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Ranking the Weirdos

Last Played: May 05, 2021
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ForceCenter brings passion, expertise, and comedy to the Star Wars discussion panel. Never lacking in topics, Joseph, Ken, and Jennifer love spotlighting their favorite characters, discussing the latest Star Wars news, and ranking all Star Wars things that could possibly compete against each other. Make sure you follow them for something new almost every day.
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something that's close to our heart to hear. How are you defining Weirdos in Star Wars and what does that really mean to you? I think for me Weirdo. And yes, we should definitely say that that is said with utter love. I think for me it's characters who are uh alien but like very, very alien compared to your your standard humanoid character in Star Wars. But the ones that then pop are like that within that weirdness, they have some recognizable what we would call humanity because we're humans like that that spark of person. Like that's a that's a great background Weirdo to me is a alien whose design is really, really different that makes you stand up and go, whoa weird. But there's something about him, some charm, some personality that makes you want to like revisit and tweet about. Yeah and look it comes from the spirit of 77, the spirit of Lucas taking us to a galaxy far, far away. But it seems just like your your neighborhood or your city, especially if it's on the smaller side. And and I think a lot of that really starts in the cantina. And we could probably do an episode just of the Weirdos in the cantina. And I know some big key ones are there that I think set the tone exactly what you're saying. Wild Galaxy weird creatures. We can connect with them and have empathy or just just downright love them for little moments that that bring them to the, to the forefront. And and some might be even on this list here today, some might be wisps of characters you see in the background and some might have bigger parts. We didn't we don't like to limit that. We just kind of like to see where we go with this, but that's why this episode will be titled our favorite Weirdos. And like again, we really mean that term, but just a great bit of affection you weirdo. We've come in here, have a drink. We love doing that now with. So that's where we're at. Exactly. All right. We as always work away from 5-1 will throw some runner on runner ups in there a little bit later on, but we're going to begin this with your number five. My number five starts where we were just talking about the cantina and you said come in here and have a drink. That's what this character is about. To me, I'm going for number five. The Weirdo who I think will always be on my list is cave cave, of course, is a female chandra fan. She is the small bat like creature. Look, if that's all it was. If there was just one of those great montage shots of the cantina and she was just sitting at a table, I'd love cape. But the fact that caves shot is reaching up to the bar squealing for alcohol, just really puts her over the top for me. I'm looking on a Wikipedia page and under personality traits, it says cabe used her annoying, high pitched squeaks is an effective way to get the attention of chapman's cantina bartender woo hair. You know, it's just, you know, I think it's that look of that, you know, obviously there's just this sort of real world, you know, the reaching up to the bar thing, but there's also just that feeling of, you don't, you don't know what the deal is with this small alien, that alien could be 8000 years old, right? That alien could own the bar. You know, we don't know what's going on. But just that like, gimme a drink. I want it now. Like caves the total opposite of luke. Like she knows how to get a drink at this bar. Yeah. See I was I was, you know, I'm setting you up set up a little bit for this pic. I really think this is the Weirdo prime. I really think okay is what we're talking about and why it works and there's so much going on in stores and there's trust me hammerheads and this and all these kind of characters that kenner made figures of, you could really say that is is it? But I think this is it's that little thing of even if you don't know cab cave the name or shadow fan, you can talk to start, you know, they're like kind of like old mousey creature that's like drink, drink, drink. Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah and that's why they stick with you and remain with you. And then then the stories you can tell from that moment, it's just so we've all been there. Give me give me give me please. I love it. Yeah. It is that it is that there's that energy of uh toddler who wants candy, but it's alcohol or you get a del Taco drive. So what's all the same? Yeah, exactly, exactly. When I dropped cheese, I have that come back here. Yeah, I'll say real quick because you brought up a Hammerhead. Momani done uh you got a good friend back in Minneapolis who's a couple years older than me, who always described scene, a new hope for the first time and was connected enough to the, the, you know, nascent nerd community at the time to be like, who star was really different. He was like, I, I don't know, I've seen a lot of star trek, we'll see. And that Hammerhead was the ones like, whoa, this is so weird, this is so different. So you know, I would kind of put Hammerhead as an honorable mention, but what puts cable over the top is Hammerheads just sitting there cabe is getting that drink. Uh and again, just makes the bar seem so real that and Lukes tug on blair's arm like, hey, I don't belong, everybody can get one of those, I don't know the name of that, but could I have one? Yeah, So anyway, I could go on and on so I'll stop myself. K where's my number five? Great start to list. It is like I said, Weirdo prime in my mind and we're going to my number five and we're going all the way up to 2015. That's right. The force awakens gave gave me one of my favorite weirdos in its Tito. Now as you know, Tito can referred, referred to one. Remember that species or all of them a group. It's a it's a it's used in that way there. And we're talking about the Tito Tito that Ray Stops from taking BB eight. Which might in many ways be the inciting incident for Ray's life. Why I love Tina. I love the design. I love the creature which Tito rides high upon. But more than anything, I love when the battle and Susan Tamala Park, whatever race says in the greater exchange there and he gets he's just like take it, take it, take it. And she's having her wonderful just.
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