like, wow, this is exciting and we're actually able to work because so many people could work. I was just excited to get back to working again. And what I really respected was how our production company really followed all the covid rulings and protocols to the utmost. I felt very safe the whole time. Now filming under Covid is very difficult obviously because we can't go to any restaurant. We can't have a party for 20 or 10 or 30 or 40. We all have to become more creative and what we're doing together because otherwise you get really bored and if we're bored, we're going to be for the viewers. So the good news is during Covid. We came out with more episodes than we did without Covid because we really started thinking what can we do to be creative and have fun And we really could have on our own some great ideas. Great. I can't wait to see leah said that this was the most polarizing season yet. Do you agree this is the most fascinating season yet. Very it's fascinating because to see the dynamics that we all go through together the conflict and resolution and remember just five of us at all times, you know? So it was really, really interesting and fun to do and just was not always fun. But yeah, I mean was it more stressful like you know, filming under Covid like you said, because you can't have these elaborate huge parties. It is just the five of you at all times. So it's almost like, well we have to get more resourceful people think our show is scripted, it's not scripted. So, you know, I plan, you know, you'll see the trailer, I plan the Audrey Hepburn breakfast at Tiffany and I, this is my girlfriend Nori hostage, decorate the table. It's very exotic over the top and and leah did a Burning Man party. So we all got good and oh my gosh! And looted the beauty pageant. I can't these great ideas and one was more fun, the next at least theme parties. And it was it was really it was really fascinating, definitely. You know, we see or we're going to see in the first episode that Sonia was a little distant to you and lou and you know, during a period of time, I mean, was that hurtful to you? And absolutely, I mean, I love Sonia like a sister. We have a great bond, but you know, she pulls away and you're gonna see during the season what Lewin and I do to confront her and talk to her about this and really show how we feel, because the thing is during Covid, what you do realize his friends and family are the most important. And Sonia was sort of pulling away from luann and I even before Covid. So we really, you know, talk to her about it separately with together together but away from the group. So you'll see whether we were able to deal with it or not with the outcome. Everyone has their issues this season. And we all really dealt with things in a different way. In a very humanizing way. In a very special way. Yeah. Was Sonia pulling back because she had a problem with you, the two of you or was it something that she was going on internally with herself? There was a lot of different things. More of the things that was going on in her life. And I think Sonia as a person, she does, she likes to always be the good time Sonia and she doesn't want to show when she's going through something bad and what people have to understand the true friendship. You know, what were there more for the bath and the good because that's what a friend is. Yeah.
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