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There were SO many interesting starting pitcher performances on Thursday! Let's start with Shane McClanahan. How good can Adbert Alzolay be? What about Dylan Cease, Yusei Kikuchi and Kyle Gibson after their great starts/
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Yes. All right, scott pick whichever one of the awesome starting pitchers which we had on thursday that you want to talk about. I will pick the one who I think is probably the least rostered. He was making his first major league start, not his major league debut actually wasn't technically his major league debut. He did. He debut in the playoffs last year. I've delayed it long enough. The name I'm going with is Shane Mcclanahan. Yeah, I guess this technically counts as his major league debut, even though he debuted in the post season last year. Because I learned earlier, that's how it worked with with Alex Kirilov. So anyway, Shane Mcclanahan looked overpowering I think would be an understatement to describe his first major league start. Um Today against the athletics of all teams on the hottest teams in baseball. Four innings, Two earned runs struck out, five walked, none. Okay. That that all is finding good. 15 swinging strikes On 59 pitches and over 25 swinging strike great, which you never see. Um, I mean, I guess occasional start, you'll see it. But you know, that that's basically what maybe diagram can do and nobody else in the league can even come close to, you know, over the course of several starts and you know, we haven't seen several storms from Mcclanahan, so maybe it would regress. But I mean the stuff just the pure stuff, I saw Jeff Passan saying that if Mcclanahan keeps this up, he is basically going to be the hardest throwing left handed starting pitcher ever. He reached 100.5 on his fastball, Uh, and he threw 41 sliders. It's not like it's not like he only had the fastball, it was 41 sliders, 41 fastball. I mean, that's, you'd like to see more of a third pitch at some point, but that kind of pitch mix should lead to a lot of whiffs. So it's the race who handle their pitching and the most unconventional manner and are not very forthright about their plans and our extra cautious with their pitching assets, how they deploy them. So the usage is going to be a real concern here. I'm not even confident. Are they keeping him in the rotation? Did you see anything about that frank or they're being secretive about it? Right? So I saw this little tidbit from before the game earlier on thursday, Manager Kevin Cash said they plan to use Mcclanahan as a starter as opposed to an opener to join a pitching staff impacted by injury and will give him the opportunity to grow into that role. To me, that kind of sounds like they're gonna let him start and remain in the rotation at least for now. I think as long as he's performing and based on what we saw on thursday, I don't think there's any reason to think he won't perform well. Yeah, I I think that's what it sounds like that last little claws at the end kind of brought it all the way there. Um, but still, who knows? You know, I I question the usage, somebody asked me if I drop Michael kopeck for Mcclanahan and, and I would not, even though their usage questions about kopek to I just over the long haul, I trust Tony Larussa to handle him in a more conventional manner and I just think he's more talent, I mean McLanahan looks great, but kopeck kopecks, so not a bad person to have on your bench though Mcclanahan because it does look like the potential is very, very high And what makes the swinging strikes in the start even more impressive coming into Thursday, the Oakland A's had the sixth best swinging strike rate in baseball. So for him to get 15 on 59 pitches, it just makes it even that much more impressive for Shane mcclanahan scott. I just ask you him versus a few of the most added starting pitchers in fantasy baseball right now, according to Cbs would rather have Mcclanahan or Alex Wood who looks like he's back. He does look like he's back and I can't I can't quit, Alex would just like chris couldn't quit Byron Buxton. I don't think that's gonna turn out as well for me as it has for chris, but that's my guy, I can't quit on and I gotta go with Wood for those users concerned. I imagine I'm going to pick the other picture in most of these instances because that usage issue is such a big deal for Mcclanahan but just really impressed by the talent he showed today. How about Mcclanahan versus Kyle Gibson? Gibson now has five straight quality starts, six innings of one run ball against the boston red sox on thursday. Mcclanahan vs. Gibson. Yeah, I think you gotta go, you gotta go Gibson. Unless you're talking like a dynasty scenario you can't claim has already probably rostered on a dynasty scenario. Gibson is 59 rostered on CBS but I think he's this new cutter that he's throwing has really elevated his game and he has a deep repertoire. He threw six different pitches Kyle Gibson did on thursday at least seven times in that start against boston. One of the, I would say best lineups at least in the american league, maybe all of baseball. So Kyle Gibson has given you some length as well. Going deep into starts, definitely helps you in points leads. But Shane Mcclanahan, for sure. If you have a dead roster spot, get him on your team just to see what comes of it. If you haven't been a dynasty keeper league, you should be jumping for joy because he is a very exciting.