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Real Estate Thought Leader, Desiree Patno - Leadership, Real Estate, NAWRB, Champion

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DesiréePatno is the CEO and President of Women in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem (NAWRB) and DesiréePatno Enterprises, Inc. (DPE). With almost three decades specializing in the Housing and Real Estate Ecosystem, she leads her executive team’s expertise of championing women’s economic growth.
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and in school and sells excuse me, is that you have to be different. You have to be cutting edge. You have to have something that really defines and differentiates you from someone else. And you can have the most fantastic customer service at the same time, you have to have something that is uniquely champion about you. And so I found that everywhere I went I went, if you would go left, I would go right and how far right I would go. I went to events. I went to places I met people that you would never think would be part of the greater system. But I did meet these people that are such the highest level to champion and not the world champion to bring accountability and actionable things That could change that when I needed. They could call on. Little did I know I would need to know all the army directors at the FH FH the F D I C S E C O C, you know, all the different places that are out there and that finally connected that, you know what, I had a problem with the bank, How and where can you help me? And then went from the S. P. A. Getting on the national platform helping to make sure that women owned businesses were on the hearing contract site. Now we sit on the website for as a resource partner and there's only nine organizations in the entire United States. Let's sit there. So those are the things that drove me to excitement to get them to get on board and to be defining, um, you know, being, we look at asset management, How did I get to stay in the game? Because I was number one, But the issue was everyone was losing the job, all the vendors, all the people, why? They said they weren't big enough, they weren't vetted enough. They didn't have a a voice. And I said, I'm sorry. Just because I might not have a half a billion dollars sitting in a reserve does not mean I don't have the credentials of training and, and the insurance to cover the and be the best compared to everyone else. So I became that champion. And because of that, it opened a whole lot of new doors about small bags, big banks, small Vaux teak entities that really driving that change. And that's, uh, you know, there's a lot of different events. A lot of our members King does with problems. Imagine having only one minority and women owned title company, the entire state of California. Yeah. It's unbelievable. It really is unbelievable. And there should be equal representation. I'm a firm believer though that a lot of people just haven't been exposed to what their opportunities are, right. Um, and maybe they didn't have the same role models that you and I have. I mean, I think there's some people that are just playing Born with tenacity. Um, and I and I think for sure you were, but I also think that there's things that you start to witness and see that. And so you decided to have the courage. And I think that's really what it is to just truly champion for this cause and, and and really make a difference. And it's not just been in uh, strictly housing, like people that list and sell real estate or the mortgage business, you're making sure that people get paid fairly. That when there's representation on a stage that um, there's equal representation of the people that are up there speaking. And uh, how do you decide what those things are that you're going to focus on? Do you just gather together in a group? Do you just all of a sudden notice something and say, okay, that's that's next on our list. It that's a very good question. And I finally I was so fortunate to really sit down and and dr cheated or as you know, since our council and I met her a couple of years ago and she's the world, you know, 50 patents and and I call her mother, Teresa of Ai and I took her under just following her and get to know her so well. And she made a comment to me and she says, decorate your vision is just brilliant. And I looked at her and I said you have the pedigrees? I don't you know, I was like trying to process that and that was the defining moment for me to realize that I can listen to a problem, I can listen to the highest level and they tell me the issues and I could immediately formulate a or postulate an idea or problem solving or a synergy that makes it work for them and they can see the light in the vision. And so for me to take to have in a room that I've been championed for years of having, you know, two, and to put permanent housing uh put homelessness into permanent housing, to have the family offices, which are the uber, Uber wealthy privately held um Finances of $100 million C Suite and homeownership have that all in a room. And to be able to be the one that started the narrative and be involved in the narrative and actually bring that narrative to the bigger playing field and opportunity zones and connect all those dots. Was that defining moment that we've done it? This is really a connector of bringing it together for what the greater economic growth for independence. Yes, it's with the gender lens, but we were able to say is you started not just for women, but to champion business ownership. You're a real estate agent, let's say you still have to file your taxes as an independent contractor, even though you're not the owner of the business, you are of yourself. And because of that, you get you have to file and write all the tax deductions as a business owner. Um, and so I realized that if I'm going to play in the space, I've got to know the rules of the game to play the game. And I made it a mission of mind to know the rules. In fact, people ask me all the time, are you an attorney? How come you know, so much about so many different things? I said, no, I'm not a practicing attorney, but I feel like it a lot of times. So I think that was the defining moment keeps coming and we're just doing nothing but strengthening our core of what the world works were doing to connecting the dots. That's awesome. You know, you.
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