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Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart Review

Last Played: June 25, 2021
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The Giant Bombcast reviews Sony's new PlayStation exclusive, Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart. In Danny's opinion, the game is excellent from a technical and narrative standpoint, and the PS5 is the perfect tool to help Sony achieve its objective to make a video game that feels like a movie.
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video games ratchet and clank rift apart is out this week. All right back a lot and I have a whole separate video of us talking about that game for about an hour that is up on the website right now if you want to check that out. So, um so there's that, but Danny, you have, you have finished the game as I understand it. I did just this morning because I wanted to see what the situation was at the end of that game, because that game is a lot of like very cool open levels that are fun to explore and 100%. But I also kind of wanted to get the story done with a little bit, so I'm glad to report that once you complete that game, it unlocks like a special hard mode and also it just basically puts you before the final boss fight, so you can go back and do all the levels again, wonder about. But it's great man, I really enjoyed it. I will say that my experience of playing it uh for the past two weeks because they gave code pretty early because this game is pretty long. I think I was maybe about 15 hours by the time I completed it. Um the, you know, for a platformer game, it's pretty solid meal. But my experience was night and day once they got the day one patch up on it because the 60 FPs mode wasn't honest for the first week. And they got that I think a couple of days ago that that went live and it's just it's such a good looking game, both technically with the ray tracing the frame rates great, but it's just like the amount of like effects, it's a really busy game, but everything is like very readable. I never had a problem figuring out what I was doing or timing with attacks or anything with these fights are sometimes in with like dozens of things. Yeah, I ended up changing the so I because I don't know how specific I want to get but like you know, so when you collect the gold bolt it unlocks different options for you in terms of some of its like play the game in C. Peotone, like like those sorts of like changes, but there is a thing that will let you change the model of what the bolts look like and I changed them to something else. I won't say what it is. I guess these people don't want spoilers on that but I changed something else that that ended up making the entire game feel a little bit more readable for me. Like the stood out more but also the bolts flying out of people in combat made it more readable so I could see like okay this enemy went down and those are those are the bolts flying out, that's this that's the like I ended up making a tweak there that that I ended up really liking. Um was that, do you think that was a color issue or was a separate? Probably not. Um But the bolts are pretty small and so like you see these slightly larger things bursting out of them and you're like okay, that fucker's dead, let's go to these nine other people and deal with that. Um And so I made that change but then there's yeah there's some other unblockable skin stuff that I thought it was like really fun one that Jan will really like. Um what could be like, it's like there's a catholic outside Bachelor's House or something. Yeah, I feel and I've got a pretty heavy gate on this mike and thunder is breaking right through that gate, gate up, I don't know what to do here, maybe I'll just get myself to like okay kind of atmosphere right here that I want the atmosphere Yeah yeah yeah yeah, yeah, you're jealous of this thunder is what you are right, that's always always um Yeah, I think you know the the Playstation five is the right place for this game, I think uh you know, I think you'll have people that will try to boil it down to just like it's just another ratchet game and it's it's they just made another one of those and like it is very similar, it is it is very standard to that blueprint in a lot of ways but I think that visually and also with the way the load times kind of help the overall pacing of the game, like that thing just fucking moves level, you're just like boom boom, you're like jumping out of the ship already doing something else. And um yeah that stuff is just incredibly impressive um and and and really helped, it helps the whole thing and it is the kind of cliche thing that Sony has been pitching for decades now, but it's like uh it makes it they achieve that kind of cinematic field to I think the entire game, like even as you're playing it, all the other stuff like as story is happening while you're playing as cut scenes are happening as as the game is like snapping you from one location to the next very quickly. Like it just it moves at the pace of
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